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Open thread, have at it!

New 911Blogger

Congratulations on getting Version 2 going.

It looks alot different... I'm sure I'll get used to it.... but right now I miss the old site. Keep up the good work.



Good work dz.

My email in response to

My email in response to

Mr. O'Brien:

Thank you for your efforts to comfort the flock.

Yes, it is quite "reassuring" that powerful sociopaths are allowed to visit such atrocities on a trusting public with impunity, protected by our "watchdog" "free press".

Remember this?

How about this?

Surely that's not the Secret Service standing down?

Or this?

Where do those conspiracy kooks get their wild ideas?

Forget the President's reaction/inaction. The Secret Service had an office in 7 World Trade, with a direct link to Bush's detail at 8:46. They never would have allowed him to enter that school, much less remain there for a half hour after Card's "revelation", had the targets been unknown. Popular Mechanics cannot explain this for you. Nor can they explain this

nor this

Our children deserve better than a world built on fear and lies.

"Truth, crushed to earth, will rise."


Nice improvement! One recommenedation is to use a little more color:-)

what happened to the smilies?

btw... any info on William Rodriguez and the "big news" he's supposed to have???

The only gripe that I have

The only gripe that I have with the look of the new 911Blogger site, is the light gray, small sized text that lets you know who submitted the comment. When scrolling through comments -- during a busy 911Blogger time -- it'll be difficult to easily keep track/locate comments and replies from people that you're conversing with. Especially if you normally scroll fast.

Please change the light gray, small text that lets you know who submitted the comment, to something more easily readable.


Iran is undergoing military

Iran is undergoing military exercises for the next 5 weeks:

With Israel running commando raids during a supposed ceasefire, and several US exercises scheduled for the coming months, the "initiator" in this next arranged conflict is going to be difficult to spot.

Best to follow Webster Tarpley's advice: Look to Dick Cheney's office.

Maybe this formatting will

Iran's operations coincide with U.S. operation Vigilant Guardian

Don't forget Vigilant Guardian 2 "nuclear boogaloo".
It just started too, and will run through next week.
See more at FALSE FLAG NEWS or My Blog

The Pentagon's "Second 911"

I don't know if anyone else has already linked to this "Global Research" article or not:

"The Pentagon's 'Second 911'; Another [9/11] attack could create both a justification and an opportunity to retaliate against some known targets," by Michel Chossudovsky, August 10, 2006.



The Pentagon's "Second 911"

Posted by MJW:"The Pentagon's Second 911"
Wow, that article definitely puts Cheney in the hot seat for heading up the false flag terror attacks. But I know Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz are also closely involved, Rummy more so in planning the execution, Wolfowitz in shaping the language, as he did in the first PNAC docs.
Cheney is the centerpiece though, the director.
He's always making the first and final call.
Thanks for sharing that article.

The Pentagon's "Second 911"

Let's hope they don't try to frame 9/11 truthers as having anything to do with any "attacks" to then target us too.

The "Home" link

It seems to work with Mozilla now. Thanks.

What I'd like to have is a "Home" link at the end of threads as well.

Currently one has to scroll back to the beginning of each thread to click the "Home" link. Navigation between threads is currently more difficult than it was in the previous version.

The "Your name" field / the scrollbar problem


it *doesn't* work with Mozilla. It seems it's only after clicking "Preview comment" for the first time after writing one's message that all the columns fit into the screen (=no horizontal scrollbar). Now, when I clicked "Preview comment" for the second time, the problem is back (=the scrollbar returned). Strange.

In the previous version the "Your name:" field was prefilled with the name one used in one's last post. Now it seems to be prefilled with "Anonymous" every time, making it necessary to change it every time.

It seems to work now: all

It seems to work now: all the columns on the page have been visible throughout the process of writing this comment.

Hehe... Now that I clicked "Preview comment" for the third time, the problem (=the horizontal scrollbar) reoccurred.

Contacting Paul Craig Roberts

I'd like to approach Mr Roberts directly via email. Does anyone know his email address? It isn't given on the Looking Glass News site. Thanks in advance for help.

Daily Mail article about Flight 93

You may want to include a link to the major article in yesterday's Daily Mail questioning the official Flight 93 story:

The Daily Mail is Britain's second most popular newspaper. Its Satuday edition (which the article was in) has an estimated 6 million readers. See:

Daily Mail article about Flight 93

Great article! A must-read for truthers! Thanks.

The author of that piece is

The author of that piece is one of the authors of 9/11 Revealed, a book that was received with some skepticism by the skeptics:

Rigged Elections Exposed

Sunday Night on C-SPAN2 (Kean & Hamilton)

After Words with Thomas Kean & Lee Hamilton co-chairs of 
9-11 Commission ..about their new book "Without Precedent: The inside story of  the 9/11 Commission"

This will be on C-Span2 (BookTV) this evening (Sun 8/20) -- 6 & 9 pm  (EDT)

What will the gatekeepers say now?

