Welcome to the New 911Blogger.com v2.0!

Welcome to the new home of 911Blogger.com!

I hope that you will find yourself at home on the new site. You should find most of what you are used to in the same place as before, but with a little bit more functionality and content here and there. While this is the official launch of v2.0, it is really just a glimpse of what is yet to come.

With any luck you should find all 1600+ posts and 50,000+ comments successfully brought over from the old site, but we have kept the old site intact for anyone linking to our content. All of our RSS feeds should be updated as well except for those that directly accessed blogger's atom.xml - you can update your RSS feeds if necessary by checking out the 'RSS Feeds' block on the right panel.

So what's new? Well, for starters there is a whole new set of Site+Features, start there to see what is now available. Aside from that you probably will want to go ahead and register a new account to make use of these new features - but don't fret, we still allow anonymous comments without the need to register - at least for now.

Here is a quick listing of the new Site Features and a few other improvements in v2.0:

  • No longer dependent on blogger.com or haloscan.com
  • Team+Members now have much easier methods of updating site content
  • Large posts will now show a preview
  • Hierarchical commenting system
  • Category tags
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • User blogs and other user submitted content
  • Better Upcoming Events section
  • Random quotes panel returns!
  • User Polls
  • Content pages
  • Extreme flexibility for future functionality

Along with the new features there are sure to be numerous bugs, but it was in my opinion that the new abilities would easily outweigh any issues that might popup. We have our fingers crossed that the site is at least stable enough for the switch, and hope that the transition will be as painless as possible. We would appreciate your help in tracking down any issues that might exist, so please post in the comments if you find any, and please be patient with us during this transition!


Wow! Just saw the new 2.0 ..
I like the random quote feature.

They're baaaaaack...

They're baaaaaack...

Rigorous Intuition Link

Oh, BTW, can you update the Rigorous Intuition link to
http://rigint.blogspot.com/ ???

(This will fall down to about #147 on your "to do" list, and that's cool... but Jeff often has some incisive perspectives that are working checking...)

time stamps on comments

there is some sort of serious funkyness with the order in which comments are being displayed right now.. i think it might have something to do with the timezone in which the commenter posted from..

ah well, i don't care, im just glad were back up finally! now just keep your fingers crossed that the new site works ;)

got lots left to do, but im gunna take a short break for a bit.

Congratulations on pulling

Congratulations on pulling off the transition. Thanks for putting in all the work to create such a great resource!

Order looks fine

I do get an error about "Validation failed" if I try to post without logging in though.

if you try to post what?

if you try to post what? pleast test it out and give me some more detail and i will see what i can do!

Just a normal comment

With "Add New Comment" link. Hang on, I'll log out and test again.

Also, a bunch of comments just magically appeared. I assume they needed approval until you fixed it to not require approval?

Test comment

test comment

Guess it works now

No problems. Laughing

ya, i changed one of the

ya, i changed one of the comments settings, it was causing me an issue too.. guess it fixed it :)


How's George?

Oh, BTW, how's George? Please send him my continued "get well" wishes...

last i heard he was out on

last i heard he was out on vacation til next month!

Oh well, back to work for me

Oh well, back to work for me I guess...Sealed

thats right foolio!

gunna forward you some news links.. and some info about a bug i ran into.. gunna test it a bit more, so look out for my email.

Very nice changes

Great to see so much dedication to improving the site! Thanks for all the great work you do here!

comment error?

is anyone receiving the following error when replying to an existing comment, or is it just me?
"The comment you are replying to does not exist"

testing -- I am replying to

testing -- I am replying to "Comment error?"



testing 123

testing 123

I dig the flyer, but there

I dig the flyer, but there is STILL no time on it. What TIME are people supposed to show up? 8am? 8pm? hello?

figured it out.. my dumbass

figured it out.. my dumbass didnt realize that i was seeing hidden unaproved anonymous comments.. which couldnt be responded to.. didnt mean to have comments setup to need to be approved.. fixed..

Hi, great new features, but


great new features, but I would move the content back to http://www.911blogger.com/ instead of http://www.911blogger.com/v2/
it has a PageRank 6 and search engines don't really like to be redirected


im not familiar with the

im not familiar with the term 'page rank'? i had thought about doing v2.911blogger.com.. i guess we could just put it in the root, but i was pretty worried about the massive clutter that would ensue..

I'd recommend it at the root too

It makes your links cleaner too. The clutter's not too bad. You'll just want to keep all your content files in /files.

Oh, and if you move it, you'll probably want to redirect all your old links so they don't break. Or at least the ones with the highest traffic in your logs.

