Thomas Kean on the Daily Show tonight

Short notice on this one, catch it if you can:

I think it's worth mentioning that 911 Commission chairman Thomas Kean will be on the Daily Show tonight talking about his book "Without Precident" that explains how the Pentagon was misleading in the investigation.

Thanks to OregonTruther.

DVR set

DVR set

Will Jon Stewart step up to

Will Jon Stewart step up to the plate? That's the big question. I have my doubts.

ten bucks Stewart either

ten bucks Stewart either completely punks out or throws soft balls pushing the incompetence theory.

this could be something

this could be something spectacular...

will jon stewart be one of "them"

of will he be the fooking hero of the millenium??

he is "jewish media"

fuck all that though---

could be very exciting and inspiring

The least he could do is

The least he could do is mention the poll of "one-in-three Americans", to which Kean will respond with platitutes about the "culture of mistrust" brought on by the war in Iraq.

I will be so incredibly

I will be so incredibly disapointed if everyone on this forum turns against Jon Stewart is he doesn't hit strait at the truth. Not everyone has the constraints this guy has working for the MSM.

You know the man is doing

You know the man is doing what he can.

I'm pumped though I don't

I'm pumped though I don't expect many major developments here, though I do think this is still a rather large development.

Also, just wanted to mention

Also, just wanted to mention what I found on Wiki - Is Tucker Carlson really on our side??? (he's near the bottom)

I thought that really wierd.

ya, i wouldn't get your

ya, i wouldn't get your hopes up anyone. if anything, i think it could be kean who steps up to the plate. i don't think stweart will ask any hard questions, but kean may still speak his mind. though i feel as if they'll just be scratching the surface, so i don't have any high hopes, but who knows.

john stewart would eat his

john stewart would eat his own shit

theres no way he's going to betray his masters

Kean is playing the blame

Kean is playing the blame game. Those he blames will just turn around & blame him.

9/11 truth

stewart plays major softball

stewart plays major softball when it comes to the other side so his show can't be labeled as purely liberal.
Like how he treats O'Reilly when he's on.

Let's hope it's another CROSSFIRE appearance...though I highly doubt it.

I never saw O'Reilly on

I never saw O'Reilly on Stewart's show, but Stewart should've knocked the crap out of him. If Stewart treated him with kid gloves for some reason, I'd be very disappointed in him.

No-spin zone my ass.

Here's the basis for that

Here's the basis for that Tucker Carlson reference as a "9/11 truther":


Time now for quick hits. New revelations with the Pentagon‘s actual initial response to 9/11. Rumor has it our military was prepared to shoot down a fourth hijacked airliner if it threatened Washington. The truth of the matter, though, is U.S. jet fighters never had any of the hijacked planes in sight.

Sources say that was one of the many lies Pentagon leaders told Congress and the public to conceal a series of military snafus. Why are we just learning this now? What about the 9/11 Commission? Weren‘t they supposed to be on top of this? Wasn‘t that the whole point of the 9/11 Commission, to get to the bottom of what happened?

Apparently, they didn‘t. Maybe we need another one because the result of not knowing is, what? Conspiracy theories. And those are bad for the country, especially when it comes to 9/11.


I doubt Jon will step up to

I doubt Jon will step up to the plate but the fact that they're having Kean on to talk about the book probably means they're trying to subtly push people towards 9-11 Truth. I just wish they wouldn't be so subtle. Well what do I know maybe setting up the foundation for people to accept 9-11 truth will help. The book seems pretty damning.


Interesting site:

"Kean is playing the blame

"Kean is playing the blame game. Those he blames will just turn around & blame him.
Anonymous | 08.14.06 - 9:42 pm | # "

And that is good news. Because then they help us by further exposing themselves.

With all the comprehensive

With all the comprehensive and inspired research that has been done (really, the Kean commission only needs to read the internet before recommending mass arrests for virtually all of the American government's leadership) there are two glaring areas that continue to delay the search for justice about 9/11.

The first involves the suspicious investments prior to 9/11, in which millions of dollars were made by betting the price of certain airline stocks (and other companies, some of which were located in the WTC towers) would go down. Financial laws guarantee a degree of confidentiality in these transactions, even those these laws principally protect crooks with large amounts of money who are often doing something
the law does not permit. Nevertheless, the laws are set up to protect these identities.
The second area most researchers have failed to make any real headway in is the involvement of Israel and its intelligence agency the Mossad in the planning and carrying out of the 9/11 attacks. Sure, Israel was one of those many countries that gave advance warning to the U.S. that something like this was about to happen (you remember, those warnings that Bush and his thugs insist they never got, but fortunately were reliably recorded by the other countries themselves).
The facts are that the evidence for Israeli involvement is substantial. Two workers in an Israeli company located in New York got advance warnings by e-mail two hours before the attacks. Israeli "art students" were shadowing the alleged hijackers for many months during their sojourns in flight schools around the United States. Five Israelis were arrested for dancing in celebration shortly after the planes hit the towers; two had connections to the Mossad. And, perhaps foremost, in the city with the largest Jewish population in the entire world, virtually no Israelis were killed in the 9/11 attacks.
Taken together, these coincidences are too astonishing to ignore.
Do you suppose stewart would even bring this up? I guess We'll see...

