Barrie Zwicker and Connie Fogal speak in Winnipeg 911 Truth movement presents...

Barrie Zwicker - The Media Cover-up of 9/11- Promoting his new book "Deception Towers"- a critique of the media analysis of 911

Constance (Connie) Fogal, Leader, Canadian Action Party- speaking on the responsibility of a political party to confront grave questions openly and honestly in a democracy- the societal implications of the deception.

Date: Sunday, August 20,
Location: University of Winnipeg, Lockheart Hall, Room 1L11
Time: NOON to 7:00 P.M.
Admission: Free

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New article at FTW by

New article at FTW by Michael Kane essentially saying that the latest terror frenzy is all about demand destruction -- scaring people from flying, so as to cut back on the use of liquid fuels without having to level with the American people about Peak Oil and implement conservation or rationing -- big no-nos in the political world.

Near the end, Kane cites Michel Chossudovsky's recent article suggesting that Cheney is preparing for another 9/11 in order to justify attacking Iran. Here's what Kane has to say about that:

Michel Chossudovsky recently documented what he feels is Dick CheneyÂ’s attempt to lay the ground work for another 9/11 (through military contingency planning) to create a pretext to invade Iran.23

Even if this hypothesis is correct, I donÂ’t know if Cheney and the neo-cons have the luxury of being able to get away with pulling off another one. But as desperation sets in, the possibility canÂ’t be ruled out: A bully with his back against the wall can be a dangerous entity.

It is more likely that we will see continuous “terror scares” that further lead the population towards consuming less liquid fuel, and jet fuel seems to be the easiest target since social, political, economic and geological factors have naturally aligned against the airline industry. What better time to bring in a neo-liberal era under President Hillary Clinton with the appearance of leaning towards socialist policies (at least enough so to upset conservatives) while actually supporting corporate interests?

I don't know which is scarier -- attacking Iran or Hillary as pResident. Just kidding....

But back on topic, it just seems that FTW might be onto something here. Makes as much sense as anything else I've read.... and, if anything, gives me a little more hope that maybe this latest "terror threat" is more about Peak Oil and less about preparing the hynotized public for another false-flag event. Time will tell.

Link to FTW article (membership required):

NYC to Release 911 Calls

NYC to Release 911 Calls From Sept. 11

Look out for it today.

Under Rumsfeld's new

Under Rumsfeld's new approach, I was told, U.S. military operatives would be permitted to pose abroad as corrupt foreign businessmen seeking to buy contraband items that could be used in nuclear-weapons systems. In some cases, according to the Pentagon advisers, local citizens could be recruited and asked to join up with guerrillas or terrorists. This could potentially involve organizing and carrying out combat operations, or even terrorist activities. Some operations will likely take place in nations in which there is an American diplomatic mission, with an Ambassador and a C.I.A. station chief, the Pentagon consultant said. The Ambassador and the station chief would not necessarily have a need to know, under the Pentagon's current interpretation of its reporting requirement.
The new rules will enable the Special Forces community to set up what it calls "action teams" in the target countries overseas which can be used to find and eliminate terrorist organizations. "Do you remember the right-wing execution squads in El Salvador?" the former high-level intelligence official asked me, referring to the military-led gangs that committed atrocities in the early nineteen-eighties. "We founded them and we financed them," he said. "The objective now is to recruit locals in any area we want. And we aren't going to tell Congress about it."

the doctrine of security – the deliberate production of “insecurity” and the consumption of “protection” – is simply a way for capitalism to protect itself when it is threatened by proletarian subversion.

... neo-Fascist in the Ordre Nouveau group (NEW ORDER) ...
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my 9-11 eleven video.. if you think it's boring scroll ahead to about 2/5 through..

I think the latest

I think the latest aeroplane terror fear-mongering is a result of a combination of

- they don't know what else to do to keep us quiet.

- (evil) Agencies fighting for money/resources

- (good, honest) Agencies pre-empting false flags.


RESPECT from u2r2h Pentagon

RESPECT from u2r2h

Pentagon hole was 90ft wide...

engineers at the Pentagon measured the hole from Flight 77 at 90 feet wide. Yet the fiction-peddlers claim that the hole was only 16 feet wide, based on a French author who apparently has never visited the United States.

other interesting articles:


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i just got my copy of Towers

i just got my copy of Towers of Deception yesterday. so far so good. i like to think of myself as an amatuer media critic, so this is the book i was waiting for.

Ralph Schoenman and Mya

Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone deconstruct the latest terror scare over at in their latest radio show.....go to the archive.

Schoenman is the most brilliant voice in the truth movement imo.

Go Barrie go. Buy his book

Go Barrie go. Buy his book folks. I had the privelidge of meeting Barrie Zwicker in Toronto and have chatted with him on several occasions. He really gave the 9/11 truth movement a big boost when as a mainstream journalist he stuck his neck out in the early days after 9/11 when the truth movement was in its infancy with 911 truthers still a rare breed and told the public on his TV program on the Canadian Vison channel that the official conspiracy theory had holes in it, and it should not be accepted at face value just because it came from the US government.

