Short Review of the Chicago 9/11 Conference Keynote DVDs

Here is my short review of the - Chicago Keynote address DVDs

Annie Machon

"MI5 was founded, way back in 1909, and its primary purpose was to investigate the threat of German espionage in the run-up to the first World War. They have moved on slightly in those 80 years, but all that time, they didn't exist, officially." - Annie Machon, June 3, 2006.

Annie Machon is a former intelligence officer for MI5. She and infamous truthteller David Shayler walked away from MI5 after deciding that they could not morally justify withholding from the British public the unpleasant realities that made up the workaday intelligence lifestyle. This included criminal practices that went as far as subletting an assassination attempt on Libya's Qaddafi to a terrorist organization with al-Qaeda links - 3 years after the first WTC bombing in 1993. (If you go to the archived April 8, 2006 broadcast of "World Crisis Radio" you can listen to Shayler tell his story in his own words.)

Although the intelligence world is all-consuming, and dissidents are few, they do exist. Recently, former, and ex-CIA analysts have been critical of the 9/11 Commission and its final report: Ray McGovern, David MacMichaels, Mel Goodman and most recently, Bill Christison. The most famous high-level analyst to publicly break with CIA is Victor Marchetti. The publication of his book "The Cult of Intelligence" inspired the Church Committee.

There are also notable cases of operatives who have had moral dilemmas that could not be resolved as they worked as CIA field agents. The most famous case would be that of ex-agent Philip Agee, with a close runner-up being Ralph McGehee.

This is where Shayler and Machon come from. Shayler learned that the plot to kill Qaddafi not only failed, but innocent civilians were killed by a misplaced bomb, and bystanders were also shot by Qaddafi's security. The "terrorists" were funded by MI6. The leader of the terrorists, "Tunworth", an associate of bin Laden.

Machon gives a first-hand, (mostly unglamorous), view of British intelligence.

Meria Heller

"If there are any members of any secret alphabet agencies in this room - get up, identify yourselves, or leave. Or stay - and learn how you're being used to suppress your own citizens, and how disposable you will be - when your government tires of you." - Meria Heller, June 2nd, 2006.

Meria Heller has been broadcasting an internet radio program for 7 years(!). The DVD of Heller's keynote speech was my introduction to her worldview. The daughter of a working class American family, Heller was raised as a patriotic citizen, and remains so. However, she just doesn't believe in all the myths anymore.

Over time, Heller became a defender of the environment and developed her own spirituality for many years, but when the "election" of George Walker Bush happened, Heller turned a corner into more political themes, believing that with the election of "Bushco", the environment was doomed as long as he was in power.

One of the myths Heller doesn't believe is the official story of 9/11.

With the savvy voice of a native New Yawker, Heller dismantles the 9/11 myth, runs down a host of 9/11 anomalies, and presents Rudolph Guliani as a mayor more concerned with post-9/11 "PR" than the Knight in shining armor that his glorious media patina might suggest. Drawing a long connective line between the assassination of JFK and the destruction of the Twin Towers, Heller presents both events as the manifestation of powers hidden, yet not totally invisible. You can look with her at her website, which hosts over 2,000 of her webcasts, including trailblazing interviews with Nafeez Ahmed and others.

The Jones boys.

Starkly contrasting in style, Alex and Steven Jones (no relation) approach skepticism of the official story of 9/11 from different directions. Alex wields the populist fire of an independent Texan; he can list off an endless stream of examples of governments using violence and deception against their own citizens to achieve a political gain, and that's what he does during his keynote address; condensing his new documentary, "Terrorstorm", down to the bare essentials and adding in an assortment of personal anecdotes that makes his quest personal.

Alex is an energetic speaker and his desire to expose "synthetic" or "false-flag" terror is earnestly transmitted. His rapid-fire approach to listing facts and information in his radio-address voice is reminiscent of an old time radio sermon, all brimstone and fire, but Alex doesn't ask you to "Come to Jesus" or "Come to Alex"... he wants you "WAKE THE HELL UP".

