Korey Rowe makes Alternet front page!

Snakes on a Plane! What next? An interview on Democracy Now?

The Loose Cannon of 9/11

SLENSKE: The "Blair Witch Project" also looked real to people who were in on the documentary preceding it. It totally worked. The first time you watch it, it grabs you. But "Loose Change" isn't meant to be fictional. It's a watchable film, but what do you expect people to do with it?

ROWE: What I encourage people to do is go out and research it themselves. We don't ever come out and say that everything we say is 100 percent. We know there are errors in the documentary, and we've actually left them in there so that people discredit us and do the research for themselves -- the B52 (remarked to have flown into the Empire State Building), the use of Wikipedia, things like that. We left them in there so people will want to discredit us and go out and research the events yourself and come up with your own conclusions. That's our whole goal, to make Americans think. To wake up from the 16 amps of your television to watch something and get a passion in something again.

And that's what America has always been about. From the Vietnam protests … it's always been about a passion. And now we're trying to build that passion in people, to wake up, to stop watching television, to stop reading the crappy newspapers, and go online and find those declassified documents. Go find the scientists that aren't young filmmakers, but the ones after Steven E. Jones at BYU, who has steel from the World Trade Center and has conducted tests on the steel. And it's come to the point, over and over again, that what they (the 9-11 Commission) say can't be true. That it had to be brought down by controlled demolition. Our whole goal is to wake Americans up to do something about it.

Check it out and drop some comments below the article at Alternet.

Congratulations Korey...

You're a superstar. Honestly, I never knew you served Korey. Thanks for your commitment to your country.

this is a pretty damned good

this is a pretty damned good interview, definately worth the read.. and they have a comments section, w00t!


One correction. It was a WWII era B-25 prop plane that hit the Empire State Building, not a Cold War era B-52 jet. That may seem like a minor thing, but it's exactly such mistakes that people seize on to discredit everything we say. And there's quite a difference between the speed and mass of those planes (not to mention between the B-25 and a Boeing 767).

On another note, I was listenting to WINS Newsradio in NYC this morning, and caught the tail end of a clip about William Rodriqez. Something about a movie? It made me smile to hear him getting good publicity (last person to leave the towers, helping firefighters gain access to stairwells). Does anyone else know what's brewing?

Blame it on Peter Jennings

I was doing a search about a week ago for TV news footage from 9/11/2001 and I came across video from ABC news out of NewYork (Ch.7 WABC). At one point they switched over to audio reporting by Peter Jennings and at one point Jjennings said that during WWII a B-52 (not a B-25) struck the Empire State Building. (Possibly this is where the LC guys got they info (or misinfo) from.

Also, there is a movie about William Rodriguez entitled "The Keymaster".

Source: http://cinemar.com/keymaster.html

By the way...

Last night, I sent a series of emails out to the owner of www.debunking911.com

The subject of each email was, "Please Debunk".

Each email had things that can't be "debunked".

I have yet to hear from the owner of www.debunking911.com


Can/would you put the series

Can/would you put the series of emails on the ybbs?

Worth repeating here...

Benevolent Manipulations?

I must add that I too thought the mistakes "left in" (just too obvious) did far more disservice than helping people feel motivated to flush out LC while doing a personal investigation.

If you know the difference between a B-52, a B-25 and a 767..... DO NOT play around with that stuff. If you didn't know and now have learned, DO NOT leave such mistakes imbedded within a truth-seeking "documentary". These are the same repugnant means employed by agents of destruction.

Loose Change Gang: Please strip your work as clean as possible from any such manipulations..... you are far afield of such methods.

At this point, you can no longer claim innocents.


...you are far afield of such methods.... now.

It may have been forgivable after the fact, and with-out having tipped such a hand. Yet after your admission though, YOU MUST no longer attempt such shenanigans. Please consider the imperative now, which demands that you affirm the accuracy of all your material, TO THE BEST OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

This is a very tight spot I see you in..... I'm so sorry. All is not lost, far from it. But you have past a stage where now your credibility can be attacked by both sides. Not good.

