Video: Mia Hamel Arrested While leafleting Oliver Stones WTC

Check it out at 911podcasts here:

Thanks to 911tv for sending this in.

Also, Loose Change "Recut" available at Google Video here:

Whats with wanting Jon to

Whats with wanting Jon to tell you about 9/11 PFT? Didn't that happen the other day and people got pissy because he said it was good and wanted to leave it at that.

It doesn't matter what he says, your still gonna say that it wasn't enough info so please give more.

Seriously, the site can only take so much whining before people are distracted.

mc cain is on cover of new

mc cain is on cover of new pop mech adressing 9-11 conspiracies, but i am sure you knew that already


Dude, you're the one who's getting pissy. I'm actually curious about what Jon finds so interesting about the movie because his opinion is valuable to me.

George Bush has commited a

Jon, I a more thoroughly


I a more thoroughly descriptive account of what has you so jazzed about 9/11PFT would be cool.

So far, you have risen my expectations to such a level that it would be practically impossible for them to meet or exceed.

Just a thought.

I'm watching the final cut

I'm watching the final cut of 9/11PFT. Wow. It's better than I could have imagined. There's more that I hadn't seen before.

Thx ron, just sent it to my

Thx ron, just sent it to my mail-list...
Sitting-Bull | 08.19.06 - 9:09 am | #

i'm bts-rr over there at freenet

see ya

Thx ron, just sent it to my

Thx ron, just sent it to my mail-list...

I wrote to Jonathan Moseley

I wrote to Jonathan Moseley about his false testimony of Jones' speech and WTC 7. He replied with a message for someone else, entitled "Eyewitnesses to Airplane hitting Pentagon".

Funny. Apparently he, too, doesn't want to talk about WTC 7.


A good video. I just wish it had ended in the scene where thousands of masked people come together and retake power...

I thought the police were

I thought the police were supposed to protect citizens and prevent their rights from being violated? Oh wait, that's only in a fantasy world.

loose change 2nd edition

loose change 2nd edition recut is pretty much the same as the second edition... they added in about 10 extra min in total (eg. longer william rodriguez interview)... added backgrounds when showing text (instead of just on black), changed a few words and videos clips around, but pretty much the same. obviously changed the B52 bomber thing, etc. definately an improvement, but it's basically the same movie.

heh sitting bull, have you

heh sitting bull,
have you opened the freenet home page this morning?....
loose change, with a good article, and link to google video...#
i just sent the guys here a "submit news" report.
here is the link:
front page:
go get in the comments section, i allready did...
there has been a poll:
what do you think about these theories?
20& "quatsch" = ridiculous
58% "klingt plausibel" = sounds probible
21% "ich schwöre nur das ich dazu nichts sagen kann" = i can only swear to the fact that i can't say anything about this.
go for it bull...

Besides the things

Besides the things mentioned they cut mostly parts of the Naudet video and show a computer modelling background of WTC rubble pile instead.

by the way, what has been

by the way, what has been changed in the new lc recut..?



Here's the link to the

Here's the link to the Newsnight blod debate on internet conspiracy theories.

Gavin Esler would ALWAYS dismiss any "conspiracy theories" as ridiculous no matter that the truth was staring him in the face....Jeremy Paxman too, i suspect.

Kirsty Wark might just be more open to the truth.

Newsnight is a HUGE show in the UK....if they came forward with a fair report on the events surrounding 9/11 then it would blow the whole story wide open.

I just followed that link to

I just followed that link to the recut of the Loose Change. There I registered the following comment:
16 hours ago
It's still not sound enough to enter "proper" media debate. I could do it, but it would be the last one i worked on for a while. ADVICE: Don't comment here, do it on BBC's Newsnight website. 100 or more requests for "legitimate" evaluation would force their hand. Good Luck!

WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? I shall go t othat website later today!

good luck with the new site

good luck with the new site by the way dz... looking forward to it. if you like my site and wanna put a link for it, i have logos that you can link as well as posters/flyers available here

if you feel like there's stuff missing or that should be changed, let me know, but the site is designed to be a complete 9/11 resource with all the relevent information and media.

dude, val's photo is

dude, val's photo is definately pretty important evidence. Killtown has done the most research that i'm aware of on the subject and that should be commended. It is a fairly significant piece of the puzzle. I find the evidence surrounding flight 93 to be some of the most stright forward and compelling that points towards a cover up. simuvac, you need to start supporting people like the killtown guys who are putting in an effort and doing their own research. follow their example. don't cut down people in the truth movement who are doing constructive work, which killtown certainly is doing.

