Austin Pastor Fights to Spread 9/11 Truth

Seems that religious leaders are finally stepping up to the plate. We truly have hit the mainstream...

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Loehr delivered a sermon regarding 9/11 as early as September 16, 2001, but from a rather different perspective. Loehr utilized his first sermon in a 'post-9/11' world to highlight the effects of "blowback"--consequences for the adverse effects of U.S. foreign policy from the eyes of many foreign nations, particularly in the Mid-East region.

Thanks to Stacy for sending this in.

thanks for posting this!

thanks for posting this!

I am not religous but I

I am not religous but I think people who have religion in their life are generally better people. I think it is great that a man like this Pastor is showing his "followers" the light. Again, Alex Jones touches many peoples lives.

I disagree Paul. People who

I disagree Paul. People who have religion in their life should devolve back to when their parents and society forced that bullshit on them...maybe back to when they were 4 or 5...and then they should say, "Prove it, Fucktards"


Religion is for the daft.