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YouTube video segment - 10 min.

Olbermann: 'The Nexus of politics and terror'

David Edwards
Published: Tuesday August 15, 2006

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann offered an updated top 10 list of occasions that the Bush Administration has gained political benefits around the same time that the public's fear of terrorism was at a peak. Olbermann describes it as "The Nexus of Politics and Terror." ...

NYC to release 911 calls from Sept. 11

The city planned Wednesday to release hours of emergency calls from Sept. 11, 2001, after Fire Department officials said they had discovered hundreds of internal recordings made by firefighters who went to rescue people from the burning twin towers...

Richard Andrew Grove to appear on Meria Heller's show today, show starts at 1pm EDT. Subscribers can listen to her show live streaming from her website.


Jim Fetzer's appearance on Springer now available for download;

Full show, 19.8 MB


Claim: Liquid Terror Suspect Watched Conspiracy Vids
Disturbing growing trend of 'guilt by association' should concern 9/11 truthers

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | August 15 2006

..."After 9/11 and 7/7 Waheed was sceptical about whether Muslims could have been responsible. He watched conspiracy videos on the internet. He believed them and thought they made sense. Like most people in the world, he was anti-war. But his solution was: fight the enemies of Islam by showing them the real Islam, a religion of peace." ...

...Whether the media or the government will jump upon this facet and use it to attack peaceful researchers and truth seekers remains to be seen...

...Because we live in a police state where innocent people are set-up, raided and framed by the government - and because hate crime and 'glorification of terror' legislation has been introduced in both the US and the UK - it is necessary to emphasize the fact that Paul Joseph Watson, Steve Watson and Alex Jones as well as any person connected with Alex Jones Productions completely abhor and denounce violence of any kind against innocent people.

Furthermore, we also maintain our right under God-given freedom of speech to question the nature and source of terrorism without being smeared or labeled as suspicious.

This is in print and archived for posterity. If they try to associate us with any of these suspect individuals then it just proves in triplicate everything we've been saying about staged terror alerts and false flag provocations.

I think I can speak for the team members here at 911blogger.com when I say that we also "completely abhor and denounce violence of any kind against innocent people."

I like Olbermann. He's one

I like Olbermann. He's one of the few that's not drinking republican koolaid on prime time news.

Does anybody know when this was shot? Is this last nights news?

lots of fun

Hi Mike, I'm pretty sure

Hi Mike, I'm pretty sure that the Olberman piece is from night before last (8.14). It's encouraging. I like Keith also and hope he will continue to defy corporate directives.

Associating enemies with

Associating enemies with evil is what the fundamentalists do best. Try not to take it too personally. While the movement must defend itself against such attacks, we must also have a certain fortitude against the range of attacks that will be used to discredit our purpose. Most of their attacks have as little foundation as the 'offical story' upon which they are basing their pseudo-rightious indignation. Let's try to simply respond by asserting the facts, and keep as level a head as possible. We mustn't be baited into frustration.

They have arrested

They have arrested Christopher Bollyn...


I think they are afraid the

I think they are afraid the "Conspiracy Theories" are opening peoples eyes!!!!

Dr. Jim Fetzer to be on

Dr. Jim Fetzer to be on www.thepowerhour.com today. The same stream as Alex Jones. Fetzer is coming up next.

The Olbermann segment is

The Olbermann segment is removed from YouTube now . . . ( violates terms of use etc. )

I have gone back and started

I have gone back and started listening to Jim Fetzer on the Jerry Springer show.

God, it is so obvious (and Fetzer calls him on it) that Jerry does not want to know the truth about 9/11.

Springer is clearly a "left gatekeeper" of the worst kind.

Olbermann is the only

Olbermann is the only talking head on cable news thats worth a damn. its ashame they force him to devote half of his show to celebs every night. i guess you cant give a guy like him a full hour to do real news, that would be "dangerous".

Obermann link updated.

Obermann link updated.

Was there really a third

Was there really a third plane circling the Trade Center on 9/11. If so, what was it?

Not sure about that pic of

Not sure about that pic of 3rd jet. Seems to obvious to have just broken out recently.

http://www.911tvfakery.net We

Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Jerry Springer argues logically against Planehugging (08/16)
-The Grandfather of Fake Reality TV should know :)


Though Jerry Springer supported the official story,
he questioned the logic of the 'planes' in regarding
of the controlled demolition.
Springer talked with 9/11 Scholar Jim Fetzer, who believes that a remote controlled aircraft hit the South Tower.

Jerry Springer (13:47)
"...I'm trying to go on basic logic...
Let's say the government put all the explosives inside the building...
Why would they need the planes?
...Why did they have to add the airplanes to do that?...
That would make it a lot more complicated...
You can ground the planes..."

Jim Fetzer:
"...Maybe they needed a help in the planning?
It was a psychological operation..."

hahahaha, the guy is using

hahahaha, the guy is using Jerry Springer to bolster his cartoon plane theory. come on man, EVEN YOU have got to admit your stretching a bit there......

What does anybody think

What does anybody think about the calls released?

Do you think they ommitted ANY(and every) call that was related to "Bombs" being heard going off AFTER the planes hit and BEFORE the towers collapsed?

Yes, and calls of people in

Yes, and calls of people in the towers saying on the phone that they were hearing bombs going off!

I still can not understand

I still can not understand why any "low-level" city/government/federal worker who seen anything, even REMOTELY questionable on or after 9/11 wouldnt come up and say something.

911 Call Dispatchers hearing people complain about bombs minutes berore their death and not say anything

Any FEMA or NIST employee noticing very "shady" investigation practices or ommission, when compared to normal standards

This is the only question people ask me and I can not give a straight answer to

Fetzer is a no-planer? Jeez,

Fetzer is a no-planer?