Steven is the embodiment of the mild-mannered professor, and his keynote is typical of his calm methodical approach to deconstructing the "official" version of the collapse of the WTC buildings, as he builds on his hypothesis about controlled demolition aided by cutting charges and explosives.

His talk about his hypothesis is preceded by a short presentation about solar cooking, a way to utilize the power of the sun to cook meals. Steven presents this information so that people can be prepared to fend for themselves in the case of an emergency that disables regular power supplies, or in the face of a dollar collapse that leaves many things taken for granted out of reach for the average citizen.

Steven's research continues, and he presents his case up to the day of the speech, (June 2, 2006), the first part of his research will be published in David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott's 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out.

William Pepper

William Pepper is un-famous as the lawyer who successfully acted for the family of Martin Luther King in a 1999 trial in a Memphis Circuit Court.

The trial, Kings v. Jowers, etal, aka "the Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination Conspiracy Trial" resulted in this jury verdict;

THE COURT: In answer to the question did Loyd Jowers participate in a conspiracy to do harm to Dr. Martin Luther King, your answer is yes. Do you also find that others, including governmental agencies, were parties to this conspiracy as alleged by the defendant? Your answer to that one is also yes...

I say "un-famous" because this verdict was basically omitted from the mainstream, corporate press.

Perhaps the most valuable information transmitted by Pepper is the story of infiltration of the "National Conference for New Politics" in 1967, a movement designed to challenge the political status quo with an anti-war, anti-poverty agenda. Martin Luther King and Dr. Benjamin Spock were to lead this political movement.

Pepper describes how agents provacateurs positioned themselves within the nascent party and pushed through highly questionable "unacceptable" resolutions designed to divide the participants. Pepper warns that the 9/11 skeptics community has undoubtedly already been infiltrated by agents bent on dividing, and not uniting.

He warns that America is sliding toward a full oligarchy, with the same rapidity that the oligarchy is being dismantled in Venezuela. He advises people to be cautious of disinformation that is planted with the community that can be easily discredited; strawmen that are thrown up to be torn to shreds by zealots placed within a compromised corporate press.

He warns of an uphill struggle, but a worthy struggle.

(Bonnie Faulkner has posted an excellent interview with Pepper at her Guns and Butter website archive, broadcast on May 31 and June 7, 2006.)

In Short

The keynote DVDs are worthy of purchase for those who can afford to buy them and support the efforts of The video quality is very good, the audio is clean, and the DVDs also have smaller video files of press conferences, a Q & A session with Machon, and some other sessions. The discs would make excellent introductory material for people new to this subject.

Congratulations to;

Dan Derbick
Jon Paul McClelland
Lenny Charles
Ethan Allen
John Gannon
Rebecca Ceres
Ken Jenkins
Michael Wolsey
Janice Matthews
Joe Friendly
Chuck Knowles
Bonnie Faulkner
Marcello del Giudice
Mike Berger

and everyone else who made these DVDs.

"Although the intelligence

"Although the intelligence world is all-consuming, and dissidents are few, they do exist."

The intelligence agencies themselves are dangerous, ever-expanding, secret clubs.

If they have little or no work to do, they "make-work" or "invent" something that "needs doing", ususally against some harmless person(s)/group(s) that make easy targets.

(Like the hardcore military men who comprise our Joint Chiefs of Staff. They don't wan't to sit around doing nothing. They want to use their power, blow sh*t up, take over countries, etc.)

Cloaking dip-shits

"If there are any members of any secret alphabet agencies in this room - get up, identify yourselves, or leave. Or stay - and learn how you're being used to suppress your own citizens, and how disposable you will be - when your government tires of you." - Meria Heller, June 2nd, 2006.

Well said Ms. Heller: Speaking directly to the community which feels some "security" in your chosen profession, I remind you that the gadgets, super-computers and erudite conversations and analysis leading to operational planning..... are vastly more fallible than you may think.

It's more likely than not that you harbor delusions of superiority, when in-fact your bankrupt collection of honest field personnel makes you blind to reality. The proof of my words is that I know names like Ray, Russ and Val. If these past-employes are actually still "operating" under the cover of "disgruntled past-employes", than you're just even dumber than I thought. The people are savvy enough not to tie their lives in great numbers, lashed against VERY POSSIBLE magnets to drown them.