Old, yet still fascinating article on Barbara Olson’s calls.

Old, yet still fascinating article on Barbara Olson’s very dubious phone calls:

Love the new site!

 Love the new site!

Michael Gillis

Comment box problem with new site

I've noticed that when I try to type into this comment box that the text actually continues typing behind the gray panel on the right hand side for about 12 characters before it wraps back into the next line of the comment box again. Therefore, I can't see everything that I have typed and have to preview quite often to make sure it is correct. I'm using Internet Explorer version 6.0.2900.2180.

Is it just me, or is the new version hard to navigate?

Been on here all a.m. to test out the new version... Seems like a lot of real estate is being used that requires a lot of scrolling... hard to get back to the main page..... The comments thread requires you to have to click on page numbers to access the entire thread.... (ala Huffington Post)....

Like all new software implementations, it will require an investment in time to get used to the new changes. And of course, 911 blogger is worth the effort.

As of now, I have to admit I am kinda missing HaloScan for comments posts as it was much easier to navigate and post. And, I would assume most people come here to read the blogs and accompanying posts.

The current format seems like a hybrid of DKos and Huffington Post... only not as elegant.

I agree it's more laborious

I agree it's more laborious to navigate than the previous version, and it's a bit difficult to see who the author of each post in a thread is.

Tomorrow I'll check those sites

Sorry guys,busy day today,but I'll be on the net alot tomorrow. I'll send some feedback after checking out those new sites. Found this on team 8 plus;It's worth lots of studying.

On August 8th, 2001 (two days after Bush received a new PDB with a clear warning on Bin Laden),
James R. Clapper was announced as new head of NRO.

The countdown for 9/11 continued.

These 3 intelligence agencies had been already in charge
during the mid 90s to develop a so called
'secret surveillance project', closely also linked to former Reagan's "Star Wars",
which was in reality well known,
even for U.S. Congress:

During 1998/1999, under Bill Clinton, the NSA and NRO handed out their first contracts of "Trailblazer"
to almost a dozen of less known private military- and intelligence contractors.

In the same years, controversy breaks out over the NSA "Echelon" project.
U.S. Congress 'figured' a problem with Echelon and looked into it.

However in 1999 both General Hayden (NSA) and George Tenet (CIA) neither denied or confirmed
the existance of Echelon and their sub contractors.

If they would have confirmed the existance of Echelon and its sub projects,
noone would have believed into negligence on the morning of Sep11th.

The denial was therefore most important, because 9/11 was already in planning.

In March 2001, Logicon TASC officially announced their five-year,
$57 million contract for "Trailblazer".

'Logicon' was in reality a team of others:

"Logicon Task Team", part of Northrop Grumman, included Veridian (in 2003 aquired by General Dynamics),
Advent Systems Inc., Mountain View, EDS, Advanced Engineering & Sciences,
RDR Inc., SRS Technologies.

Another subcontractor of Logicon TASK (diff. sp.)
became Modern Technologies Corporation (MTC) of Dayton.
MTC included Kenneth A. Minihan (ex-NSA, ex-DIA) and General Lawrence A. Skantze (ex -U.S. Air Force).

The lost terror drill- Pt.11 B )

Veridian includes Neil Armstrong (former space missions during 60s).

This brings us also directly to a popular example
for an infiltration hypothesis of the 9/11 "truth" movement:

Neil Armstrong's sister is married with Jack Hoffman,
who is interestingly the uncle of '9/11 author' Jim Hoffman,
recently again accused as disinfo provocateur
(against the "Loose Change" people).

Hoffman's former institute is sponsored by the NSA, NSF and ONR (Office of Naval Research)

After Jim Hoffman plagiarized his 'wtc7' research from the '9/11 science and justice alliance',
he oddly turned into a so called "planehugger"
(supportive of the idea that a plane crashed into the Pentagon,
in Shanksville and into both Twin Towers)

Back to 'Trailblazer':
Some parts of this program had been also developed in the very same wedge,
which was attacked on 9/11.

The 'pentagon attack' not only 'wiped out' the Office of Naval Intelligence,
but also three employees of James Woolsey's Booz Allen Hamilton.

Woolsey (ex-CIA director and PNAC)'s company was working on "Trailblazer".

Also killed: two employees from BTG Inc., another sub contractor of Trailblazer.

Only 10 days after Sep11th, BTG Inc. was suddenly purchased by Woolsey's other former company,
Titan Corporation.

