Meria Heller interviews Paul Craig Roberts today

Meria Heller will interview Paul Craig Roberts today, (8/22/2006), they will discuss Roberts' recent article; "What we know and dont know about 9/11".

The interview will play on the "Listen to Free Show" link starting later this afternoon, until Wednesday afternoon.

this outta be good

I've been following the comments thread on PCR's article over at ICH -- now with over 250 comments, including additional comments by PCR. I wouldn't be surprised if that comments thread is the largest ICH has ever had, and the vast majority of comments are against the government version. It'll be interesting to hear him speak directly about this on Meria's show.

Zombie Killer Juice: Were can we get some more?

The comments in ICH under Mr. Roberts article are fantastic.

One poster (forgive me, I didn't bring her name back here with me), asked one of the best questions I've ever heard so far, and only vaguely dabbled with in the back of my mind. I'm not quoting her, but she deserves all the credit for voicing this important idea out-loud first.

What is it about we here in the truth camp, that give us our extraordinary confidence and undeniable "power", to stare down and shake our fists at tyranny? What is it about us that fills us with energy and willpower, to so boldly tell George that he is naked, that Dick is a heartless prick, and Rummy is a blood-lusting motherfucker?

It IS NOT a fact that so many of our country men and woman lack heart, courage, and even a desire to love and fight the good fight.

What they are struggling with is coming to terms with having to drop the jingoistic fantasy of "America would never allow this to happen" (even-though it has).

Dropping the dream-state is painful, and demands that one finally take responsibility. I've rambled and ranted on the No Child Left Behind mind-fuck program and other parts of our society working in the same manner... MSM, Rovian talking points, TeeVee and so on. These are very difficult things to give up, and all one gets in its place... is having to accept responsibility for the blood and death dealt out in their name while they were snoozing. A shitty deal.

But this is not it alone. There is something more about us here... we who know the road ahead is only going to get steeper, rockier and more treacherous before we make it through the pass. Those who remain snoozing haven't even a clue how much more "bad" it is, the thing they are trying hardest to deny exists in the first place.

What is it about us? What is it about us.... that I trust can be instilled in our fellow sleepwalkers? Something that turns zombies into living breathing warriors of truth? Handy-capped by institutional-schooling will only go so far..... there is something more.

I'm going to give it some more thought. Help me out.

What is it about us?

An insatiable appetite for truth.

Insatiable Appetite


So for that to be held as fact, does it follow or imply that the "opposition" plays fast and loose with the truth because it has focused or mastered to a greater extent, the tools and weapons of offense and defense?

I would say otherwise, because the opposition must also have an insatiable appetite for truth when devising and implementing effective tools of warfare.

Luckily, they are inevitably driven to impotence and loss, when they play fast and loose with their justifications, rational, and apologetics. Their sickness, if we call it such.... ultimately spreads to their battlefield strategy and tactics as well, revealed as naked aggression vs. a true and just defense of life.

The real trouble, what drives me to blog here, is the advancement and speed of modern weaponry and its ability to threaten total extinction of all, before deception and lie become extinct through ignorance of honest survival.

I invite you to repeat your comments in my blog, as I concentrate such material there.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Why we are confident

A reason for the energy found among 9/11 truth activists is the fact that the other side invariably shows intellectual dishonesty, sophistry, incompetence, dirty debating tricks, deliberate prevarication, despicable laziness, self-delusion, and ulterior motives.
People interested in finding the truth respect conscientiousness, honesty, and intelligence. They are mentally, morally, and spiritually energized.

Finding Respect for Truth


How will we prove this before some lie kills us all at once? Like the one that would say, "We must make nuclear winter, before global warming melts us all."

These extremes of logic parity (where a conflict is eminent, but only a worthless null can be produced) do not seem outside of our current global dialogue. At least by the words of nincompoops commanding the spheres of influence.

How do we expose nincompoops, and simultaneously prevent them from brattishly pressing fancy buttons, as they are necessarily dragged from the helm?

We solve this question, and I don't care if a simpleton "runs the world". So long as he's not called Commander in Chief of the most awesome man-made forces of destruction.

I invite you to repeat your comments in my blog, as I concentrate such material there.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Meria Heller is fantastic!

Meria Heller is one of the best truthers on radio! Her Richard Grove presentations were amazing!

Go with the truth

What a superb piece from Paul Craig Roberts! It really is as simple as he says.
There is no possible way the Twin Towers fell down: they were exploded,
It is high time that adopted this basic fact as given and stopped shilly-shallying around with disclaimers about being all things to all men.

I'm sorry , but I really think if there people on this board and in who have any doubts about the incontrovertible FACT of controlled demolition they should go and form a new limited hangout club. Really. This is important.

Shill-proof arguments

I think almost everyone here agrees that the Towers and WTC 7 were blown up. It's also the aspect of 9/11 Truth that shills and trolls love the most, because they can most easily say "Are you an expert? and "There is no evidence." When it comes to things like Pakistan and insider trading, they have nothing to say, except perhaps the lamest of the lame troll refrains "How is that relevant?"

So most people who don't talk about CD aren't really part of a "limited hangout club"; they focus their argumentative strategy on the testimony-based facts, is all. I like to see a multiplicity of tactics being used.


To all of those who come to this web site,and embrace the Goverment fairy tale.
Call your media....Call your local papers,and national ones too.Call the 9/11 commission,and the NIST members.
Here's your chance to make all of us here look stupid.
On national tv even.
Although we offered this option,and it was denied.
Maybe you can pursuade FOX,CBS,NBC,ABC to cover this event,and the ones who gave us the BS story to explain it.

Excellent interview with

Excellent interview with PCR.

He really is onto something when he says the focus for 9/11 skeptics should be on the impossibilty of freefall-time pancake collapses of the WTC buildings.

I hope that he is allowed to spread this message to a wider audience.

ok I am stupid

how do I listen to the free inteview featuring PC Roberts??

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