By the way for you guys who think Peak Oil is a scam to jack up oil prices, Barrie acted as a host on the Canadian produce documentary on Peak Oil "End of Suburbia" which treats Peak Oil as real. See

has anybody here watched

has anybody here watched Improbable Collapse? I just ordered a copy of that and preordered Press for Truth. I am eagerly awaiting them.

OT: The London Plot -

Iraqi [Civilian] Death Toll

Iraqi [Civilian] Death Toll Rose Above 3,400 in July:

Iraqi [Civilian] Death Toll

Iraqi [Civilian] Death Toll Rose Above 3,400 in July: 1...artner=homepage
Anonymous | 08.15.06 - 10:11 pm | #
that number is way too low in my opinion, and many others. ive heard it could be well over 150,000 dead Iraqis by now. i guess it depends on who exactly you consider a civilian.

Chris, but that's the (July)

Chris, but that's the (July) 1-month death toll. Worst month over there so far, 3,400 for the month.

think exponentially in the

think exponentially in the amount of future lives that extinguished when their potential creators did.


I read elsewhere that all

I read elsewhere that all hell has broken out in Iraq, civil war, etc., but the msm isn't allowed to touch it because of the way news coverage helped put a quicker end to Vietnam.

I've got my copy of Towers

I've got my copy of Towers of Deception too, Chris. Not very far into it yet, but so far I'm very impressed.

You're all right in my book,

You're all right in my book, Gold.

signing off now to go read

signing off now to go read more of Barrie Zwicker's book.... see y'all later

Posted at

Posted at

The German Intelligence Report

Source and authenticity of the document

The following document was published in June of 2002. If genuine, it must rank as one of the most remarkable documents in history. It purports to be a top-secret report from the German external intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) prepared with assistance from an internal German intelligence agency, the BfV. Among the most important claims it makes are the following: German intelligence detected plans for an attack by Arab extremists on the United States, to take place on September 10 or 11, 2001. Israel was aware of the plans and wished the attack to take place without hindrance. The German ambassador informed the President of the US of the impending attacks. He thanked the ambassador and said that he already knew. Subsequently, his administration urgently requested the suppression of information on this warning. The report elaborates that among the various reasons for the attack being encouraged by the US administration was a desire to have a pretext to attack Afghanistan to secure a pipeline route for western oil companies to export oil from the Caspian basin. Despite angry denunciations of the authenticity of the report from various quarters, the German government has to the best of our knowledge not issued a denial of its authenticity. Even if it were to do so, the alleged urgent request for secrecy could provide grounds for such a denial. No other effective refutation of the accuracy of the report has been seen by the editors of this website. Consequently, it is presented for what it is worth as a possibly genuine document of immense historical significance.

Continued at:

I saw a screening of

I saw a screening of "Improbable Collapse" at the 9/11 Chicago Convention back in early June but it wasn't quite finished at that point. It looks like it is going to be a very good film.

"think exponentially in the

"think exponentially in the amount of future lives that extinguished when their potential creators did."

-- --
That may be exactly how the perpetrators think.

Welcome Ceres, Charon and

Welcome Ceres, Charon and UB313 to the solar system



(AP) The World Trade Center site is shown Friday, March 31, 2006 in New York. New York planned Wednesday...
Full Image

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NEW YORK (AP) - The city planned Wednesday to release hours of emergency calls from Sept. 11, 2001, after Fire Department officials said they had discovered hundreds of internal recordings made by firefighters who went to rescue people from the burning twin towers.

The department offered no explanation Tuesday why the recordings had not been released previously, saying it would make a statement later. Attorneys involved in the case said they were told that well over 1,000 new calls would be released, although city officials declined to confirm that Tuesday afternoon.

The New York Times and families of Sept. 11 victims had sued the city for access to firefighters' oral histories and 911 calls made from and around the World Trade Center on Sept. 11.

The transcripts of about 130 emergency calls were released earlier this year, only including the voices of the city operators, emergency responders and other public employees. The callers' voices were cut out after city attorneys argued that their pleas for help were too emotional and intense to be publicized without families' consent. Thousands of pages of emergency workers' oral histories, as well as radio transmissions, were released last August.

(AP) The World Trade Center site is shown Friday, March 31, 2006 in New York. New York planned Wednesday...
Full Image
Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta ordered the department to search for previously undisclosed recordings earlier this year.

Attorney Norman Siegel, who represents Sept. 11 families, called on Mayor Michael Bloomberg to pledge that no more emergency recordings from that day exist.

"We need the mayor to assure the family members that this is it, that this is everything we have," Siegel said. "If it was 10 or 20 tapes, one could understand that they overlooked some. But if you're talking hundreds, and possibly as many as 2,000 tapes, the serious substantial question is how did this happen?"

