The "Demopedia" 9/11 page

A couple posters at have been very busy updating the 9/11 entries at their Wiki-based "Demopedia".

The entries on LIHOP and MIHOP are pretty good (the MIHOP page is built on stallion4's classic post from ChemtrailCentral).

Thanks, MJW.

The "Demopedia" 9/11 page.

Very sharp, concise intro to 9/11 truth! Things links should be spread all around!

Using 9/11

Nice! :)

Nice! :)


stallion4, i was just wondering what you think about chemtrails because every one that i talk to about them think im wacky... i dont claim to know whats going on with them but i sure dont think that they are just con-trails....

Hi Inside. I haven't really

Hi Inside. I haven't really studied chemtrails all that much (I primarily posted 9/11 related info over at ), however, I've seen them with my own eyes and believe our skies are being sprayed on purpose, possibly for nefarious reasons. And if people think your "wacky" for talking about chemtrails, show them this news report about 'em and see if they still think your wacky:

Toxic Sky? Chemtrails in the news (NBC4 Los Angeles)

(Thanks for the mention, Rep)


thanks for the link.....

something is going on....