From Freedom to Fascism

Nice work men, the new site looks great! It shouldn't take long to get use to it. This morning I got an e-mail from a 9/11 truther friend and she mentioned the new movie "From Freedom to Fascism." I have heard a lot about this movie but haven't seen it yet. I am not sure when it will be shown in the S.F.Bay Area where I live. Out of curiosity I Google searched it and found some clips from said movie. From what I saw it looks like a real barn-burner. As we all know by now Bush and Co. are just puppets. This flick goes into the ones pulling the strings. The ones behind the certain. The world bankers. The ones that control the money. It goes into the scam known as the Federal Reserve. I can't wait to see the whole movie when it comes out. Has anyone out there seen it yet and does anyone know when it will be shown in the S.F. Bay Area? I was thinking it would be awesome if we could get this flick shown with "Loose Change, Final Edition." A double feature guaranteed to wake the sheeple up. In the interview with Aaron Russo, the film's producer, he states that FEMA has set up about 800 concentration camps across the country. Does anyone know if this is true? I have heard rumors to this effect. I think this is a great idea. Then we will have enough prison camps to put all of our government, their corporate backers, the world bankers and the complicit media in when we take our country back.

"I have heard rumors to this

"I have heard rumors to this effect. I think this is a great idea. Then we will have enough prison camps to put all of our government, their corporate backers, the world bankers and the complicit media in when we take our country back."

^LOL, Classic!

FEMA Camps

Here is a link to the info about the 800 FEMA Camps.

From Freedom To Fascism

Here is the url to the clip I mentioned. Check it out. This guy Russo sounds an awfull lot like Alex Jones and Webster Tarpley. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3254488777215293198

Federal Reserve

Here is another good video on the Fed, Masters of the Universe, The Secret Birth of the Federal Reserve.  We all know Bush is only a puppet, but to understand who his masters are you have to learn about the Federal Reserve and the most powerful men on earth, the world bankers.


This is a shock lol!

This is a shock lol. I'm being nothing but constructive here Dz, but the old site was more distinct, the look of this new one’s a bit bland. I'm sure those features are going to help catapult the site into bigger and better things. But the way it looks, and the way things are laid out, even though that’s all totally good in the sense that it works, it's not aesthetically pleasing if you get where I'm coming from here. I’m not trying to say its shit because I know you’ve been working hours, days and nights. But what I am saying is that it could look quite a bit better. I think the colouring is one factor you should change, but secondly it’s a bit blocky at the top and the headings for the headlines etc are far to minimal.


i completely understand.. i went with the boring 3 column fluid layout because of how much crap we will have.. daily kos only uses a fixed width 3 column and somehow they make it work.. i guess their pages are just a lot taller..

luckily with the new site we can support themes, meaning that anyone who wants to setup a local install of drupal and work on a theme can do so.

if anyone wants to do any photoshop mockups go for it! it wont be #1 on the todo list, but it is definately on there.

thanks for the comments.

Sry dudes posted that shit about three times

Sry dudes posted that shit about three times trying to get it to work. Dz this blog is amazing please don't get me wrong, I love it lol! The new features are going to make this place so much stronger and this is going to be like the main hub for 911truth activism. It's new current look is not bad, all I'm saying is that there is room for improvement aesthetically. It's good, but you can make it better.

indeed. maybe the thing to


maybe the thing to do is have a theme creation competition.. otherwise it will have to wait in line :)


Totally man, the way it is now is not bad. But I think that would be a wicked idea, it would help the site to evolve fast.

I was just checking durpal

I was just checking durpal and I'm too much of a dumbass to work that out lol. I'll come up with some ideas in Photoshop for the main top block though for "recent headlines" "action alerts" etc. Also I’ve got some ideas on new looks for the banner buttons “911 related music” etc, I'll make one dude and if you think the idea's cool then I'll have a go at the rest.

I like the new layout

I was going to suggest Drupal when you guys first started talking about a redesign. I'm glad you went with it, and not Scoop.

I also would have offered to help move it to Drupal, but sadly I'm not even finding enough time for my own site. Great work, guys! Let me know if you need help with anything. I use Drupal every day. ;-)


oh reeeeeeeeallly....

luckily i got a good bit of help from their forums and IRC.. if you have any expertise on the User Points, Karma, or VoteUpDown modules it would be appreciated.. thats the next big step at the moment..

Not with those modules

I started to put voting into 911source.org with the mediumvote module, but it needed to only apply to certain types of content, so I requested and got the module improved: http://drupal.org/node/57085

But then I never put it on the site. I also did some work on the video module, contributing the code to get Google Video to work with it. And some custom themes. You can see most of what I've worked with on at http://911source.org.

I just haven't had time to update 911source.org so it's kind of dying out. Too many clients' projects to work on to keep up with posting 9/11 news/movies/audio myself.

Congrats on the new layout


2 more things

There are 2 different themes selectable on the account settings. I think you only want the 911bloggerCSS enabled, not 911blogger3col.

Also, when clicking Team Members, then clicking dz, you get Access Denied. Go into Access Control and enable User Module->Access User Profiles to fix that.

Adding a forum would be cool too, but I understand if you want to keep it blog only.



