9/11 Freeway Blogging - Boston, MA

9/11 Freeway blogging in the Boston, MA area (Woburn, MA to be exact).


This is a very visible bridge in Woburn, MA that has had US flags plastered all over it since 9/11.  There are often signs posted welcoming home troops on this bridge. 

I decided to post my own brand of patriotism this morning.

CLICK HERE to see more images.

My 7 ft by 4 ft sign was up for at least 2 hours this morning.  I will check back later today to see if it is still up.  I will be making and posting more signs in the coming weeks.

Happy Freeway Blogging.


Super sweet

Keep it up until the local media gets bored and needs a story.


More graffiti!

We need more freeway blogging & much more 9/11 truth graffiti! Use stickers, magic markers, chalk, etc.!

wow, nice stuff. how did you

wow, nice stuff.

how did you get the serif font so perfect? did you use a projector?

my signs were all hand made, but yours looks nice and crisp!

Used a projector


Yes, I used a projector, which I purchased used on ebay...

1. Paint white.
2. Print on transparency.  I used Times New Roman to get the Serifs, which I think makes the sign look awesome, but of course it is more time consuming.
3. Trace.
4. Paint.
5. Hang'em up!

If you want to see the projector I used and more pix of the process, click here.

Thanks for the comments.

Brilliant and highly effective.

Brilliant and highly effective. May I suggest one poster for every flag on that bridge - this is the mission should you choose to accept it.

We are patriots because we seek the truth, to save this republic.

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagra without having seen or heard of one or the other. So it is that my name is Sherlock Holmes, it is my business to know what other people don't know"

Nice Job

Nice Job, Sean! I go by this bridge occasionally and have been thinking about joining the freeway bloggers. Seeing this gives me encouragement. Thanks.


Thanks for your comments. My sign lasted for at least 4 hours (5am through 9am), but came down some time before 10am.

That got most of the major rush hour, though, so I can't complain!


Looks wicked man well done! I was in the middle of doing one of these but the printer cartridge on my pc ran out. As soon as I get a new one I'm going to hit up a bridge or two. Great job!

Thanks Sean

Seriously... thank you.


Thanks for the encouragement. I feel it is critical to get the message out between now and 9/11/06. I will be doing more freeway blogs in the next couple weeks.

Nice Work, Grasshopper...

I mean it too. It's so good to see people catching on to the amazing things you can do with an overhead projector, some paint and nerve enough to speak out to your fellow citizens. The flags are a good foil as well. Technically, no officer of the law can take down your sign without taking down the flags as well. Something to remember. Now, if you'd like to REALLY get the word out... do it again. And again. Use different freeways, overpasses, trees, posts etc. Using this method, on some days at least, I'm the most widely-read political pundit in California. And believe me... I'm lazy.

Always here for questions - scarlet

Thanks freewayblogger

Thanks for your comments. It was your movie that someone sent to me that inspired me to do this (in addition to of course the tireless efforts of all of you 911 truthers!).

I have more signs going up this week.  Stay tuned for some more pix...


I saw one of these on Route 3 yeasterday. Keep it up!1