Dagbladet Strikes Again!

Dagbladet Illustration

The August 19, 2006 issue of Norway's Dagbladet once again features a long (6 page) article about 9/11 and "conspiracy theories" in general. There is no English translation I know of, but the graphics sure are cool.

Update, E N was kind enough to send in a translated version, which I have attached to this post and is available here:

The article has been scanned and sent to us by Eirik, 2MB PDF download.

Thanks, Eirik.


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This article reminded of the canadian show 'The Current', listed further

down.. trying to explain why people are interested in conspiracy theories. But at least they are writing about it,  and exposing new people to the possibility that 9/11 is an inside job. Thanks for this Eirik.

More corporate media

more garbage from the MSM

From miraculous individual feats of survival to the final recommendations to make America safer, this moving documentary features never-before-seen interviews from families directly touched by the tragedy and those on the commission, including Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman, former top-level FBI and CIA counterterrorism officials, and many others.

Say no more. And, Kevin Costner and Hillary Swank narrated. I guess we won't be seeing either of them hanging out with Charlie Sheen huh? What sell-outs.

WTC Movie Shortchanges Black Hero

We all know that Oliver Stone's movie left out many important "details", but this particular detail begs the question... did they even bother to consult those whom this movie purports to be about?

When the WHOLE truth finally emerges, this movie will be credited as the flick that ended Oliver Stone's career as a credible filmmaker.

Mad dog on a leash

I spotted this article on the Online Journal. When I saw mad dog I just couldn't resist reading it. Here is a quote from the article..."Then there's Dick Cheney, the madman who pulls the levers, who is chillingly indifferent to suffering and -- being bloodless himself -- doesn't see what all the fuss is about. Cheney's plans go beyond just controlling the world's resources; he knows he won't be here much longer, so he's desperate to seize all the riches, if you will, and take them with him. In this administration, Cheney is the "go to" guy for arrogant, barbaric murder." Here is the url.  http://onlinejournal.com/artman/publish/article_1111.shtml

Good piece.

Fire up a blog and load it in.

Dagbladet conspiracy article

My Norwegian is a bit rusty, but a quick overview shows me that the Dagbladet piece was more about the psycology of belief systems than about 9/11 Truth. Norway will wake up fast however, so it's a good sign that this small but very literate country is poking among the ashes for the real story.

Did anyone bother emailing

Did anyone bother emailing someone from the left-gatekeeper list down the page? And if so, did anyone get a response? Love to hear some of them. Thanks.

My take on the «War on Truth» piece

Here is my take on the August 19th conspiracy hit-piece in Dagbladet Magasinet:


(For Norwegian speakers / Scandinavians only.)

Someone who read my blog piece and linked to it, said: «Dagbladet P0WNED!!!» :-)

Campaign Against Griffin's New Book Ocurring at Amazon.com!

From: Tod Fletcher
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 20:45:46 -0700
Subject: Campaign Against Griffin's "Christian Faith and the Truth Behind
9/11" Occurring at Amazon

Hello Bonnie,

I'm writing to let you know about the orchestrated campaign taking place at
the Amazon.com page devoted to David Ray Griffin's new book Christian Faith
and the Truth Behind 9/11. It has just begun in the last couple of days.
I'm hoping that you can help me combat the campaign.

The orchestration I am seeing at amazon is the voting on whether reviews are
"helpful" or "unhelpful". My own "spotlight" review had reached 50 out of
50 "helpful", but now is at 55 out of 65, that is, 10 out of the last 15
votes have been negative.

Another positive "spotlight review" has been removed and replaced by a very
negative one. All the other reviews which rate the book highly have had an
onslaught of "unhelpful" responses posted, so that now each positive review
(except my "spotlight" review) has been appraised as overwhelmingly
"unhelpful", and each negative review as overwhelmingly "helpful".

Somebody evidently has unlimited email addresses, uses a different password
each time, and isn't allowing cookies. Or else some group is being directed
to the page to skew the voting, such as a right-wing Christian group.

A key part of the problem is that the flow of seekers after 9/11 truth to
the page is not large enough at the present time to combat this operation.
The sales rank has fallen from the high that I observed a couple of days ago
of 310 to below 2000. There was an initial substantial interest but it has
fallen off. We need to find ways to get the word out about the book.

So I was wondering if you could either forward this message (or any portion
of it) or send one of your own to your email list -- something which tells
them of the book's publication and provides a link to the Amazon page, and
asks them to buy it, read it, review it and be sure to vote for positive
reviews as "helpful".

If the negative campaign is not combated by a continual flow of genuine
interested people, the page could become very negative. Already one strong,
positive spotlight review has been removed and replaced by a negative one.
This occurred even though the votes for that negative review did not climb
to as high a percentage of positive responses as the positive review had.
Evidently we need a strong continuous flow of folks to the page in support
of the book. Please do anything you can!

Thank you very much.

Tod Fletcher

I append below my review and the amazon link, in case you find them helpful.


