Loose Change mentioned in Germany's second State Television Channel

Ron from Denmark just sent this in:

A report about Loose Change was just shown this evening, 21:45 hours, in one of Germanys three largest evening news programs. it was a rip-up, but there were a good number of hints in it, that someone wanting to know more, would then know where to look.

Here's the link:

Ron tells me this show is seen by 5 to 10 million viewers, he will let us know what the ratings were tommorrow.

Sorry Ron, your domain ended

Sorry Ron, your domain ended in DE which I figured was Denmark.


Interesting VAB.
Strategically, I am not sure we should spend time trying to exist a little in capitalist media. It is a vertical relationship, not an adult horizontal democratic one. You achieved results so it is positive. But we could rather spend time making the free internet media (that we own and control) better known and more popular.
I believe we will be adult when all capitalist media are bankrupt.
We should all be TV and radio less.
But reality is not perfect and will not be soon, so we may well both be right.

By the way, Thom Meens (the

By the way, Thom Meens (the Volkskrant ombudsman) subsequently even translated his first 9/11 related article for an organisation called "The Organization of News Ombudsmen", to be posted on their website and discussed during their annual meeting. See http://www.newsombudsmen.org/cgi-bin/ono_article.pl?mode=view&article_id...
This year that meeting was held in São Paulo, Brazil, from 7-10 May 2006. Thom Meens held a speech there which was very much related to his article. After that some discussion broke out, and - if I remember correctly - at least one American ombudsman of a major US newspaper eventually said that he would investigate his newspaper's (lack of) 9/11 truth coverage etc.
So I guess we've (indirectly) even helped the US 9/11 Truth Movement a bit..!

@GuyDebordLives Perhaps in

Perhaps in France it would pay off if people would massively request French national newspapers to start covering 9/11 related questions or at least the growing French 9/11 movement itself. Just be emailing editors and journalists, waging a "9/11 truth war" on newspaper and media forums etc.
That's how we did it in Holland, and that strategy has worked fine. In Holland the whole thing actually started with a "war" on one of the biggest, left-wing newspaper websites, on that newspaper ombudsman's weblog, to be exact. (Mr. Thom Meens of "de Volkskrant".) Parallel to that "war" (last April) being fought out on the ombudsman's weblog, at least one succesful 9/11 meeting, discussion and film screening night was organised in Amsterdam. Two mainstream journalists attended. Local press had no other option but to cover it, and Thom Meens had no other option than to respond to the 9/11 war on his weblog by writing about it in two Volkskrant articles. After that, there was a snowball effect that continues to this day...

ok i have the ratings from

ok i have the ratings from yesterday. i quess i was a tad optimistic, but still not a bad showing.
the news show had 9.5% of all viewers, which rated it at number 14, right behind CSI and Criminal Intent, with a viewer total of 2,8 million.
considering that the german football team was playing at the same time in their first national game after the world cup, and they were of course the top of the ratings and had only around 10.5 million, then the show did not do bad.

@Kevin Here's the latest

Here's the latest Dutch on-line 9/11 poll by well-respected national newspaper "Trouw":

Question in English: "Do you think the US itself blew up the WTC on 11 September 2001?"
YES: 35%
NO: 65%
Based on 4853 votes so far.
"Trouw" originally began as a secret Dutch resistance newspaper, back in the early 1940s. Now it's taking the national lead in MSM coverage of 9/11 related info.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is right on course, here in Holland. MSM is getting more involved every day now, one of Holland's main political parties will soon be informing its members about the whole thing, and there are serious plans to establish a new political party just for this purpose for the national elections next November.


That is GREAT! Thanks for

That is GREAT!

Thanks for the post!


It wasn't exactly a

It wasn't exactly a 'rip-up', but they mentioned an _independent_ 9/11 commission and described it as 'minutious report'.

Tonight (8-11pm CET), local

Tonight (8-11pm CET), local Amsterdam television station SALTO has broadcasted "Martial Law 9/11: The Rise of the Police State".

More to follow on the same channel:

Wednesday 23 August 2006: 8-12pm CET, "Loose Change, 2nd. ed.", repl. at 10pm CET.

Wednesday 30 August 2006: 8-11pm CET, "Confronting the Evidence: A Call to Reopen the 9/11 Investigation".

Dutch regards,

That^ is very much

That^ is very much appreciated, VAB!

yet another reason to want

yet another reason to want to live in Amsterdam......