For me (whoever the fuck I am), you must vocalize your complete abandonment of such methods.

it's jackass to say you know

it's jackass to say you know there's mistakes and we left them in. your credibility is now questionable.

Agreed. To me that sounds

Agreed. To me that sounds like he is trying make it seem like they made absolutely no unintentional mistakes, which is nearly impossible when speculating about something as deliberately obscured as 9/11. Bull.

Hey Erin, Loose Change crew

Hey Erin,

Loose Change crew released Loose change 2nd Edition ***RECUT*** last week... It apparently cleaned up factual inaccuracies such as the B52 B25 mixup and has 10 or so extra minutes of footage. You can view it here:


I don't know why Korey would say they are leaving in incorrect facts, because the Recut 2nd edition was meant to fix those inaccuracies.

Once they sell it at their store or the full DVD torrent is available I will buy/download and watch...

Thanks, JT

I want to see the best from these guys.... the best they can put together. I don't want to give them a hard time for lame reasons. I'll check it out right now.


Jon, What questions did you


What questions did you ask? Becuase from what I've seen, these "debunkers" pretty much have an answer for everything, even if it doesn't make any sense at all...

I forget...

But one said, "Philip Zelikow", and one said, "Sibel Edmonds", and one said, "Bush planned for both the Afghanistan and Iraq War prior to 9/11". No response.

Sorry, But...

You can't plan for two invasions which are dependent on something like 9/11 happening without having something to do with 9/11. Unless you believe entirely in luck.

Plans to Attack Iraq and Afganistan in Place Prior to 9/11


Would America have been able to attack Afganistan and Iraq if there were no 9/11?

Then why were the plans already drawn up prior to 9/11?

And why did PNAC say they needed a "new pearl harbor"?

It's so flippin' obvious it's a joke.

Wake up people!

On another note, anyone catch CNN's latest fearmongering compain?

"Terror 2.0"...yes, that's right!

Representative Peter King

President George W. Bush

CNN Terror 2.0

Stumbling along, trying to figure out the new site. Might as well wade in. Something else I caught on CNN: a segment called Tips From The Top or something. They had a story about a Home Depot employee who started out in the garden department and worked his way up the ladder. The graphic for this series has a very Illuminati-looking pyramid. And what is Snakes on a Plane about anyway? Airforce One?

Factual Accuracy

This has always been my major hang-up with this film.

Many people are extremely protective of this film, and will attack anyone who attempts to critique it - but - it has always been my opinion that Loose Change simply presents to many factual errors.

I could list there here - but - what's the point. Suffice it to say that this article now confirms that they "intentionally left them in"?????

Popularity is not enough. Loose Change has been very popular. But, that can be seen as a double-edged sword in that, if you are eductating people on the WRONG facts and leading people to ask teh WRONG questions - that is typical cointelpro material.

missiles on the the planes?

not a drop of blood in Penn?

Condi told Willie Brown not to fly?

big mistakes.

This is not a popularity contest? Loose Change is popular. It brings attention to the cause. But - shouldn't the most popular material be scholarly and impeccably researched? Aren't we having enough trouble convincing people of the truth - without muddying it up with disinformation?

Ruppert referred to this film as CIA. I personally do not know - but this is the FIRST time I have heard that one of the producers of this film is military.

Voice clear and straightforward abandonment.

The past (uniformed) military LC member has been known to me from day one. It bought credence with me, having strapped on a gun under oath myself.

The most unfortunate hitch, is that these boys will have to work a feverish pitch to complete a "final-cut", adding an opening segment on their plan to instigate personal investigations, by allowing mistakes to linger.

Get busy boys..... and don't forget to voice clear and straightforward abandonment of such silliness, evermore.


If that's really you Albanese (I doubt it), those are some shilly things to say about LC2E.


Anonymous -

it is me.

and what exactly did i say wrong that the producer of Loose Change has already just admitted himself?

he ADMITS that many of the facts in the film are wrong.

but - as i said - there is also a faction in this movement who treat this film like holy ground and attack anyone who has any constructive criticism.

now THAT's just silly.

we are the 9/11 TRUTH movement. TRUTH applies to everyone. we cannot just peddle off speculation and dinsinformation off as the truth.

