Intersecting Facts and Theories on 9/11

Joseph P. Firmage has written an excellent introduction and overview of the multitude of facts and theories that challenge the official narrative of 9/11. The paper is called, appropriately, "Intersecting Facts and Theories on 9/11" and is freely downloadable at the Journal of 9/11 Studies. Here is a sample of the available analysis;

...A common refrain heard from the left – less often from the right – in response to suspicions about the official 9/11 story goes something like: “The Bush administration has demonstrated such incompetence on so many fronts that it strains the imagination to think they could of have pulled off something so elaborate, and kept it a secret.” This argument ignores three key facts.

First, while George W. Bush may be intellectually challenged across the board, and while neoconservatives may have a gravely naïve, overreaching geopolitical agenda, Bush officials in key national security positions have superlative experience in managing clandestine operations, and have repeatedly demonstrated ruthless, systematic, detailed-oriented control over sensitive programs and information. The historical preoccupation of key officials across the Bush administration with clandestine operations – both legal and illegal – is well known to historians of the field.

Second, vastly larger programs have remained secret for decades. A few examples: the National Security Agency has a larger budget and more employees than the CIA. It was organized in 1949. This entire agency of the federal government remained completely hidden from the public until the 1980s, over three decades later. One of the programs run by NSA, believed to have started in the 1940s, was Project Shamrock, through which all major transatlantic telegraph cables were tapped with the cooperation of AT&T and other communications carriers. This vast program – involving people building, installing and running equipment all over the world, and yet numerous others watching and translating conversations – was kept entirely secret until the 1990s. Most American citizens have never heard of this program to this day. Serious students of the U.S. national security apparatus know how effective its systems can be in controlling information and people, and compartmenting information and tasks into a startlingly small number of hands.

Third, the official 9/11 story asks us to believe that only a couple of dozen poorly trained Islamic radicals deftly maneuvered through the world’s most powerful intelligence gathering and military machine. How much easier might it have been for a similar number of people to do so, employing many unknowing others for secondary, compartmented tasks, if those handful with full knowledge of the plan also knew every aspect of the U.S. intelligence and military machine, and were in key positions governing its activities and responses?

The historical association between Bush officials, government and private intelligence networks and clandestine operations argues against the notion that incompetence allowed 9/11 to occur, and therefore this fact must raise suspicion...

September 11,

September 11, 2006

"Here at Freewayblogger, we

"Here at Freewayblogger, we feel that free speech is meaningless unless it extends to everybody: not just to those who can afford it."

Great quote! I would like to see more 9/11 truth on there though.

Definitely, Freeway"9/11

Definitely, Freeway"9/11 Truth"Blogger. Everyone

this is one of the best

this is one of the best pieces i have read in a long time. ive never heard of this guy.

This essay is fantastic.

This essay is fantastic. While it may be a bit long for those who read less, it is a great summary for educated folks who will be most swayed by an academic presentation. I've skimmed the article, and its a reputable attempt at covering all the important bases. Read it to brush up on your facts, or pass it along to your more literate friends. Definately a solid addition to the resources at our disposal.

This article is good.. I

This article is good.. I also enjoyed reading Gordon Ross' rebuttal to Frank Greening's analysis on the collapse of the trade towers.

Sorry for the re-post but I

Sorry for the re-post but I thought it was important!........

I SAW THIS ON's blog...

thought you might want to read!

I'm glad he got all that out!

God Bless you Korey!

Thanks for your service and dedication to AMERICA!
Stay strong brother, you are loved by millions!

A message from Korey Rowe.
A Message.

Not often do I make public statements on the internet, minus interviews. Never have I made a post on this or for that matter any blog. I can not say it will be my last. With this in mind I am going to answer the most ridiculous questions I get everyday.

What do you say to your Critics? How do you explain the Viewer Guides? How about these allegations about you being "handled"? And finally how could you make money off the death of others? As well as, "Fuck you and die asshole!"

These questions and statements plague my inbox on an everyday basis from people in every walk of life. Not all have the intention to piss me off, but some try. So I will give you all my best effort and field these questions. One, by one.

What do you say to your Critics?
I say debate me on camera! Not Jason, not Dylan, me. A veteran who calls it like I see it. My view on the events of September 11, 2001 differ slightly from the members of my team due to my personal experience with the United States Government. However I still have the same overall conclusions of the event. That is what you all must wrap your head around. We could sit here for 40 years and debate where the people are, but that is not the point. The point is that our government is lying to us. If you can not see the alternate agendas going on here, you are blind. This eternal day has been and will be the pretext for the removal of the fourth amendment. I can not see why you people think the government is so good.