It's really quite a laugh. Don't think you chose your profession anymore than you were ALLOWED to enter, and well vetted for your moral malleability. Blow the fucking whistle, we've got a lot of real work to be done out here in the real world. You've gotten carried away with that cloak and dagger shit, and it's bankrupting your real source of funding.....

oh ya, unless that's why drug dealing is the cash-crop it is, in which case you're just fucking scum of the earth.... that truth will out.

If you think of yourself as human, and fancy yourself a hero "saving all our lives with your intelligence".... than be one and stop holding the gate for your fallible Master/Blaster.


By the way, Super Heros of Intelligence: You better come up with a plan to defuse the mercenaries, right quick.

This resource squandering plan allowing private corporations to hire and maintain private protection thug-forces is a future mess beyond the pall. These are some of the most waked-out humans walking around, now armed to the teeth and effectively "deputized" outside of constitutional law.

Get your intelligent head, out of your stinking ass.


I look forward to reading this reprehensor.

A Random Review Of 9/11: Press For Truth

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It would appear that the new format of 911.blogger is not exactly setting the world on fire.

Far be it from me to question the motives of those who operate this site, but it seems that the movement was really picking up steam. Driven at least in part, by this site.

Why tinker with it so close to the 5th Anniversay of Sept. 11th.

Couldnt this "switch" have waited awhile?

This sucks.

Of course it does provide

Of course it does provide Jon Gold with the perfect opportunity to switch people over to his site...

My two out of three posting...

Where IS everyone else?

Then for the sake of the forum... if I've become too abrasive or domineering... I'll take a break for awhile.

See ya in D.C.

The new site is just

The new site is just the momentum this site was picking up switch into a serious decline now.

Sad....very sad.

Calm Down....

Everyone needs to calm down with the new format. If you are this worried about such a minor change in your life, you should have no hope in changing the views of millions of more americans on to the truth about 9/11.

The bottom line about the new site is that it is 100x more dynamic now. The hierarchy comment structure and the personal blogs are an amazing addition. Imagine the greater content we will now have here....where great blogs will be able to be put on the homepage...thus expanding the community and effectiveness of the movement as a whole.

Take a deep breath.

i really don't see how the

i really don't see how the new site is 'horrible', do you have any specifics in which the old site was better?

It's not you Erin. I don't

It's not you Erin. I don't think people are feeling the new design. I know I'm not.

While I know alot of work went into it, I for one was fine with the look and feel of the old site.

Perhaps this will catch on in time. As for me... I'm disappointed.

ramble and rant

Thanks, I'd rather stick around and get dirty. However, I WILL take a bit more time with my thoughts before barfing all over the 911blogger effort. Besides, if I can figure out the new site and features, lots of others should have less trouble than I.

I think the comment indentation is great, allows people to insert their comment indented bellow the post they want to reply to... rather than lost at the very bottom.

Scrolling down all the far left comments should be applicable to the original entry, and help visualize what is being spoken to, the original or lots of tangents (some of my favorites, sorry my bad).

i beleive i have seen more

i beleive i have seen more positive comments than negative, perhaps if you could provide some details as to what your issues are then we could address them.

obviously i can't please everyone - and switching back would piss off a good number of people as well - so instead of just complaining why not provide some constructive suggestions?

new site's fine

c'mon It's just a web site.this is a movement for truth and justice,growing every day.(hopefully)It won't be determined by a website design.

Philly 9/9 event...

What happened???

I'm in Florida and have been away from the computer. Jon or anyone can you fill me in?

btw, site looks nice.

9/9 Event Cancelled

I just found out that the 9/9 event in Philadelphia has been cancelled.

I don't have anymore information than that.