I'm goining to hand out more LC2E!

Thanks. Your b.s.^ has just given me incentive to hand-out more free copies of LC2E. I suggest all real truthers do the same!

i rest my case

the truth does not matter to some folk.

and some people just can't understand that it is possible to believe 100% in MIHOP - and still not approve of Loose Change from an academic standpoint.

Loose Change is not the best film representative

of this movement.

It has drawn a lot of attention to this movement, which is very good.

But, it defeats its own purpose by making too many mistakes and speculating too much on pods and flashes and missing planes.

But, I agree with Albanese that this film is not the best representative of the quality research out there. There is nothing wrong with advocating the film and supporting it, but, calling Albanese a shill because he is calling for a higher standard of research is inappropriate. Albanese is not the first to point out that Loose Change is a little weak in its research.

Loose Change bashers

You Loose Change bashers are about as credible as Thomas Kean.

I'm making some more copies of LC2E to hand out right now! You can stay here & keep bashing, for all I care.

Let's Have a Hoedown!

Trailer for "WMD at the WTC"
Be in DC Sept 11, 2006 for the premiere


So Mr. Jones, it was not thermate alone, if at all.

Ken Jenkins went through

Ken Jenkins went through this all on Tarpley's show on Saturday and said the whole nuke thing has zero support.

Radiation Sickness?

Where are the people suffering from radiation sickness from the alleged mini-nukes used on 9/11?

There are 1000's of people suffering from the environmental disaster that was 9/11, but no one is suffering from radiation sickness.

Why never a mention from these folks about OK City?

I want to know why neither the LC movie nor its creators ever seem to mention the fact that the Oklahoma City bombing was also faked in the sense that McVeigh's truck bomb alone did not do the damage to the Murrah building. Local news reports from that day tell the story in explicit detail, including discussion of the unexploded, sophisticated explosive devices found inside the building. Since this puts the lie to the claim that "no one could hide this conspiracy". Or was everyone who watched the news that horrible day in Oklahoma in on that conspiracy?? Fact is, the media ALL lie, and even now with 9/11 we're only getting part of the story in truth circles--don't doubt that there is more to this than even the heroes of the day are alleging!


"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

--Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of 'spider-man' deniers


That was a great and positive article on Loose Change.

Great job Korey, looking forward to the weekend of September 11th. Great job to all that are having local events regarding the Truth!

Keep goin!



Albanese, would you be

Albanese, would you be making these "Losse Change is CIA" accusations if your film did as good as Loose Change has? EGLS was great, but it got timid and left too many things out. personally,i think thats why it hasnt blown up like LC2E has. have the Loose Change crew ever called you CIA?

You Should Apply

For a job as the sole film director for the 9/11 Truth Movement. You get to decide what goes into each film, and what doesn't.

nah, you and Albanese are

nah, you and Albanese are good at making "safe" films. besides, im not the one throwing around the "your CIA" accusation because im jealous my film didnt do as good as someone elses.

And you're good at...

Hmmmm... what are you good at?

well, i dont have enough

well, i dont have enough time or money to make a film of my own, but if i did, you can bet i would go further than the Jersey "implement the Commissions findings, vote for John Kerry" Girls do. : )

I'm done

No more arguing on blogger for me. No matter how stupid people are.

good, keep whoring your film

good, keep whoring your film without telling people your involved and attack ANYONE that has any criticism at all. stupid people indeed. how old are you again?

What was it that Barrie said?

They will become obvious?

funny you say that(last

funny you say that(last refuge of a shill is to accuse the other of being a shill),im on Zwickers chapter about Griffin right now. best book so far on 9/11 in my opinion, finally the media gets the treatment/spotlight it deserves(Hufschmid did this well before he lost it). im CIA right Jon? that all you got? how old are you again?


youre a nut gold... you have called just about everyone here a shill at one point.... its amazing that anyone talks to you at all...

I never accused them of being CIA

Ruppert did.

