World Net Daily publishes Fetzer's rebuttal

Truth seekers, not Bush bashers

...In one recent post, for example, he claimed that the Twin Towers cannot have come down as the result of controlled demolitions, which, he said, "blow out the first and second floors, so that the building falls down into its own footprint."

This is known as trading upon an equivocation, because Moseley's definition is applicable to standard controlled demolitions, while the towers appear to have been subject to special kinds of controlled demolition in which they were blown up from the top down. I explained that to him then, but it was to no avail.

That post revealed the abuse of language. In another, he committed a logical blunder by maintaining that, because different "conspiracy theories" are not consistent with one another, they must all be false! But the only inference that follows is that they cannot all be true! You don't have to have taught logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning for 35 years to have noticed this, but perhaps it helps. I also explained this mistake at the time, but he still chose to repeat it in the article WND published Wednesday...


moseley is an idiot and

moseley is an idiot and likely paid to be so...I block all of his emails and his friends who picked up the torch of ignorance after I did - somewhere around 12 individuals now blocked
-after making the mistake of contacting Moseley to tell him what idiots he and Jacob Roginsky are...

is anyone else getting

is anyone else getting supprise email from Fintan?

WorldNetDaily has a lie

WorldNetDaily has a lie printed on the cover of its monthly publication Whistle Blower. it says: Twin Towers rapid collaps due to enviromentalism? Fire, heat weakened World Trade Centers asbestos-free steel columns.

not only is this a lie, but its trying to blame enviromentalists for the towers collapse. i dont need to tell you how friggin absurd that is. time to contact WND again.......

he's probably agency.

he's probably agency. CLIA...

Central Lack of Intelligence Agency

Well.... since the sign out

Well.... since the sign out front says;

"George [h.w.] Bush Center for Intelligence"

......need more be said on that?

from WND: I have been

from WND:
I have been studying the events around 9/11 for a couple of years now. I read the 9/11 Commission Report. I read the books; I saw the videos.

Anybody I know who took the time and effort to study the available information comes to the same conclusion: Sept. 11 couldn't have happened without government involvement, and the official story is a total hoax.

The article you posted by Jonathon Moseley is a disgrace and will lead to the downfall of your media company: More and more people judge the credibility of a news source by the way they cover 9/11.


also from WND: I won't be

also from WND:
I won't be holding my breath for the so-called truth that will come from WND's version of what happened on 9-11. WND has virtually ignored for the last five years story after story showing huge holes in the official government version of what happened. Laws of physics have been ignored and turned upside down to believe the official stories, and you have remained silent. The only reason you are now coming out with a story is because of the latest polls and the dam bursting with people of great integrity showing what couldn't have happened.

Dave Ellis

Your poll shows that a great many people are not aware of the bigger agenda wanted by the bigger force, which is the New World Order agenda. Some of the books that you are now peddling speak of the force behind the scenes pushing this agenda. The agenda is a controlled populace with one government. Those that don't want to wake up, get ready for your implanted chip. Wake up and start looking at the facts. There is overwhelming evidence around 9/11 that should at least generate a new independent investigation.

Randy Weisz

Thanks, Jack

Thanks, Jack [Chris]:


They're calling us nuts for

They're calling us nuts for pursuing the conspiracy theory, but the thing is, when you try to ignore 9/11, it doesn't work: here goes a new terror alert, here comes news from the wars that were started because of 9/11, and here's the next campaign of the post-9/11 war on terrorism, and financially the government is big time overspending it's budget, and has to cut all 'non military' spending as a result - Whatever it is, you can't ignore 9/11, if you care at all.

"you can't ignore 9/11" I

"you can't ignore 9/11"

I don't know how many times I've said that too, and what is their response? Ignore it.

There MUST be a giant evil-alien-technology-mind-numbing generator out there in Omaha.....

I'm going to drop all my efforts with this clear wast of time, and start reading about Area 51 to crack this case once and for all!


I think WND should be

I think WND should be commended for letting Fetzer respond on there website, and they also made a correction on douchbags origional article about Steven Jones

true, WND is a bastion of

true, WND is a bastion of irrational rightwing puppetry, but it was big of them to not only print Steven Jones and Fetzers responses, but several letters from people who clearly agree that 9/11 was an inside job. maybe they see the writing on the wall.......

Wow, I have to admit that I

Wow, I have to admit that I am impressed WND published Fetzer's reply. Kudos to them for that. I am also impressed with the quality of Fetzer's response. I think he's a better writer than speaker. His 15 points are great, very concise, although I would have stopped at #11.