How do you explain the viewers guides
I say, "have you read them?" These guides are fact-less, minus the errors that we publicly retracted and that have now been fixed in the second edition re-cut that we just put up on Google video, ONCE AGAIN FOR FUCKING FREE! They attack our character. You know, fine, IÂ’m not Jesus, IÂ’m not perfect, no one is. I have made mistakes, I am human. My biggest mistake was not being able to see the truth before I went to Iraq and killed people for a lie. Human beings protecting there homes, their children and what little possessions they had managed to keep for their short existence in a place not one of you would ever go willingly. You disgust me Mark Roberts, you spineless worm. Go for it man, attack my military record, have a blast. Where's yours shithead, and whatÂ’s your REAL NAME?

How about the allegations by Eric Hufschmid and others that you are being Handled?
I am not going to waste much time on this one. Just go to his new “article exposing Dylan”, about tables. He's gone folks. Carpenter.html

Honestly if Eric were a Carpenter he wouldnÂ’t have any fine tables, he would be selling you particle board on cinderblocks.

Dylan and I have known each other since we were 6. I couldn't lie to him and he to me about anything. We seriously do not even have to say anything sometimes. Get a life.


Ah yes the number 1 platform that people stand on to try and discredit us. They try to remove the image of our souls from the descent Americans that would normally wake up to the information, but are blocked by the propagated bullshit that is fed to them.

How could you possibly make money off the death of others?

We put every dollar, every dollar we get from the support of the people that buy our media directly back into the education of America. We make movies, we have held screenings in 14 states on both coasts and into Canada. Never asking for anything more then SOMETIMES a plane ticket. We are burning 10,000 DVDs to go to Ground zero with TO EDUCATE. When was the last time Paul Greengrass gave away one of his movies? How about Oliver Stone? The total production cost of our movie wouldn't cover the catering services at either of these sets for one single day. Where are their funds going? Paul Greengrass gave 10% to the 9/11 relief fund. Those total funds have not been distributed to the first responders, the victims families, or the men and women who are dying today in hospital beds across the country and world.

Make money, Ha! We fight by in a trailer/house in Upstate New York. Dylan still has his futon from grade school. Come by some day and check it out, everyone is welcome at Camp Freedom.

Thanks for your time,

Korey Rowe
Executive Producer
Louder Than Words, LLC

joe firmage:

joe firmage:

he's onto the big picture for sure

baby steps though... 9/11 is weird enough for now ;)

Founder Of PA 9/11

History channel is showing a

History channel is showing a 9.11 related program right now.

I just read up on the

I just read up on the history channel page.

Doesn't look TRUTH related! No thanks..

Thanks TT for the ingo though!





GRRR! Sorry guys, im

Sorry guys, im sleepy...


Sorry again

Wow, fantastic article.

Wow, fantastic article.

O/T, Canadians are kicking

O/T, Canadians are kicking some serious butt in this thread here:

Click the Comments link, go to the bottom, pick a state, and start harvesting email addresses! Activism at work, get busy...
Loose Change 2nd edition
I noticed that someone at video google deleted almost all positive comments deliberately.
It's moderated...

From the article: Numerous

From the article:

Numerous phone threats of bombs placed WTC on high alert in weeks prior to 9/11;
• Employees of WTC reported rare “power-down” alerts in days leading up to 9/11 in which power was shut down to various floors for maintenance work, rendering security controls and video cameras inoperative; many workers were seen entering and leaving the buildings;
• At least one security guard at WTC reported the abrupt removal of explosive-sniffing dogs five days prior to 9/11;

Along with the war games, this needs to be mentioned more often. Incredibly incriminating stuff.

Also, I had no idea there was a third jet reported over Manhatten after the first hit!

Wonder if that was intended for WTC7? -- sort of a kamikaze style dive downward -- And something went wrong?

"I noticed that someone at

"I noticed that someone at video google deleted almost all positive comments deliberately."


Let's some low-down slimy stuff.

Updated the Chomsky thread

Updated the Chomsky thread with a couple YouTube videos of Chomsky responding to a 9/11 prior/knowledge/orchestration question.