Do Europeans get a little

Do Europeans get a little more 9/11 truth in the msm news?

What % of Europeans do you think belives 9/11 was an inside job?

Back in 2003 it was 18% here

Back in 2003 it was 18% here in germany overall, as far as I remember about 35% in the youth.

In France, absolutely

In France, absolutely nothing happened since Thierry Meyssan appeared on a saturday talk-show at 11pm four years ago.
But a strong minority talks about the truth on internet forums.

well, here's ron from

well, here's ron from "denmark", sorry i'm out of good old germany, not denmark, but that's not so important.
@sitting bull, yeah those were exactly the figures, 18% and 35%.

@GuyDebordLives It might

It might indeed well be that the internet could (or should) eventually take over our current mainstream media environment, that is tv and radio as we know it today. (But only if "net neutrality" is guaranteed, I must add.) Yet considering the fact that the masses still mainly rely on the classical press, tv and radio, in order to reach those masses I think the 9/11 Truth Movement needs to influence and "infiltrate" these classical media directly, whether they can be called capitalist or not. It's just a matter of fighting the "enemy" on its own field, on its own level, with its own methods. As long as the western world is dictated by mainstream media, I think the 9/11 Truth Movement will never get "above ground", that is, above the level of internet subcultures, as long as they stay at internet sublevels. So, both tactically and strategically, I think the best way to create societal change still is via the mainstream media, as these media are still most powerful in influencing the general public and national politics... it's working here in 'les Pays Bas', anyway! So why not try the same thing in France...

@sbg "de" für

"de" für deutschland.... ;-)))

no sweat

VAB, if I remember correctly

VAB, if I remember correctly the masters of strategy like Sun Tzu and Clausewitz, it is strategically fundamental to fight on the terrain that is the most favorable to you, and as you go into enemy territory, you get weaker. Our free media are not limited to a subculture. We can print what we read and distribute leaflets, we can give DVDs, share podcasts. Fighting with our media forces us to fight to make our media the dominant media. Putting relevant info into corporate media by force saves them from their irrelevance, helps them survive by making them less boring and less out of touch with reality. It helps save the system. Is that your goal? Don't you see the link between capitalism and 9/11?
That is the classical difference between reformism (you are Dutch) and revolution (I am French).
What do we need? Revolution or Reform?

-perhaps we need both...

-perhaps we need both...

Come to think of it: what if

Come to think of it: what if the powers that be stage a new 9/11? Do you think the corporate media will act differently than 5 years ago? I think it will be back to zero for all the efforts to force them to seriously investigate what happened. And the few doubters like Olbermann would immediately be replaced by good puppets ready to support martial law.

That is my biggest fear at

That is my biggest fear at the moment: that a new and much bigger "9/11" could soon take place. Realistically speaking, that could well mean the end of the 9/11 truth movement and the end of the "free" world as we know it. I really fear it could lead to a "temporary" lifting of the US Constitution and a change to a military style of government in the US and abroad. Martial law indeed. That's why I believe the 9/11 movement should act as quickly as possible, thus via the political establishment and corporate MSM itself, perhaps thereby soon getting rid of the neocons altogether, at least for a while. (Societal change via the internet would take much longer, if not eternally, as most people don't even know about all these "alternative" websites etc. It's just not their thing.)
But perhaps I'm mistaken...

Doesn't this really come down to the old question: to be "inside" or "outside"? I choose to work from within for now, as time is running out. So I prefer "inside". Would your strategic preference be "outside"? And if yes, why? I mean, from an idealistic point of view I would understand, but from a realist point of view wouldn't the inside track work much quicker, at least as "9/11 truth" is concerned?

"Dutch reformist regards",
VAB ;)

In the US Loose Change was

In the US Loose Change was not shown in the corporate media. It opened many people's minds and showed those people that the corporate media had hidden a lot from them. The same can be said about Alex Jones, and every site or forum poster that opened people's eyes: the fact that those facts were discovered outside of the mass-media is very powerful, and draws people away from those undemocratic media that are part of the oligarchic power structure, one of its pillars.
And I repeat that we can share what we know outside of internet: flyers, books, DVDs, talking, organizings projections of documentaries,...
Time will tell who was right, but it is very possible that we are both right, since we both have an effect on people.

-Let's hope we'll be able to

-Let's hope we'll be able to celebrate our common victory soon!

Take care and all the best to the French 9/11-movement,
(Amsterdam, Holland)