A spokesman for the mayor declined to comment Tuesday.

The calls expected to be released Wednesday include 10 new 911 calls that people made from the trade center, again with only the operators' voices included. They include two calls that were withheld in March to be used as evidence at the trial of Sept. 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui. Jurors in the Moussaoui case heard excerpts of calls made by Melissa Doi, who spent more than 20 minutes on the phone with a 911 operator from the 83rd floor of the south tower, and Kevin Cosgrove. Both were killed in the attack.

"I'm going to die, aren't I? Please God, it's so hot, I'm burning up," Doi told the dispatcher. The remainder of the call not played at trial - with only the 911 operator's voice - would be released.

Other calls include 911 calls made from outside the trade center, and hundreds of calls made by firefighters and other department employees to an internal dispatch system. Several firefighters were asking where they should report for duty, while other department employees were asking about the available services at local hospitals, officials said. It wasn't clear whether any of the firefighters who made calls were among the 343 killed on Sept. 11.

The "German Intelligence

The "German Intelligence Report"
is such a ridiculous fake.
You have to be brain dead to believe it is genuine.

good to hear!

good to hear!

I'm interviewing Zwicker on

I'm interviewing Zwicker on my show tomorrow night. streaming on 6pm, pst.
He gave me an advance copy for me to read, I finished it last weekend . IT was really good. My biggest problem w/ it, and i'm sure to talk to him about it tomorrow, is in his chapter on false flag ops thru history he doesn't mention OKC bombing. This is, in my opinion, one of the main reasons the Democratic party's memberships haven't investigated 9/11 evidence, because to do so would lead one down the path to OKC truth and Clinton's complicity in faux terror.

New World Order planned

New World Order planned early 1900s.

retired Air Force General Ben Parten, who outlined the New World Order program to take over America and the rest of world under one communist/fascist government. His thesis is based on historical fact, saying the New World plans were clearly outlined in the 1928 program called the Program for the Third International. This was Part I of a two-part interview to be continued next week.

The "German Intelligence

The "German Intelligence Report"
is such a ridiculous fake.
You have to be brain dead to believe it is genuine.

Although it would explain how the 5 dancing and celebrating Israeli's (some of whom were identified as Mossad agents by the FBI according to the Jewish magazine, The Forward) were ready on the scene and in position to film the collapse of the WTC towers, or, in their own words, to "document the event" as they explained later on Israeli TV after they were quietly deported back to Israel.

"By way of depction thou shalt do war," the motto of the Mossad according to Victor Ostrovsky a former Mossad agent and author.

Victor Ostrovsky and Claire Hoy, By Way of Deception St Martin's Press, New York 1990.

{Ostrovsky's Foreword}

{p. vii} REVEALING THE FACTS as I know them from my vantage point of four years spent inside the Mossad was by no means an easy task.

Coming from an ardent Zionist background, I had been taught that the state of Israel was incapable of misconduct. That we were the David in the unending struggle against the ever-growing Goliath. That there was no one out there to protect us but ourselves - a feeling reinforced by the Holocaust survivors who lived among us.

We, the new generation of Israelites, the resurrected nation on its own land after more than two thousand years of exile, were entrusted with the fate of the nation as a whole.

The commanders of our army were called champions, not generals. Our leaders were captains at the helm of a great ship. I was elated when I was chosen and granted the privilege to join what I considered to be the elite team of the Mossad.

But it was the twisted ideals and self-centered pragmatism that I encountered inside the Mossad, coupled with this so-called team's greed, lust, and total lack of respect for human life, that motivated me to tell this story.

It is out of love for Israel as a free and just country that I am laying my life on the line by so doing, facing up to those who took it upon themselves to turn the Zionist dream into the present-day nightmare.

Chris, but that's the (July)

Chris, but that's the (July) 1-month death toll. Worst month over there so far, 3,400 for the month.
Anonymous | 08.15.06 - 10:30 pm | #
holy shit, i should have clicked the link before making that comment. thats disgusting if true, 3400 dead in 1 month. im just so used to the numbers being downplayed that i thought you were talking about the death toll for the entire occupation.

I've got my copy of Towers

I've got my copy of Towers of Deception too, Chris. Not very far into it yet, but so far I'm very impressed.
CK | Homepage | 08.15.06 - 10:37 pm | #
yeah, i just got done the part where Zwicker profiles William Rodriquez. interesting side note, William says that Chavez has one of the biggest collections of 9/11 materiels hes ever seen. can you imagine Hugo Chavez sitting in his home watching Loose Change? thats friggin great......

Al interviews Barrie Zwicker, veteran Canadian journalist and activist, who brought 9/11 truth to Canadian television, about his new book, "Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11".
order Barrie's book directly from him! call 416-651-5588
79 min.
radioActive sanDiego