Latest Terror Threat: More Government Foreknowledge

This week's cross-Atlantic terror alert has all the markings of an orchestrated incident to maintain public support for the ongoing US-British war on terror. White House spokesman Tony Snow admitted that President Bush had not been awakened by the dramatic news of Britain's air traffic shutdown because "Bush had been getting regular briefings on the developments for days." If they knew so far in advance, why the dramatic shut-down of trans-Atlantic air traffic inconveniencing thousands, as if they intervened just in time?

You have to sign up to read the whole article, although you might be able to check it out in its entirety here. Thanks to Carol for sending this in.

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Amanpour: Bin Laden still

Amanpour: Bin Laden still hugely significant

Christiane, YOU MAY AS WELL JUST ADMIT YOU'RE A CIA ASSET & GET IT OVER WITH, FOR GOD'S SAKE. The myth of Boogeyman Osama has been dead for years (and probably so has he)!

When are we going to get

When are we going to get obvious frauds like Amanpour out of the msm & have some Freedom Of The Press?

Bin Laden is so important

Bin Laden is so important the CIA shut down its "Bin Laden Unit", and the FBI was not allowed to investigate the Bin Laden family according to directive 199i.