Needless to say, Titan was another main contracter of Trailblazer
since 1998 (contracted by both NSA and NRO).


What "role" did the NRO really play?

The NRO is main suspect among some '9/11 truthseekers' for the Pentagon attack,
with the cover of a live terror exercise drill on the morning of Sep11th.
Again, this also helped to re-establish the myth for an alleged commercial aircraft at the Pentagon.

A terrorist drill which was "cancelled", but in reality took place but didn't include a real plane either.

When the importance of the pre 9/11-terror drill research in general became more popular
(among them also the terror drill exercise for the anthrax attack during June 2001, "Dark Winter"),
9/11 research frauds had to establish another plagiarization and distraction:

The so called "wargames-focus" and the alleged "Cheney mastermind" role was therefore created
to divert attention away from the terror drill run-up for 9/11, and build yet another limited hangout.

Once again, the 9/11 truth movement was fooled and still is, because most of the 'wargame activists'
ended up as 'peak oil fanatics' or started to talk about 'global warming' or 'alternative energy'.


Not if you know, who and why these distractions had been scripted into this movement.

It helped to delay and later control the activists of the "controlled demolition".
It helped to either discourage or depress many 'activists' in general
or keep them busy with false hope campaigns.

And it helped to distract from NSA, NGA and NRO.

The researcher who found out about all this, was labelled
as "erratic".
All other supportive associates labelled as 'wackos' or 'insane'.
Case closed. But that was 2003/04.

Why is the NRO much more important than the CIA?

The NRO was established in 1960 to develop the nation's revolutionary satellite reconnaissance systems.
It was endorsed by Dwight D. Eisenhower in February 1958
after the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first orbital satellite.

The existence of the NRO was declassified by the Deputy Secretary of Defense,
as recommended by the Director of Central Intelligence on September 18, 1992.

The Director of the NRO is appointed by the Secretary of Defense
with the consent of the Director of National Intelligence,
without confirmation from U.S. Congress.

(In July 2005 Donald M. Kerr was approved as new Director of the NRO)

In late 2001, "Trailblazer" (just another sub project and codename of Echelon and others)
was integrated into "Misty".
The information was still 'classified'.

Finally during December 2004, the so called 'classified' project, popped up in U.S. mainstream media.

Now described as "controversial spy satellite program" or "stealth satellite program",
it was debated by some U.S. congress members, among them Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon.

Finally General Michael Hyden (NSA) somehow confirmed, that this 'spy satellite program'
was a cooperation between the NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency), the NSA
and NRO.

Hyden also confirmed, that Lockheed was then picked as one of the main contractors
for this Satellite Surveillance program.

On December 8, 2004, Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia,
the senior Democrat on the Intelligence Committee,
"complained" ...that the spy project was "totally unjustified and very,
very wasteful and dangerous to the national security."

Rockefeller and three other Democratic senators -
Richard Durbin of Illinois, Carl Levin of Michigan
and Ron Wyden of Oregon - refused to support this 'secret project'.

It took only 3 weeks to kill the debate and approve the project.

It was the result of an officially labelled 'natural disaster':

The Sumatra-Andaman earthquake, followed by a series of tsunamis throughout the Indian Ocean,
killing large numbers of people and devastating coastal communities in Indonesia,
Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, no one in U.S. Congress,
especially 'since Katrina' argues about any 'satellite surveillance threat' anymore.

While so called 'weather modification theorists' are getting accused as 'paranoid'
and/or 'without any evidence', the coincidental timing of these events should make some people
think, especially since U.S. Congress already debating two Weather Modification Bills.

Meanwhile also Hayden has the guts to claim, "had this program been in effect prior to 9/11, it is my professional judgment that we would have detected some of the 9/11 al-Qaida operatives in the United States, and we would have identified them as such.."

But eco-, human right- and civil right activists are not getting the bigger picture,
because the fundings of their biggest groups are already controlled by globalists -since decades!
They rule the agenda, they rule the topics.

And if it comes to NSA, only superficial topics are allowed to debate or instrumentalize,
often also to manipulate the idea, that democracy still exists in the U.S.

And if it comes to e-voting machines, wannabee activists ignore military and intelligence
influence into the production of these machines, supervised by Pentagon and NSA contractors
like SAIC, Northrop-Grumman, Lockheed-Martin,
Accenture (formerly a spin-off of ENRON's Arthur Andersen) and EDS.

Sending letters/dvd's to area Pastors

Has anyone sent letters/dvd's etc to pastor's in your area? I appreciate any tips with the body of the letter from anyone who has tried this. I've sent information to my local state senators, reps, and attorney general and will now focus on area pastors/clergy. I've studied German church history and how they gave their allegiance to Nazism with little resistance. Thanks.