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What did we miss this weekend with all the hubub?

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Open thread, have at it!

Flight 175 on TLC

Is anyone watching this or did anyone already watch it?

So far, two eyewitnesses in Tower 2 recall seeing a large commercial jet come straight at them. I guess they were probably CGI... not!

Witness is better than DNA sample.... do tell.

As traumatic as such an event most surely was, the truth really needs them to expand on what they did to survive, thus becoming 'eyewitnesses' as opposed to DNA samples.

It's about the

It's about the _independence_ of eyewitnesses/of evidence.
Many witnesses can be assumed to be independent of Bushco.,
Giuliani-controlled DNA tests are NOT independent.

DNA @ Pentagon? b.s.

They goofed big time when then provided results that 63 of 64 passengers were IDed @ the Pentagon! The plane was obliterated but the obtained viable DNA from 98% of passengers. Impossible! Big smoking gun here, use it!

trying something

seeing if my user name is blue

Flight 93 'was shot down' claims book

some interesting question:
Why did the engines go missing?
Twelve eyewitnesses state seeing another jet nearby.
The military’s role in 9/11 is a mystery.
Mrs Beamer only learned of her husband’s final call four days later.


Just checking the new format...


BTW, thank you SO MUCH for the new format. It is greatly appreciated!!!

Interview with Korey

Interview with Korey Rowe.

Also published on Alternet.

9/11 syncronicity episode 5

9/11 syncronicity episode 5 out now... listen here:

- visit to learn the truth about September 11th, 2001

how do i make the link

how do i make the link hyperlink?

- visit to learn the truth about September 11th, 2001



wh9t rea11y happened

outrageous conspiracy theorists

Photo of two "outrageous" conspiracy theorists:

"...let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories" GWB

9/11 Freeway Blogging

Thanks for all of your hard work, dz.  I absolutely love the new site.  I especially like the ability to add my own blog entries.  Brilliant. 

Here is my latest blog entry:

9/11 Freeway Blogging - Boston, MA



9/11 Truther Frapper Map

I'm not sure if any of you are interested in this but, somebody on the Loose Change forums created a frapper map for 9/11 Truthers all over the world.

There's 50 members right now. Join us!

Gold & Albanese, please speak up!

How come Jon Gold & John Albanese know loads of incriminating facts regarding the activities of the “hijackers” with our own gov’t before 9/11, the ISI/Pakistan connections, etc., but they rarely if ever blog about it here?

Why not reiterate these facts occasionally, or shut-up some shills now & then? Everyone could learn a lot in the process as well. (Are you guys waiting for all of us to be in internment camps before you start promulgating your knowledge? It’ll be too let then, don’t you think?)

It's A Secret Plot

On the part of John and I to withhold all of the information we have learned over the years, just so everyone can be put into internment camps.

If you have a question about something, ASK.


"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government" - Edward Abbey

Tone down (lower the font) on all headlines and subject lines in the comments area. People are looking for headlines, so a larger font not required. Subject lines to a post... most people don't read them until after they have read the post. Finally, shrink the space between comment lines posted to minimize the amount of scrolling required. 911blogger is not a "walk by store" to grab attention. It should be aesthetically pleasing to those already familiar with 911blogger as well as those that have been led to the site.

It would also be great if you could post how many comments are included with ALL threads, including headliners and the most "Recent Blog Posts".

DZ... I give you a lot of credit for your dedication to the site. Currently, the site is much less user-friendly" than V.1 but I realize that this is still in development. Keep in mind that when users (existing and new) come here there are two things to keep in mind:

Existing users: It should be a value-add to the old site, easier to navigate, easier to post and a vehicle to let their voice be heard (if a respected poster)

New users: this site should cuddle them, make it easy to navigate and make them feel at home.

I am a very experienced software applications guy. I consult on one of the most popular business applications on the web, (as Bush says... "look it up").

My very first recommendation is to lower the font size. I have old eyes but am willing to compromise font size with less scrolling. Lower the headlines on main page topics and the subject line on comments. Show the number of posts against headline and recent blog posts... PLEASE!

That's all for now.


thanks for the comments..

thanks for the comments.. your comments on the font sizes is actually the exact opposite of other comments i am receiving:
Missing the Forest for the Trees - Notes About the New Site

i will downsize the subject line for sure.. please move over to that thread and post some comments on other user's suggestions.