Griffin's Best Book on 9/11, August 6, 2006
Reviewer: Thomas C. Fletcher (Petaluma CA USA)

"Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11" is David Ray Griffin's best book
on 9/11. It should be read by every American citizen.

In Chapter 1, Griffin reviews the long history of U.S. government-sponsored
"false flag" operations worldwide, in which the CIA and its subordinate
allied agencies in NATO and foreign governments collaborated to create the
appearance of "terrorism" by killing unnumbered innocent ordinary people.
The shock of the mass murders allowed passage of draconian legislation and
controlled the politics of countries of special concern to U.S. interests,
especially in Europe. In other words, there is extensive historical evidence
that 9/11 was only the largest-scale among many comparable secret operations
by the U.S..

In Chapter 2, Griffin quotes from and summarizes the extensive testimony by
firefighters and other first responders at the WTC on September 11 which
proves beyond any doubt that multiple bomb explosions occurred throughout
both towers both before and after the buildings were struck by flying
objects. Some of this testimony he has culled from news reports, but the
majority of the accounts comes from newly released oral histories collected
by the FDNY but suppressed until last summer by the City of New York.

In Chapter 3 Griffin demonstrates conclusively that the two towers as well
as WTC 7, a 47-story steel-framed building, were brought down by controlled
demolition. He exhaustively catalogues the characteristic features of
controlled demolitions which were all exemplified in the collapses of the
WTC buildings.

In Chapter 4 Griffin presents a streamlined overview of the many lies and
distortions put out by the 9/11 Commission to "explain" the innumerable
suspicions which have arisen with respect to the flights of the hijacked
airliners and the lack of standard response to them (the standdown).

In Chapter 5 Griffin concludes Part I with a demonstration that the "prima
facie" case for government complicity in the mass murders established in his
first two 9/11 books has now become a "conclusive" case.

In Part II Griffin shifts from presentation of the evidence about what
happened on that black day to the broader questions which it raises. In
Chapter 6 he establishes an array of "imperial motives" for the "New Pearl
Harbor" of 9/11, showing that from the perspective of government planners
the benefits to be gained made the risks of all sorts seem insignificant.
Loss of life they have no concern for, as shown in Chapter 1, and the
necessary changes in society that would ensue (exemplified by the PATRIOT
Act) were desirable from the standpoint of the imperial planners.

In Chapter 7 he first shows how the U.S. Empire is remarkably similar to the
Roman Empire of 2000 years ago in its sense of divine authorization, its
overwhelming military power, its use of terror to intimidate, its use of
puppet rulers in countries under its control, and its exaction of "tribute
and taxation" from subordinate populations. He then shows that Jesus of
Nazareth, the central historical personage for Christians to this day, was
the founder of an "anti-imperial gospel" that called upon his compatriots to
resist the oppression and idolatry of the Roman Empire.

In Chapter 8 Griffin brings his many decades of philosophical and
theological work on the nature of evil to attempt an explanation of the
magnitude of the evil we face. He presents a concept of the "demonic" as a
social force which has risen to a level capable of thwarting "divine"
intentions for the world. The chapter is profound and rewarding,
illuminating deep issues that are difficult to penetrate.

In Chapter 9 Griffin demonstrates that the American Empire exemplifies the
most highly developed demonic force in the world today, and that 9/11 can
only be understood from this perspective.

Finally, in Chapter 10, Griffin addresses fellow Christians directly, asking
what "the church" can do to resist today's "Roman Empire". He concludes with
suggestions for how Christian churches could engage with the demonic power
of the American Empire and fight back, as Jesus clearly exhorted them to do.

In summary, Griffin has written his most original and substantial book on
9/11 to date. The specifically Christian concerns and appeals do not make
the book inappropriate for non-Christians in any significant way. The book
should be read by everyone.

Here is the link to Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11:


Wow, this place has really

Wow, this place has really died all of a sudden. Are people so disenamored with the new layout that they've all gone somewhere else? Don't see why it's a big deal, personally; if you want your post to be the last on the list just reply to the last-most entry.

Book review

Thank you for this excellent review of Dr. Griffin's latest book. I agree it should be read by everyone. The information on 9/11 in the book thoroughly refutes most of the debunking websites that people use to excuse themselves from actually reading 9/11 truth literature. For example, Implosion World's website account of what happened on 9/11 interweaves deception and omission with fact. Digesting the details in Dr. Griffin's presentation helps activists to offset the misleading hit pieces that others concoct with ulterior motives.

Todd, I just posted a review on DRG's book on Amazon....

and marked all positive reviews as helpful.

By the way, your review was great. I did cheat as I have only read the first five chapters of the book.

If you haven't read it already, I highly recommend Barry Zwicker's "Towers of Deception".

Where is Chris? He will

haha, yep, i already own it.

haha, yep, i already own it.

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Anyone know what the "big news" William Rodriguez was supposed to have for us today (Sunday)?

William Rodriguez

Yeah! We were promised "big news" today from Big Willie! What gives!?!?

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