better change the title on

better change the title on this one -- no thomas kean on daily show tonight

K so TDS is on now ... damn

K so TDS is on now ... damn I wish I could watch but I lack a TV ... is anyone recording this? How soon can you make available online? Regardless of what is or isn't said, I'd really appreciate 911blogger putting this up (Jon is funny anyway) so that us TVless folks can see what was or wasn't said (crooksandliars I know won't post it). Thanks!



Guest is Thomas Ricks,

Guest is Thomas Ricks, author of "Fiasco: The American Military Adventure In Iraq"

Really, simuvac? Was he

Really, simuvac? Was he really schedualed and it was cancelled?



CJ - I wonder if the Penn

CJ - I wonder if the Penn crash wasn't meant for WTC#7, something went wrong. They had to pull the building anyway because it contained too much info on the plot ... ? Just a theory.

The guest was Thomas

The guest was Thomas Ricks...not Thomas Kean.

Yeah. Very shitty, though

Yeah. Very shitty, though still a great interview.

Since the Presb. church and

Since the Presb. church and DRG has hit the MSM why isn't Stewart requesting that DRG be on his program to cover the controversial book? Consider also that Stewart has previously dissed the 9/11 movement, so the fact that he didn't have Kean on should be considered a good thing. Left gatekeepers are the most damaging of all.

English Dude - Stewart works

English Dude - Stewart works for Comedy Central. It's not as if he can put just ANYTHING on his program. Get a f*cking clue dude, Jon Stewart has done more than most to wake the sheeple up, your baseless diss sucks.

I'm pretty sure Thomas Kean

I'm pretty sure Thomas Kean will be on the Daily Show this week, just not tonight.

Farley - Did you see the

Farley - Did you see the treatment that Stewart gave to Mckinney after the security guard incident. If I find the link I will post it and you'll understand where I was coming from. I still think Stewart is a wonderful asset to cover "real news" but don't rely on anything positive regarding 9/11.

Last thursday night they

Last thursday night they said he was on next episode but it looks like he will be on the show wednesday instead.

No, English Dude I did not

No, English Dude I did not see that coverage, but I will try to find it.

After re-reading my comment I realize I came off way too hard with the "get a f*ing clue" line and such. And for that I apologize.

I like Stewart, he has informed many people in the way history best knows how - through humour. I still think that he's under "management" - he pushes his boundaires, but if he pushes too hard, he will loose his job and no longer have access to the public. He's not a gatekeeper in the way I see Kerry or Sheehan or you-know-who-else as a gatekeeper. He's a mover-shaker and he should be comended, IMO.

But I will try to check out the segment you are speaking of.

I was shocked that Kean even

I was shocked that Kean even went on the show, let alone that he spilled his guts about 9/11 - even the controlled demolition.

Can you believe HE threw the switch?! I was completely blown away when he admitted that. And what he said about the passengers from Flight 77 - truly amazing. Man, I never would have guessed that in a million years. Those guys are so clever, so clever.

Well, the good news is, the mystery is solved. Thank God that after Kean's confession, he promised that first thing tomorrow he'd recommended to the JD that we immediately bring back public hanging for this crime.

Yes, it was truly an historic night, my friends.

Wow... I just had the

Wow... I just had the weirdest dream.



rumpl4skin, you really had

rumpl4skin, you really had me there for a second. :D

The least he could do is

The least he could do is mention the poll of "one-in-three Americans", to which Kean will respond with platitutes about the "culture of mistrust" brought on by the war in Iraq.
Danse | 08.14.06 - 9:25 pm | #
exactly. Jon Stewart will likely ask a generic question about conspiracy theories, Kean will come with a typical answer and Stewart will not follow up. this is what i see happening tonight.

All in all it was pretty

All in all it was pretty tame.

There were a couple of avenues that Jon COULD have explored, but didn't. Of course, given TDS viewership, when Kean started saying..

JS: It appeared that you were given a very straight forward task, and you blocked, at almost every turn, by every organization you came up against.

TK: That's not a bad description!


They didn't want us to interview the President and the Vice President...

...they didn't want us to have a Commission to begin with...

They clued in that the "THEY" he is referring to include the Prez and VP.

Of course, the "looking out at the Monument... no other country in the world" crap was nauseating, but hey, better to get SOME coverage, even if it's a little kid gloves, than none at all.