One thing i learned is that you can NEVER please everyone. You call my film timid. That's your opinion. I've recieved hundreds of opinions - all saying different things.

I just decided to do a film on areas of research i felt were being ignored. Paul Thompson's timeline, Hopsicker, etc etc. I decided to stay away from physical evidence - because there are dozens of films already hammering this point. The world did not need one more film on controlled demolition.

No - I had this opinion about LC long before my film premiered. And I am not alone. The pods. The flashes. This soured many of us on the objectivity and discretion of the filmmakers.

Overall I think it is good work because it is stimulating dialogue. If it IS cointelpro,. it failed miserably!! LOL. It is stimulating dialogue.

BUT - my tastes gravitate towards David Ray Griffin. He has a 30 year unblemished career - and his research is impeccable. He footnotes everything he claims - and approaches 9/11 in a scholarly, mature and credible way.

So - my review is mixed on Loose Change. Good for stimulating interest in the subject. A little weak in representing the quality and quantity of well-vetted research that is available.

I just watched your film again...

Last night, and it's STILL my all-time favorite released movie. ;)

You can't beat

The build up to the classroom. In "The Great Conspiracy" Barrie Zwicker touched on everything that built up to that one moment, but only touched on it. Your entire film builds up to that one moment, and knocks it out of the ballpark.

fair enough, and for the

fair enough, and for the record, i do like your film, i especially like the SunCruz/abrahmoff stuff and some of the other business aspects that get left out a lot.

Fair Enough

And i understand that we should keep the internal criticism to a minimum also. we have enough external critics.

just for the record - a new professional version of my film will be premiering at the Independent Film Channel Center in NYC in January. (maybe sooner)

early indications are the this new version will make my old version look like amateur-hour. i've got professional voice-overs and editing lined up - and the research itself will be twice the volume of facts.

and yes - i will touch on (shudder) controlled demolition.

sounds great, i look forward

sounds great, i look forward to it. i understand not touching on the Pentagon(although the fact that anything hit it at all, not what hit it is the big story),but the evidence for controlled demolition is too strong to ignore in my opinion. but again, im no filmaker, im just a single 9/11 activist on the net, and your film is the strongest so far in regards to the business/connections aspect of 9/11 and has helped me understand that side of 9/11 more.


I am expanding on the Pentagon- to the extent that it is so improbable that a commercial jet could invade the most secure airspace in the world and strike the heart of our military industrial complex - unchallenged.

This also raises the question of where Dick Cheney was - and when.

David Ray Griffin raises the question of the anti-aircraft batteries that protect the Pentagon - and the numerous surveilance videos, etc etc.

All of that is in the film.

Norad's 3 versions of reality is in the film - and the commission's recent revelations that they knew they were lying.

I mention the lack of visible wreckage at the Pentagon - but i do not dwell on it.

I also spend time on anthrax - international financial markets - the san diego cell's history in indonesia (the big wedding) - the money flowing to them from the saudi princess - David Schippers - etc etc

i took out the Star Wars - V for Vendetta crap.

spending time on the anthrax

spending time on the anthrax attacks is a great move, but i gotta say, i rather enjoyed the V for Vendetta parrallels you made. and not being a Star Wars fan, i was surprised at how much the plot of that film mirrored our "post 9/11 climate".

i finally watched that movie

i finally watched that movie the other day and thought it was a piece of crap---

but all my friends liked it and i actually think it opened one of them up to whats going on

I'm glad to hear that you

I'm glad to hear that you took out the Star Wars and V for Vendetta section. I think you've got a great film. But the Star Wars and V for Vendetta section struck me as almost just filler. The first time I watched it, this part seemed so irrelevant, that I spaced out and fell asleep. The second time I watched it, I skipped thru that part.

will the 'Network' excerpt

also be removed/edited way down? the film gasps for air during that section.

strange beginings--- the

strange beginings---

the loose change was a surrealistic dark mindblower designed to break through to people that were blindsighted by the fake msm

make an omelette youre gonna break a few eggs

sure its a bit pretentious--but it works---> cause all these mtv clones gravitated towards it

but you know----every ex emo fucker that i know doesnt like it---they dont think it's serious enough for this issue

surrealism is often misunderstood or is often meant to be misunderstood

loose change works because it opens the chakras and a person can then comprehend the revelation of the 911hoax

