UK Daily Mail: Flight 93 'was shot down' claims book

UK Daily Mail: Flight 93 'was shot down' claims book

by Rowland Morgan

"...Instead, the real story is mired in cynical manipulation and warmongering propaganda. I am convinced there is evidence to suggest a wholly sinister twist to the tale that already holds pride of place in American folklore. For I believe that Flight 93 may well have been deliberately shot down as a means of stopping it from reaching its ultimate target — even at the expense of the 40 blameless people on board. It is a suspicion that was held even by the FBI, but was swept aside as a shaken America clung on to the official version of selfless sacrifice and raw patriotism.

Today, with the approach of the fifth anniversary of 9/11, some will still say that such speculation only serves to lend comfort to terrorists and does a disservice to the dead.

Others, however, will feel there are too many disquieting circumstances and unanswered questions to simply ignore.

But let us examine the evidence — so that you can come to your own conclusion. The massive impact caused the entire plane to disappear 30ft deep into the earth, telescoping down on itself and crushing everyone and everything inside the fuselage beyond recognition..."

Rowland Morgan is the co-author of 9/11 Revealed and author of the upcoming Flight 93: A New Report.

TRIVIA: 9/11 Revealed is the only 9/11 book to have its very own page at the US State Dept, under the "Identifying Misinformation" page. "In sum, 9/11 Revealed is a collection of unfounded conspiracy theories that bear no relationship to the tragic realities of September 11." Okey-dokey.

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If this makes it to the

If this makes it to the printed Daily Mail then thats a pretty huge piece of exposure. The Mail is not some leftist soapbox, but is a fairly right-wing british newspaper with a very large readership that reaches a large cross section of people.

Like the new site, btw.

Millions of readers

Yep, the Saturday edition of the Daily Mail (which featured this article) has an estimated 6 million readers. They did a great article on David Ray Griffin's book The New Pearl Harbor a couple of years back, and it subsequently went up to #2 on the bestseller list.

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Nice layout. needs some improvement on the reply section as it is cropped in hallf.

can you please send us in a

can you please send us in a screenshot of this? it would be much appreciated!


What's the name of the column, the Red Herring report? Next up - "What rifle did Lee Harvey Oswald really use when he killed Kennedy."

Speaking of which...

Posted on Sun, Aug. 20 (in yesterday's newspaper)

Challenge to lone gunman theory
By Betsy Mason

More than four decades after his death, John F. Kennedy's assassination remains the hottest cold case in U.S. history, and the clues continue to trickle in. Now Lawrence Livermore Laboratory scientists say a key piece of evidence supporting the lone gunman theory should be thrown out.

A new look at clues gleaned from studies of crime-scene bullet fragments shows they may have been misinterpreted.

"It basically shatters what some people call the best physical evidence around," said chemist Pat Grant, director of the lab's Forensic Science Center.

More at link....

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If you think 11/22/63 and 9/11/01 are NOT related, you have not finished doing your homework.

Super-Sonic Protection-Racket

Here at the break-point, were the public will be offered a choice between one fantasy and another, the truth has yet another fulcrum. Growing up from the "Let's Roll" Fairytale we will be offered the adult folklore of an all powerful Air Force simply trying to further shield the public from the "necessary evil" of shooting down our own planes, you know in order to protect us even more.

The truth takes this opportunity, if you will, to be heard. (that article over the weekend was a side splitter)

Where was the Air Force punching clouds and playing dog-fight, when the New York skis were filling with smoke?

Where were the jet-jock heros, as Dick watched the Capital Skies fill with bogies?

Admitting a shot-down over the western skies of Pennsylvania, is a long way from coping to the super-sonic protection-racket promises for the hours before Shanksville.

Shanks ville..... what a name.


Shanksville.... in the middle of farmland where The U.S. Air Force can really show its guts..... New York and D.C.? "Your Honor, it was all just too confusing." "Top-Guns"? My ass.

Honestly, I know you fighter-jocks are smart cookies and very capable...... But you should be embarrassed and shamed for your failure, OR you should be disgusted by the manipulation which forced your failure when considering the equipment at your disposal. Endless war-games, not withstanding.

These "games" need to end if they handicap real world performance to the degree of "9/11". Practice and readiness are entirely different states of mind, and far superior to "games".

I have a hard time taking you seriously.... seriously.

"Shoot down" rumor is a DISTRACTION!!!

IMO it was purposely started by the GOV'T to distract us from what really happened in Shanksville; no 757 crashed...

For me, no matter ordinance blasts....

That is possible, but is it not easier to keep shooting them down (pun intended) with every crap-shit story they advance trying to distract from WHATEVER really happened?

I want to keep kicking them square in the nuts of their hubris and lies. The truth will then fall from their impotent and emptied skulls.

I agree

I agree, that hole in the ground that was supposed to be a jetliner is pretty far fetched.

Flight 93

Rumsfeld himself says Flight 93 was SHOT DOWN!


Rummmy also said a "missile"

Rummmy also said a "missile" hit the Pentagon, TWICE, just in case anyone missed it the first time. That was to make everyonr chase the missile theory, instead of the "not a 757" theory.

Stop buying this "we're too stupid" act. These guys are feeding you exactly the bullshit you want to hear.

that was disinfo

the fact is, no friggin' Boeing 757 crashed in Shanksville-- look at the crater, there is nothing there. the shoot-down rumor was just a distraciton from the lack of a plane crash!