Jeez, that's discouraging.

on a related note, how many

on a related note, how many of you here have Zwickers new book? there is a photo in there of the basment of one of the towers before the collapse and it is so painfully obvious that a bomb went off, its an amazing picture. why havent i seen this photo before? its the most convincing photo ive seen yet. does anyone know what photo im talking about?

Wow, I just heard some of

Wow, I just heard some of the newly released WTC tapes, and they are extremely sad. The one in which the woman tells the operator she knows she's going to die is so sorrowful. The operator tells her to "say your prayers."

Also, they edited a number of them, so you can only here the person the victim is talking to, and not the victim him/her self. hmmmm.......

Fetzer is a no-planer? Jeez,

Fetzer is a no-planer?

Jeez, that's discouraging.
kevin | 08.16.06 - 12:24 pm | #
says who? ive never heard him endorse that. Nico is trying to tie Jerry Springer to the "no planes" theory as well, hahaha.

Nico, you're like a boken

Nico, you're like a boken record.

we also "completely abhor

we also "completely abhor and denounce violence of any kind against innocent people."

Not to nit-pick here, but the problem with that statement is the word "innocent." One man's innocent is another man's guilty, if you know what I mean. I think we should be abhoring violence PERIOD, even against proven terrorists -- yeah, call me a pacifist, but there are other ways of dealing with criminals other than becoming criminals ourselves.

Pacifist. ;-)

Pacifist. ;-)

TODAY on MSNBC on their

TODAY on MSNBC on their story of the tapes being released they used a new audio file that had amazing content. It was a crackly radio dispatch voice, maybe NYFD talking -
"I just heard another explosion. It must be terror(ist) attack."

key word is "another"
I wrote the quote down as soon as I heard it.
This was on MSNBC at 1:12 EST.

9/11 Bloglines

9/11 Bloglines (08/15)

Onderzoek911.nl: Protec/ Implosionworld -new Report against CD
Kevin Barrett Runs His Yap for Medved
WorldNet daily: "9/11 Bush Bashers"
AP- 9/11 Tapes: "One Of The Towers Just Collapsed"
Eco Critic Valenzuela hugs planes regarding WTC 7 controlled demolition
Saturday Night Live Horatio Sans actor aware of 9/11 truth
realclearpolitics.com: Debunking Tarted Up Horror Tales
Jerry Springer argues logically against 9/11 Planehugging (08/16)
Loose Change on Charles Goyette
Was 9/11 a conspiracy? - The Sun
New 911Tapes: Tower Witness Reports all censored
Chris Bollyn arrested and apparently beaten
Richard Andrew Grove to appear on Meria Heller
William Rodriguez to act as Telemundo 9/11 Expert
Holmgren: The Logic of No-Planes

You can go digg

You can go digg this:
It is on the front page. You can vote for the best comments, like mines, which are copies of prisonplanet.com articles:
Former British Ambassador Says Terror Alert Is "Propaganda"
Indians says group linked to liquid bombers controlled by Pakistan's ISI


Olbermann Exposes Nexus Of Politics And Terror
Details ten clear examples where Bush admin. alerts preceded by damaging revelations
(***includes the video censored by youtube and google***)

For someone schooled in

For someone schooled in critical thinking and logic etc. etc. - Fetzer is totally incapable of presenting a convincing argument at all. There really is nothing more to prove when a so-called Professor is incapable of mopping the floor with the likes of Jerry Springer. Having said that, his closing statement was very impressive and he should've been hammering with that logic right from the start. However, in the end he's blown it many times before, Fetzer has got to go as the front man for ST911 IMO.

cmon everybody knows that

cmon everybody knows that fetzer is a shill...

he used to get paid to lose arguments about the kennedy assassination

now he gets paid to lose arguments about the 911hoax

just joking--jeez

nip all this stuff in the bud

"Was there really a third

"Was there really a third plane circling the Trade Center on 9/11?"

I'd say "no". I was taken in by the "Flying Elephant" article at first, but then read some critiques of it. Here's one:


The Flying Elephant article seems to be based on terribly poor evidence. I now think the "third plane" is just a plane seen to be flying to a nearby airport. If a plane had really *circled* close to the towers after the North Tower hit, wouldn't it have been captured on several photos and videos?

It may even be that the purpose of the article is to present the scholars in a bad light. I think it should be removed from the site. I'd appreciate if some of you also familiarized yourself with the counterevidence linked above and wrote about your conclusions.

Who would be the scholar(s) to whom to voice one's concerns about the article?










I and those who visit 911blogger.com completely abhor and denounce violence of any kind against any people!


"Who would be the scholar(s)

"Who would be the scholar(s) to whom to voice one's concerns about the article?
Vesa | 08.16.06 - 4:10 pm | # "

Fetzer. And he won't do what you ask. After all, he very strongly resembles an agent of destruction.

"Who would be the scholar(s)

"Who would be the scholar(s) to whom to voice one's concerns about the article?
Vesa | 08.16.06 - 4:10 pm | #

Fetzer. And he won't do what you ask. After all, he very strongly resembles an agent of destruction."

Er, perhaps I'll write to Griffin... if I can find his email address...

Anybody who downloads a

Anybody who downloads a 'windows fix' recommended by Homeland Security has 'gots' to be nuts.....

Luckily, I use a Mac...

I personally know many

I personally know many people who are so bold against the hint that 9/11 could have been an inside job that they refuse to even look at any of the evidence. They think that "America" is "above" that kind of thing and our government would never be involved in something like that. They literally believe people like you and me are totally nuts and crazy.

Because there are so many people who honestly feel this way it's difficult to determine who honestly believes the government propaganda and who actually is pushing it to support their own agenda.