A collapsing reply system

A collapsing reply system stops the flow of an argument.
You have to scroll back and forth after every new reply.

i have to agree

i have to agree with some of the people here saying they liked the old site better. the look of the new site isnt so bad,i actually kind of like it, but the way the comments are set up now is a step back in my opinion.the flow of conversation is going to be chopped up now, and many comments people might have made before will not be made now because its too much of a hassle.i liked how before you just click the comments and the little box came up, now you have to scroll down the page to read all the comments, put in a subject,preview comment and so on. i probably sound like im nitpicking right now though, and like im ungrateful. im not,i love this site, regardless of what changes it makes, the goal is still the same.

I like how

You no longer have to copy and paste the quotes of the person you want to respond to.

 Hell yeah Michael Gillis

 Hell yeah

Michael Gillis

I may have went with different format.

I may have gone for the format used by the Smirking Chimp. Loads of messages can been seen, read, or skipped through on the screen simultaneously. This new setup seems a bit unwieldy.

we could switch the comments

we could switch the comments to be a flat style system as before, however the biggest complaint we received in the past was how any conversation was dictated by those that had a vendetta, and that it was not easy to carry on multiple lines of conversation, that is why we switched.

this keeps any one person from dominating every discussion.. there are a lot of options we have with the commenting, perhaps we can have a poll of sorts to determine which people would rather have..

Hierarchical or Flat

It seems to me that I have seen sites that give the reader the option of choosing between flat or hierarchical. Does your software allow such an option?

That said, if a person selects "flat," I don't know how those other sites arrange the comments. Are they suddenly sorted chronologically (like Haloscan)? Or do they stay in a hierarchical arrangement, only with a purely cosmetic flat appearance?

P.S. I originally had several typos in the above comment, but the site's spell checker didn't catch any of them.

Before or After?

Did you have the "Comment Viewing Options" turned on before I made my previous comment? and I just didn't notice them?

I Found the Answer

I just now read your entry, "Missing the Forest for the Trees - Notes About the New Site," and got the answer to my previous question.


There is a BBC Newsnight

There is a BBC Newsnight journalist posting here .

He says he personally researched the crash of Flight 93 and couldn't put a "dent" in the official version.

BBC Newsnight journalist

This "jouranlist" is in the wrong profession if he can't put a dent in the myth of Flight 93. All one needs to do is read the transcript of the hijackers in the cockpit. Not 1 question or remark is made on how to fly the plain, if they are too high, low, velocity, on/off course, what switch/button does what, etc.

Study whole enchilada

Also, don't examine 9/11 piecemeal. The are tons of implausible actions & inactions that occurred before, during, & after 9/11. Put these facts together, don't just isolate one aspect like Flight 93 & imply there is nothing fishy regarding 9/11.

*question* -- ROLE OF THE C.I.A.


william pepper is TOTALLY undervalued.

on there is a mp3 of a talk about
the Martin LUther King assasination.

If you listen closely, there are MULTIPLE hints
at what the ACTUAL composition of USA-hierarchy

ALPHA 182 team.. assasination,Army

May I say: CIA CIA.

Hufschmid pointed it out:

WHO HAS THE POWER to "play the mighty wurlitzer"

The CIA.

Who did 911? The military black-op specialists.

So the CIA has to cover up for the competition.

Your thoughts?


Hey all. I'm wondering if

Hey all. I'm wondering if someone can help me out with this: In order to better help convince some folks, could anyone provide an up-to-date list of prominent Establishment names currently lending their names and institutional credibility/professionalism to the truth movement, or at least to the idea that something is terribly wrong with the official explanation, and that a completely independent investigation is needed?

I know I've read about former administration members being on the record, but a list of all of these various people would pursuade fence-sitters to at least contemplate an obvious truth - if the "rumors" surrounding those "crazy conspiracy theories" were pulled from thin air, or being proffered for profit or political gain, then why would Establishment people, who certainly didn't attain their institutional positions by recklessly lending themselves to "conspiracy theories," bother getting behind the truth movement?

I'm familiar with the Scholars for 9/11, not by individual names, but the group in general...but aren't there NASA and former intell agency people too?

I've Googled and found a few older lists, but I know I've briefly read at Alex Jones' site about all kinds of different people speaking out, so a comprehensive list would be helpful. Thanks...