So who is going to Ground Zero this year? How about DC?

The 5th anniversary is right around the corner, what are your plans? Looking to carpool or to share accomodations? Make your plans in the comments below...

Thanks to Nothwind for the good idea.

what you fail to realize

what you fail to realize pocky, is that the mainstream media is NOT very friendly to liberals. the media is conservative/corporate. big media likes the conservative viewpoint more than the liberal viewpoint because its better for business. you should be mad at the CONSERVATIVE MSM not those "damn anti-war liberals" that dont have a bullhorn like the right does. its no coincidence that Keith Olbermann is the only person resembling a liberal on cable news. its also no coincidence they force him to devote half of his show to celebs and shit.

Be sure to wear this Tee

Be sure to wear this Tee Shirt .....

Its hard to be tolerant of

Its hard to be tolerant of the anti war left when they think WERE the nuts.
pockybot | 08.17.06 - 1:19 am | #
the anti war left has done more for this country than any jackass on the right. wake up pocky, your the Rush Limbaugh of the truth movement. the anti war left is not the problem. who protests the administrations illegal wiretapping bullshit? who protests the illegal war? who protests Israels illegal wars? not the right........

all i hear from you is "the

all i hear from you is "the left left left left left left". yes it sucks they havent woken up to 9/11, but at least they are not FUCKING USELESS like most on the right.

Maybe a petition signing

Maybe a petition signing drive at GZ, something, anything the media will want to cover. Put your thinking caps on.

Some very good ideas. Maybe

Some very good ideas. Maybe some of our future movie producers can get some good film of the movement at work, interview those who traveled to be there, why they feel it's important,etc. I'm thinking of wearing an 'Iowan's for 9/11 Truth' t-shirt, or something like that, to show that we're all from different parts of the world, but have a common bond, the truth!

I was thinking of doing a

I was thinking of doing a hunger strike at CNN. Starving myself until they cover some 9/11 truth stuff like maybe air Loose Change or Sept. 11 Revisited, or have an interview with Steven Jones, Fetzer or Webster Tarpley. The good thing about CNN is they have their own compound in Atlanta you can set up camp there, as opposed to others who are located in downtown Manhattan. The thing is I don't want to do this alone I would like others to participate but I know this is a big deal. A hunger strike can kill you, and starving yourself is not a fun activity. Gandhi almost died a few times on his several hunger strikes. If anyone is interested write back and we maybe we can arrange something. Now that I think about it it doesnt have to be at CNN it could be at Ground Zero. What do you all think?

Damn guys, you have no idea

Damn guys, you have no idea how much I wanna be with you, standing for Truth. Little ol' me has no way to get there from Newfoundland, however but, you'll all be in my heart and thoughts.

Make some noise... as quietly and peacefully as possible.

BYOB, I'll have the grill

BYOB, I'll have the grill on, metro to downtown DC.

Yeah I'll be at ground zero

Yeah I'll be at ground zero this year.

Wish I could be there, but I

Wish I could be there, but I will be hosting a screening of Loose Change in Santa Cruz on the big day.

I'm headed to NYC with three

I'm headed to NYC with three others. We're staying in a hostel, catching a Broadway show, The Daily Show, and other things tourists do. What's crazy is airline tickets are still $198 round trip, and hostels can be found pretty cheap.

My hunch is to have a quiet,

My hunch is to have a quiet, respectful demonstration of handing-out many truth DVDs & literature @ Ground Zero, but raise hell in D.C. for everyone to see & hear!

I am flying from Los Angeles

I am flying from Los Angeles with 5 of my friends. Woohoo!

I'm bursting with ideas

I'm bursting with ideas about GZ this year. I'd like everyone to bring things to give away, like music CD's with your favorite 9/11 songs burned on them, or little white roses with a memorial message with a 'clue' or copies of DVD's that have helped you figure it all out to share with others. I heard that Dylan was going to have 10,000 Loose Change DVDs there! And leaflets, everyone should have a stack of little leaflets with some message that you want the visitors to go away with.

I have this idea about guerilla theatre that we could all come together for prearranged moments and it could be like everyone puts on a V for Vendetta mask and walks together side by side. I was thinking that if that was threatening to the police, then we could wear them backwards on our heads and that would be a striking image filmed from behind.

It would be good to create some images and moments that would be used in upcoming film work. It could be holding hands and surrounding something or making a circle. Someone with a drama background could maybe come up with something. There could be a song or a chant that we could organize. Is there a song that we could rewrite the words to that would be fitting?
Who is bringing a banner and what will it say?

It's time for someone to document the movement itself to help build the concept of 9/11 Truth actvists as an entity and a force. One unifying feature of this anniversary is the idea to all wear black T-shirts with a 9/11 message. I've got 2 dozen lined up in NY for when I arrive, What Really Happened? Make extras with your design and bring them to trade or sell!

Someone told me, if there are troublemakers, that we should sit down and that would leave the troublemakers standing up. What do you think? Also, let's all have cameras so we document who is there and who instigates, if that should happen. I think it will all go well , like last year, and we will experience the rush of getting to know each other and feeling the good vibe.

I'll be in NY from Fri through Tues AM and heading from there to DC. Hope to see you all along the way!

Would love to be at GZ...but

Would love to be at GZ...but cant afford it.

It's not just that I am an active 9/11 activist, it's also that I feel touched by the people who died...the idiots waving flags and supporting wars DO NOT GIVE TWO SHITS about the dead or the families...its only the so called "conspiracy theorists" who actually keep in contact and support the 9/11 family members who were treated like crap by the government.

I hope to God thousands of people come out just to support anger at the ground zero health crisis coverup. THAT is a part of 9/11 Truth too.

I hope there is a massive undeniable truth presence that the media CANNOT ignore.

I also hope any paid shill disruptors or paranoid idiot provocatuers get clocked in the face by 9/11 truthers,
or at least told to get the f out. I too have a worry about disinfo shills posing as truthers causing a scene.
Remember when the government had a bunch of commie idiots bust open shops at the peaceful WTO riot?

I am hoping for a big demonstration in San Francisco. I plan to be out in full force in SF if there is any activity planned.

If ANY so called anti war activist has any shred of credibility, they'll be on board for 9/11 truth and demanding answers. Its hard to be tolerant of the anti war left when they think WERE the nuts.

I'll definately be at Ground

I'll definately be at Ground Zero!!!!!
Hopefully coming in on the 10th and staying until the 12th. If not I'll be day tripping it by train from CT.

Anyone coming else day tripping it from CT and possible want to join up before hand and go as a group?

A moment of silence at the

A moment of silence at the time each of the four planes hit, and Bldg. 7 came down.

stop the left and the right

stop the left and the right argument. it has nothing to do with the truth movement. you're either a citizen who loves your country, or you're not. there is no left or right. they are one in the same. it is their plan to make you argue about the left and right. they are making you place the blame where it doesn't belong. "divide and conquer." why does everyone in this country feel a need to label themselves? you are who you are and you don't need to label yourself for people to see that. you can think for yourselves. you don't need a party to come up with your political views for you. do you really think there are only two ways to look at politics in this country?

I expect to be at DC in

I expect to be at DC in September. Unfortunately, classes might hold me back. Hopefully my professors will have mercy on me. I'm gonna be wearin' a snazzy 9/11 truth armband with a big sign that says something witty.

tell that to pocky Chad, who

tell that to pocky Chad, who comes to this site every day to blame EVERYTHING on "those damn liberals". its tiring and simplistic, yet it NEVER stops.

yeah, he's just trying to

yeah, he's just trying to confuse people and keep them distracted. i wonder who he works for. an agent of misinformation.