9/11 Nun's Dying Plea


A nun who spent six months blessing human remains in the rubble at Ground Zero says she is dying of lung disease and wants her body autopsied to prove that she and her fellow 9/11 workers were sickened by the poisonous air at the site.

Thanks to BuddyJ for this submission.

Maybe an autopsy will find

Maybe an autopsy will find themite embedded in her lungs.

Came to check out the site

Came to check out the site and saw a post here based in reality and wanted to complement. Totally diagree with the "US did it" story on 9/11 and thinks its a bunch of distraction. Plenty of real conspiracy facts, like the toxic soup at ground zero, discussed in detail in the media immediately following, and then dropped from discussion with minimal clean-up guidance. I assume a national security directive that a 3 year, $300 billion haz mat cleanup was not doable. I deply regret not writing a letter to the editor of the NY Times highlighting personal protection. It haunts me. The Nun is right. But causality can't be proven.

As for the sad Shallel, TAKE YOUR MEDS NOW!

I don't know how that cunt

I don't know how that cunt Christy can live with herself. Just remember it's her party, too.
(Makes you feel so much better about the "Grand Ol' Party" of Satan, doesn't it?) Just look at their party symbol with it's upside-down stars in the damn elephant. The problem with humans is their belief -
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Ain't it a little tip off that we humans are fighting
to the brink of Nucular Annihilation about the same Fucking god?

I miss the Towers more than the people, the troops suck and America is based on genocide.
Have a good day!


Extremely sad that this

Extremely sad that this brave nun must now suffer such a premature & painful death! The air in & around the WTC was obviously a toxic soup of God-only-knows what types of chemicals! I smelled noxious fumes from across the river in Brooklyn until about Feb/Mar of 2002, especially on days when the wind was blowing from the direction of the WTC!

Christine Whitman & the EPA

Christine Whitman & the EPA lied in our faces in saying the environment around the WTC was safe. They are murderers just like Bush/Cheney!

Where's the CNN special on

Where's the CNN special on this nun?

God bless her!

God bless her!

Let's not allow Sister

Let's not allow Sister Mahoney nor the thousands of others die in vain! The real perpetraitors & those who cover up for them must be held accountable so nothing like this ever happens again!

Great idea. Now all we need

Great idea. Now all we need is to get her autopsy done by a non-corruptible M.E.

Damn... I knew there'd be a hitch in this.

Where's the freaking Bush

Where's the freaking Bush hating liberal blogs and newssites on this or the ground zero health tragedy? The liberal leftgatekeeper media is just as blind and in a stupor as the Fox News media. Hey, at least Fox News had the balls to report on Alex Jone's alert...even if it was snickering at it.

Then again, liberals love to talk about how they are for abortion, for the official story of 9/11, for open borders, against the 2nd amendment,
and just as schizophrenic as the right wing neocon supporters.

This is a tragedy, and its ironic the "9/11 conspiracy theorists" are the only ones who give a damn!

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People (incl Steven Jones)

People (incl Steven Jones) need to wise up to the fact that there is no known "pulverization" (ie, conventional) mechanism which can account for all the unique, ultra-fine 'dust' which blanketed all of lower Manhattan.

Unlike "pulverization", molecular dissociation -- resulting from matter having been exposed to temperatures hotter than the Sun -- CAN account for what occurred.

Thus the health risks of the leading hypothesis, molecular dissociation, should be, but have not been, considered.

BOTTOM LINE: the near-atomic/molecular SIZE of the inhaled particles accounts for at least as much a health risk as the chemical/biological toxicity aspect. Mammals' lungs cleansing systems cannot clear themselves of such tiny particles: imagine trying to hit a speck of dust with a baseball bat...


IMHO, the best single measure of a 9/11 presentation's value is how
impossible the presenter makes it for people to keep clinging to the
belief that they can blame "Muslim hijackers" for 9/11. Further, if
the presentation tries to advance that unfounded belief (especially
subliminally), then it is acting as government propaganda.


pocky is the Rush Limbaugh

pocky is the Rush Limbaugh of the 9/11 truth movement. "its liberals fault! nevermind the medai is owned by a bunch of conservative leaning companies, its still the damn lefts fault!". same shit different day.