8 minutes total

Part 1

Part 2

Who's old enough to remember

Who's old enough to remember this song?

Click Here

Joe Firmage This guy is

Joe Firmage

This guy is definitely a no-planer.

Thanks reprehensor...

Thanks reprehensor... Noam's comment in the second video along the lines of: even if the bush admin did it, so what? what difference does it make?


What planet is Noam from? Earth to Noam... Earth to Noam...

To Jon Gold, Thanks for

To Jon Gold, Thanks for posting the Flash Gordon song. I still remember it and love it. Flash was one of my heros as a kid. Where is the Flash Gordon of the 9/11 truth movement? Is it you Jon?

No... I'm superman...

No... I'm superman...

I just watched the Noam

I just watched the Noam Chomsky videos. What an self-righteous, ego-centric ass hole. He didn't even seem to give a shit that JFK was murdered. His info. on 9/11 was non-existent. This guy is poison.

Yeah Jon, and I am Captain

Yeah Jon, and I am Captain Marvel. Or is it Billy Batson....SHAZAM!

"Unorthodox beliefs

Around the time of Firmage's departure, word began to circulate about his belief in extraterrestrial intelligences, which was the subject of a book he wrote called "The Truth".[11] Published online at, it contended that extraterrestrials had appeared on Earth periodically to help spur human technological advancement. For example, important elements of modern technology were explained as deriving from an alien spacecraft supposedly recovered from the 1947 Roswell UFO incident. Firmage also related his own contact with an otherwordly figure, shortly before the USWeb IPO, with whom he discussed space travel. To pursue this, Firmage reportedly spent over $3 million to buy ads for the book and establish a "Project Kairos" in support of his ideas.[12]
Fringe [New] science involvement

Some of Firmage's statements are clearly influenced by Bernard Haisch (see stochastic electrodynamics) and Hal Puthoff (see polarizable vacuum):

We have discovered that the Cosmos in which we live is a field of intense but mainly uniform energy - in other words, all that you are, touch, see, hear, taste, smell, feel, or think is a pattern of light - a suspension within a single Universal force... We have realized that all things have formed through the function of this light - all ideas, animals, plants, worlds, suns, and galaxies...We have leading physicists who are well-grounded in their belief that gravity is caused by this light - in my words, gravity is like a shadow cast in time by the patterns of space... We have discovered that the light that makes the Cosmos - this "seething vacuum potential" of spacetime - is engineerable through electromagnetic devices.

— Joe Firmage, quoted at Skepdic"

"This guy is poison." Heh.

"This guy is poison."

Heh. You guys really need to get out more. Seriously. You're obsessed with JFK and 911 and don't seem to give a shit about anything else.

Since we're posting Chomsky videos:

Chomsky vs. Michel Focault:

Chomsky demolishes neocon icon William F. Buckley

Chomsky on Human Destiny:

Come over

Come over to

and help with the discussion.

there are lots of regular folks who ask questions and we need everyone's help responding to questions.

Note that it is not helpful to just post links to Loose Change etc, these unconvienced people are beyond that stuff.

They ask good questions

Also, participate in other

Also, participate in other forums, the music is excellent, and we talk about many subjects in many forums, don't just focus on 9/11, they will more likey accept you if you are a real person with many interests.

Music is excellent BTW (again!)

see ya!

"a real person with many

"a real person with many interests"
oh please accept me radioparadise;)

well, Nico came by today and

well, Nico came by today and posted a bunch of links saying that no airplane hit the 2nd tower.

That ain't gonna cause anyone to respect him

But if people can see you are a sincere person who has similar interests it can only help...

"You're obsessed with JFK

"You're obsessed with JFK and 911 and don't seem to give a shit about anything else."

Most people here care about EVERYTHING but rightly realize that 9/11 truth is the only way out of this whole fucking mess, particularly when our rulers keep using the same tricks to control us and carry out their insane agenda. That explains the "obsession" with 9/11.

"a real person with many

"a real person with many interests"

WTF? Oh, please accept me and forgive my "obsession" with things that really matter in this world.



Here's the link for the latest 911 Synchronicity Podcast:

Episode 4: How to rise above fear by re-discovering history.


