Pipelines To 9/11

Pretty good article that gives a little history of Aghanistan and the Taliban, some discussion of alternative theories at the end, check it out:


However, if we stick to the facts, and throw out all the information that comes from unverifiable sources, our world looks very different. This research article is intended to reveal the facts that lead to the US invasion of Afghanistan and to reveal the logical place of the 9/11events in that context. It is not meant to offend anyone. Don't read it if you are pleased with the "official" version of our history.

Actually, that was a

Actually, that was a terrible article. The author still refers to Enron as a viable corporation, which it is not. For a much more intelligent discussion of the current status of pipeline dreams in Afghanistan I recommend this article:


Here's the gist of it: "Under any scenario, the end of AfghanistanÂ’s stabilization process, along with the start of pipeline construction, is a long way off."

I can't believe you fools

I can't believe you fools still buy these pipeline theories.

ONOCAL pulled out in 1998 and no US oil company is buildings an Afghan pipeline. Nor is anyone else for that matter.

Time to move on.


The real problem with this

The real problem with this article is that it is terribly written.

Check your facts,

They didn't need Unocal;

They didn't need Unocal; they just installed a president instead.