I agree

Batting .300

The following comment was posted on the Rowe interview at Alternet. I've been thinking the same thing myself for quite some time:

Posted by: schnoggi on Aug 21, 2006 3:40 AM
As Timothy Leary said, if a baseball player hits a third of the balls pitched his way he's considered a hero, so if a third of the stuff [Corey Rowe] writes is any good he's okay with those numbers. If even a TENTH of the questions raised here are valid, then we have a very very serious problem to face.

Jamie Mckintyre's comments were completely the OPPOSITE!

Does anyone remember the video clip going around a few years ago on the net (a short one) where Mr. Mckintyre's comments at the pentagon on that horrific day were completely the opposite of what he said recently when MSM showed a few clips of the "plane" that supposedly hit it, I cannot believe the absolute "Orwellianess" of it all! Mr. Mckintyre's comments on that day were...and I quote, "There's no plane here, no wings, no engine, etc, etc, etc!! Unfreakin' believable!!! Please let Dylan and Korey know this information, it is important that they know this fact!!! Thanx

Eh... deliberate mistakes

I am sorry, but I (perhaps as one speaking older than 40) think that if you are putting in deliberate mistakes, or deliberately not correcting mistakes that you know are there, is itself mistaken.

There is an *implicit* accusation that the Bush Administration, or elements of it, were guilty of treason. Not only is that VERY important, but it is so serious that it demands an answer. At some point, if ever someone seriously starts to demand that answer, it will be very important to scrutinise the sources of information from which one might think such a thing.

Putting in mistakes, or letting them stay in is therefore mistaken. It weakens your case, or rather helps your opponent. Furthermore, and with respect, I think it is a little hypocrtitical.

One point out the perpetrators' obvious mistakes with regard to the official version, and how a Boeing could not possibly have fitted in the hole at the Pentagon - after all criminals have always been found through making mistakes which are able to betray them. Indeed that mistake (with repect to whoever staged this thing) is how you are able to know that what they said happened, did not happen.

Therefore it you yourselves allow mistakes, not only will you be found out by those you want to "research the facts", your own mistakes will someday weaken your argument. With respect, I believe such a policy to be a mistake.

LC Final Cut should be above criticism

It is really important that they leave out the contentious stuff like Cleveland and some of the Pentagon theories when they make the final cut.

I have not seen EGLS and I am sure it is a good movie, but if it contains no reference to wtc7 and does not show the twin towers erupting and exploding it is in my opinion as worse than useless as propaganda. CD is not theory,it is scientific fact based on the physical impossibility of buildings collapsing in less than free-fall time and the ejection of massive steel beams the upwards and outwards. To attempt to hide this fact , and the even more palpably false ''collapse'' of wtc7 is to weaken our case so far as to make arguments of COINTELPRO not entirely unreasonable.

We must fight with the most powerful weapons at our disposal. I have been attacked by Mr Albanese for suporting the mimi-nukes idea. Fine.

I say to him,

WHERE IS BUILDING 7 IN YOUR FILM? (Correct me please if I'm wrong)

i gotta disagree, the

i gotta disagree, the Cleveland stuff needs to be exposed further.


EGLS is not useless because it does not discuss controlled demolition. It is just a film that looks at the timelines. And if you have not seen the film you are wrong for criticizing it. EGLS looks at facts that you probably are not even aware of.

Albanese redo

I'm happy Albanese is redoing his video for the better. I'll be even happier if he can focus on that project & stops bashing LC2E.

Albanese is not bashing Loose Change

He is just debating the merits of a film that now openly admits it presented inaccurate information intentionally.

You are shooting the messenger.

Don't be shilly

What information was presented inaccurately & intentionally?

Some minor mistakes may have been made. How does this change the fact that 9/11 was committed by our own gov't & not Osama? (They can't even invent enough evidence to even indict Osama.)