I like jazz, and want to

I like jazz, and want to learn to tango with a special lady, and I love to read non-fiction, and I really like helping people have a better life, and I used to be a DJ on a college radio station, and was an ambulance driver/EMT for many years, and I love to drive anything anywhere, and I enjoy creating special experiences of the moment for people, but all of that can only be possible,and can only achieve its full potential in a world free of shock and awe, in a world free of propaganda and manipulation and the dehumanization of people, in a world free of purposeful violence and degradation whose sole purpose is the amassing of money and power. There is enough awe for me in the heavens and the universe and on this planet; I don't need it on my television tube. I'd like to live in a world that in which people are uplifting one another, not destroying each other. I'd like to live in a world filled with music and laughter and joy. But there is no joy when, on a continuous and daily basis, I am reminded of the massed presence of evil representing me and my country. There can be no joy when I know, relative to 9/11 AND A HOST OF SIMILAR EXAMPLES, that the people who run my nation and my world are literally getting away with murder, arrogantly flipping us the bird, engaging in fraud, trafficking in destructive and addicting drugs, trafficking in human lives, trafficking in children for their sexual enjoyment, and engaging in criminal corporate activities designed to fatten their wallets and destroy habitat, governance, social and global connectedness, and humanity.

Does that make me "a real person with many interests"? Damn straight.

Does that make me obsessed with 9/11 and the Bush/Cheney cabal? Damn straight.

On site,

On site, they should take that section out "Proof That Blue Screen Technology Was Used to Fake the 2nd Plane". That one is kind of reaching it. Its really not necessary. There are much more solid stuffs. That one might just turn people away.

i agree TT - it's hurting

i agree TT - it's hurting the movement.

Online poll in Oregon

Online poll in Oregon newspaper about 9/11 movies:

Mssr. Jouet (Magmak1) | 2:05

Mssr. Jouet (Magmak1) | 2:05 am

Is this America?


new poster

please print, photocopy and distribute

Great article by Paul Craig

Great article by Paul Craig Roberts on 9/11 and false flag terrorism:

Travelling through the

Travelling through the airport this week, I was ordered to remove my shoes.

When I explained that my shoes were made entirely of leather, and contained no hint of metal, the TSA "cop" admonished me, "sir, do you know we are at orange alert?"

I witnessed another TSA "cop" lambaste a man who tried to defend bringing his babies bottle on board by explaining that "CNN said it was okay". The TSA "cop" scolded him very loudly, "sir, I don't care what you heard on CNN. This is NOT CNN!"

The guy was forced to throw out his babies bottle.

Again I ask, "is this America?".

9/11 Truth is the only way to reverse this increasing insanity. If there is still time...

I think people need to look

I think people need to look at what is currently going on in Mexico as an example what we should be doing. They are shutting down the country in defiace of their obstinate rulers:

" No... I'm superman... Jon

" No... I'm superman...
Jon Gold | Homepage | 08.13.06 - 11:12 pm | # "

Stick with the 'Earth girls' !

What do you think about the

What do you think about the release of movies chronicling the events of 9/11?

D. We need a film that tells the whole truth.
63 Votes - (53.8 %)

B. They trivialize the tragedy.
20 Votes - (17.1 %)

C. It honors our history.
19 Votes - (16.2 %)

A. ItÂ’s too soon.
15 Votes - (12.8 %)

we cant be stopped, only

we cant be stopped, only another false flag could slow us down......

funny how some Chomsky

funny how some Chomsky groupies here also want to trivialize the JFK murder and 9/11 just like Chomsky always does because hes too coward to write about either. those 2 events, that you and Chomsky want to downplay so much changed the course of history. i dont have a 1 track mind, ive read plenty of Chomsky and tend to agree with him 90% of the time, which is why it pains me that hes so inept on "inside jobs". his voice is needed, and once again, when it looks like an inside job in any way(RFK,MLK etc.), hes nowhere to be found. makes you think.

I agree 100% with Chris. How

I agree 100% with Chris. How can Chomsky trivialize 11/22/63 and 9/11/2001? How can he justify it? Those two dates changed history big time, to say the least. No my friends, he has no, I repeat NO credability with me. I feel sorry for his sheep-like followers who hang on his every word. I guess I am a funny guy. Right now my two favorite truthers are Mike Malloy and Webster Tarpley but I can assure you if they ever change their tune with reguards to 9/11 truth I would drop them in a hot second just as I did with Mike Ruppert.

In the end Chomsky will be

In the end Chomsky will be associated with treachery, in the future zeitgeist.I keep wondering who the chomsky's of the calssical world were , or the revolutionary Americas.