On my particular page-load of the article on WND, there is an ad at the bottom for the "NUKALERT", which apparently is a little device you attach to your key ring and it lets you know if you're being irradiated. And we're the paranoid ones. :)

the whole world net daily

the whole world net daily fell apart...

fetzer just did everyone a HUGE favour---

he just listed all the smoking guns right there---unedited

and from a moral high ground that was undeniable


it'll be nice---if we're in

it'll be nice---if we're in one of those stupid hannity type forum skirmish deals....

we can just link them to the worldnet daily article that lists all the smoking guns

ha ha
thats hilarious

Once again, and for the

Once again, and for the umpteenth time, Fetzer makes no mention of the war games. WTF!?

Once again, and for the

Once again, and for the umpteenth time, Fetzer makes no mention of the war games. WTF!?
Gamer | 08.18.06 - 4:40 pm | #
I think the argument Fetzer is trying to focus on in this rebuttal are the scientific studies of the collapse of towers 1,2,and 7, although he does address flight 93, and other areas of research are addressed in the footnote, a mention of the wargames could have been put in there.
Regardless, I think he presented the appropriate info. in a manner that was consistent and fitting for this particular circumstance.

The Irony! WND is one of the


"FBI DID WTC 1993 For Clinton"
"Clinton did OKC"
"Clinton covered up TWA 800"

and on and on...oh! but 9/11...stay away! :)

Even tho they even said Pakistani ISI funded 9/11.

yeah, i thought the Fetzer

yeah, i thought the Fetzer rebuttle article was great, but the wargames should have been mentioned for sure.

QUESTION! Does Steven Jones


Does Steven Jones have any legal leg to stand on to take Jon Moseley to court, and if yes, what can charge Mr. Moseley with?

now that Moseley has put a

now that Moseley has put a retraction on the site, im assuming Jones doesnt have much of a legal leg to stand on.(as far suing for slander) im assuming this is why Moseley put the retraction up in the first place, to fend off any lawsuits, not because he has any kind of journalistic integrity.

That's pretty much what I

That's pretty much what I thought. It would have been great publicity to take this guy to court. We may have been able to blow the story into mainstream media.

I explained that to him

I explained that to him then, but it was to no avail
- fetzer
of course it was to no avail! do you think they are going to take the things that you say to heart and suddenly become paragons of truth? ha.
their job is to fuck you up at every turn in any way they can. for the sole purpose of delaying the inevitable.
you are fighting the mcmedia - whether they are perps covering up or shills saying what they're told to for their paycheck or simply wingnut morons who truly can't conceive of govt complicity, they are the mcmedia and you have to stop expecting them to play fairly.

Thanks, James. I hadn't

Thanks, James. I hadn't figured that out. When they post, you can ignore them or respond to them. In this case, the fact that he went ahead making points that had already been refuted in the email exchange no doubt hurt him. You be the judge, but that's my take.

As for the disclaimer, that was posted by WND in response to complaints lodged by Steve Jones, who pointed out that he had said no such thing. They told him they would review the video and, if he were right, publish a disclaimer, which they did. It had nothing to do with Moseley.

Moussaoui was brainwashed by

Moussaoui was brainwashed by the CIA to think he was apart of the 9/11 plot..

God only knows what they did to "prep" Moussaoui for that show trial. (The guy already looked like a schizophrenic to begin with, and they had him in jail for years before the trial.)

this ad running in the

this ad running in the sidebar of Josh Marshall's TPM:

1 in 3 Americans may now believe that 9/11 was an "inside job."

Get the facts and help set the record straight


An in-depth investigation by Popular Mechanics.

Read the forward by John McCain

... tell him what you think of this Disinfo publication:

James Fetzer, that was a

James Fetzer, that was a fantastic rebuttal, your points where exceptionally well presented. This is exactly how we should respond to every pathetic media attempt to ignorantly and righteously sweep the facts of 911 under the rug. All exposure is an opportunity if we can swallow our righteous ( and legitimate) anger and nail them with the irrefutable facts, over and over again.

Thank You Dr. Fetzer!

Thanks, James. I hadn't

Thanks, James. I hadn't figured that out.

i know that you had - i'm sorry for seeming as if i thought you hadn't -
the mcmedia pisses me off! you can make a valid point but they will eff it up on purpose so you will have to make your point again after having to clear your name of some nonsense that they will have tagged you with -
that probably happens alot i bet -