The new site does not work properly with Mozilla. At the 1152x864 resolution, you still have to use the horizontal scroll bar to see everything, ie the whole width of the page is not shown when using Mozilla. With IE, it works correctly. But as I like to use Mozilla, I'd appreciate if your site were compatible with it as well. Thanks for looking into this.

Apart from this, the new looks looks ok. :-)

Like it

I like the way V 2.0 looks,congratulations! One small complaint: I think there should be an easier way to return to the homepage. The word "home" is just a bit too small and hard to find?

Keep up the good work! grtz from The Netherlands

Cha Cha Changes

Love em. Everything looks great! I think my favorite is the way the comments are layed out. Great stuff! You guys are providing an invaluable service here. Truly.

Hmmm, any change of gettin' some love for my Canada Truth site when you have a free sec... which is probably never? http://canadawantsthetruth911.blogspot.com/


You guys need buttons. I'm sure there's lots of folks here who are fully capable of whippin' up a few. It's a great way for further promotion. I know I'd put one on my sites...


Congratulations on the results of your revamped site!

Thank you for continuing to be a great resource for all involved in questioning and researching the events of 9/11.

People worldwide are waking up to the bureaucratic, institutional, and media lies that have been forced upon the public. You continue to be a great assistance in the endeavor.

dz, this is great. Thank

dz, this is great. Thank you so much for all the hard work that went into this transition. It is greatly appreciated.

Somewhere comment rating was mentioned. Is that feature enabled yet?


This just shows how dedicated you guys are.

Excellent Site Revision

This is a pretty impressive improvement, dz. I am especially impressed with the new commenting features. They make me want to comment even when I don't have anything to say. Wink

Quick Update

I wrote the comment above using the newest version of Firefox ( on a Mac running OS X 10.4.7. The comments system works beautifully with it, and all the formatting features were available to me, although I didn't try any of them (I will have to go back and do that). Now I am logged in using Safari, and all the formatting features are here, but none of them do anything. In fact, my text won't even remain selected when I click on them. I imagine this is due to incompatibilities of the site software with Safari, and it has nothing to do with your setup of the new 911Blogger. Formatting icons don't even show up at all in Yahoo! Mail when using Safari and a few other sites, so this is an improvement over them. I imagine that compatibility will improve as time goes on.

A Real Request, dz

Even though I am doing some testing formatting, this is still a real request, dz: Is it possible to add both "Video" and "Audio" sections to your "Site Sections" box on the left side of the screen? Even if a few of the links contained therein take us directly to Google Video or YouTube, it would still be a great convenience when I guide other people to documentaries and archived radio broadcasts.

I thank you sincerely. Smile

Yep, formatting obviously works great using Firefox in OS X.

New look of 911blogger.....

I'm not sure what functionality is lacking, the ludite I am..... but things seem to work just fine for my OS 10.4 running native Safari. Different, yes.... but not my place to ask for stuff. I think I'll get familiar with whatever you build. Thanks for 911blogger, how-ever I get to interact with it.

Congrats on V 2.0

Just dropping by to congrat DZ on V 2.0. It looks awesome.

I'm finally over my nasty bug, but am now largely away from the computer until Aug. 30th.

Everyone keep up the awesome work . . .

Where's the media recap? We

Where's the media recap? We need links to What's The Truth, EGLS, WKJO up top, especially for newbies. Other than that, I love the look, except maybe the site links on the right could use a little more definition.

lookin' great dz

Just wanted to let you know I like the new look and functionality. I'll be checking back when I have more time. Keep up the great work!

Love every bit of the new site!

Keep up the good work guys! :)

Reprehensor, GW, Somebigguy, DZ

Go to my site please... when you get the chance.

Looks great, keep up the

Looks great, keep up the solid work!


Great choice on Drupal


Great job!  Not only on the site re-design, but on all the work you and the 911Blogger team are doing.
You are the first site in my news  bookmarks and I refresh this site constantly throughout the day.  Always amazed that there is something new to peruse and am constantly satisfied with the relevancy that these news items bring to the most important issue we face toward retaining our already dwindling democracy and, in fact, saving our lives.
Keep it up, this is a very important  mission and you guys exceed my expectations at every turn!!

Wonderful Redesign !

I also check in several times per day and are thrilled to have found this community.

Keep up the good work on this important mission.

Congrats !

New layout

That's some pretty righteous CSS layout coding. It's hard to make a page that scales gracefully like this. Good job!

me likie

me likie




Looks good so far. Thanks!

"Home" item needed?

dz, when you have time...a home link on the left menu would be cool.

Just a thought, I find it hard navigating back from the comments to the main page.

yeah, i never understood why

yeah, i never understood why clicking the 911Blogger logo at the top didnt bring you home like most logos on websites. this is nitpicking though, not a big deal, the site is great. im really impressed with v2.


How do you post comments when the banner on the right overlaps the comments box!?

You almost have to write the comment in wordpad and then paste it in here...