OT: A 7-minute video using V

OT: A 7-minute video using V for Vendetta, and interspersing pictures of Bush, Cheney, WTC7, and other 9/11 related images to make the case for MIHOP.
http:// informationclearinghouse....rticle14615.htm
CK | Homepage | 08.19.06 - 2:21 am |

CK: I loved this video, it captures many of the thoughts I had while watching V. I put up a .torrent of it at ConspiracyCentral for those who want to save an .avi copy - I didn't think you would mind.

new site launches

new site launches tommorrow.. off to sleep. keep your fingers crossed for me in the morning - moving 1600+ posts and 50,000+ comments will be quite a challenge.

Good video on Bush/Hitler A

Good video on Bush/Hitler

A must see!!

simuvac, I'm glad you are

simuvac, I'm glad you are not a police detective, or no crimes would be solved.

If a crime is committed, you look for motive and opportunity. Val has both and if the photo is fake, the FBI's fingerprints are all over it too.

If the photo is real, it shows an ordnance blast originating at a different location.

This has NOTHING to do with whether Flight 93 was shot down or not.

For all you non-politically correct, non-gatekeepers, see the BEST most EASIEST 9/11 smoking gun to prove...

Where were you when...

Just transcribed this. A

Just transcribed this. A MUST read...

"McClatchey interview from Windsor Park Stories"

This IS our best "proveable" smoking gun. Don't let it just pass by.

Killtown, I don't know who


I don't know who you are or what your deal is, but somehow I don't think harassing a woman who lost her business, had gall bladder surgery, and has a daughter with cancer is going to do you or the 9/11 Truth Movement any good. I say this as a true believer in 9/11 Truth. It really doesn't matter what your photo analysis shows. Your pursuit of this woman is a PR nightmare for 9/11 Truth.

Honestly, what difference does it make if she doctored the photo? Personally, I don't think she did. But, really, who cares? Of the dozens of anomalies in the official account of 9/11, this photograph isn't going to prove anything conclusively. The issue of "was Flight 93 shot down" has been addressed by many other, more compelling, pieces of evidence.

Yes, for me, it was also

Yes, for me, it was also watching the full long, documentary footage of Bush at the Emma Booker School. I was outraged, and I knew something smelled rotten. Like many, I've gone through stages since then.

Good coverage! Real dissent.

Good coverage! Real dissent. I love those guys!

OT: A 7-minute video using V

OT: A 7-minute video using V for Vendetta, and interspersing pictures of Bush, Cheney, WTC7, and other 9/11 related images to make the case for MIHOP.

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Why mess up a good thing?

This new format blows. I can tell you right now I won't be posting here anymore. Why did you have to mess with a good thing?

This really sucks guys!!!

I agree. It's horrible and

I agree. It's horrible and the hyperlinks don't work anymore!

why is it that neither of

why is it that neither of you provided any detail as to your complaints? im not a mind reader here folks, and the old site was severely limiting our abilities.

if you dont like the new site im very sorry, let me know what it is that we should change to make it better.

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Watching this podcast I

Watching this podcast I noticed two extraordinary things. The fisrt was of course Ms. Hamel being arrested by the Hillsboro County Sherriff's department. She showed ucommon valor and should be an inspiration to all Americans.

The second thing I noticed, was local reporter Warren Elly's treatment of the whole segment. Embedded within the production he showed a double shot of WTC 7 collapsing. By that I mean he showed it twice. That was the most powerful piece of post 9-11 period footage I've ever seen on mainstream television. It doesn't get anymore mainstream than Fox 13 Tampa Bay.

Fox 13 Tampa has a new website called My Fox (google WTVT 13 Tampa) with comment areas (24hr. approval time).

As an aside, I can understand the frustration of some people dealing with the concept of no planes hitting the towers. In the final analysis, it really doesn't matter if it was holograms or the real deal. There is absolutely no way the American public will ever believe planes didn't hit the towers. Period. Even if the neocons were peddling the story (which they may be).