Site Notes for Monday Night

Bug fixes and suggestions:

  • Spellchecker is fixed (and works quite nicely Smile)
  • URLs/Links posted into posts or comments are now automatically made into click-able links
  • Added 'multimedia' link to the site sections which links to 911podcasts
  • Moved 'Site Sections' panel to top of the left panel such that the home link 'Daily news' is always at the top
  • Tagged ~30 previous articles from this month

I just switched the theme to an updated one.. if you want to use the old one just go to your profile and choose '911bloggerCSS_initialLaunch' as your theme.

Theme related changes:

  • 'Submitted by' text now larger (was hard to read)
  • Panel links are now darker
  • Headlines are now more pronounced
  • Blog entry titles are no longer grey
  • Added 'home' link to the bottom of the page (the link home at the top is 'daily news' in the 'Site Sections' panel)


I also spent about an hour looking into making the main header image a click-able image to return home. I can do it no problem if I remove the upper left and upper right buttons, but if they stay I don't see a way to do it. I did actually get it working to where the buttons and the header image were all click-able, but once an image becomes click-able it can no longer re-size to be outside the visible layout. In other words, when I would re-size the window to be smaller and smaller the header image would drive more and more the right as the left edge of the image reached the boundary of the left border. I am hoping that there is some sort of javascript hack that can help me out, perhaps by listening for mouse-clicks and determining the location, or the top level panel which was clicked, or something similar. If I don't find a solution after another hour of research I may just put it off as this desire should be taken care of by creating a horizontal menu under the header image which includes all of the site sections.

I'm a bit concerned about a new error that has popped up a bit regarding exceeding CPU limits for my host. This error usually lasts about 2-3 minutes after which the site returns to normal. I am hopeful that this mystically goes away, but if it pops up on a regular basis then I may have to look into a server switch - which always suck!

Also, users who have sent in issues: please make sure you have a valid email address so I can respond back for more detail. Specifically there was mention of some sort of validation error when posting comments, I still haven't gotten any screenshot or exact wording of this error, nor do I know if the issue still persists, so if you are having an issue please make sure I can respond back to get any more info I might need!

I'm going to add a tip in the help section regarding users who are complaining about the center column being to narrow. Right now this is an issue for people using 800x600 or lower. These same users are the ones who want the comments to pop into a new window, such that there is more room without the panels for reading and responding to comments. This functionality is not a standard in Drupal as pop-ups are a sort of 'no-no' in web 2.0, but there is some method of popping up a link in a new window with a different theme, so I could make a theme just for such use that contains no sidebars to help these users out. Whether or not this can be made an option, or will be forced upon everyone, I am not sure of yet.

Thanks to everyone for the comments today, sorry I didn't get to address more tonight.

btw, did I mention that I like the new spellcheck yet? Wink


You used the blue.

meh, thats enough for colors

meh, thats enough for colors right this second.. see if i can fix some more of the bugs..

Site looks 100x better today

Site looks 100x better today and doesn't put me to sleep. Nice work.

thanks for the nice

thanks for the nice comment.. hopefully i can make a few more people happy tonight with some more improvements.

Nice Job!!!

BRAVO!!! dz, I know this kind of transition on a website imply A LOT OF WORK. I see that you've fixed the little anoyances that was present at first after launching. I have no parlicular display problem with the new site except the block titles (the little white on blue ones, sometime I don't have the blue background so it's almost unreadable. Should be bold too). The only other issue I have is when I'm in the blog section, the right column disappear. In fact, it's partially at the bottom left of the page. Pretty sure it's from a missing tag in the table construct.

What I particularly appreciate on the new site is the ease of consulting new comments in all of the posts. Also, the possibility to edit our own comments is cool when you've done a typo. As a suggestion, it'd be cool if the links to outside url in the blogs and comments would open in a new window.

Anyway, thanks to you and the crew members. 911blogger is the best 911 truth blog out there. The new fonctionnality of v2 will be slowly discovered and appreciated by the people, I'm sure. Personally, I wouldn't go back to v1 now.
My only hope is that we'll never need a v3 before the truth is out for good.


TNF, thanks, that really


thanks, that really means alot to hear.

i have seen the 3rd column wrap around before myself.. typically this happens when the WYSIWYG editor adds an extra div tag.. but it also can happen if my formatting isnt quite right for your browser..

could you give me some detail as to what browser and version you are running, and what screen resolution you are using? it would be much appreciated!

It's the oddest thing!

I just try to get a screen shot of the prob, but now, it work fine. Though, when I enable rich-text, the tool bar and the textarea overlap the 3rd colomn. I use IE 6.0 on WinXP Pro. Resolution 1024 x 768. Hope it help.

ya.. one of the issues right

ya.. one of the issues right now is that the textbox can go under the right and left panels if it gets too large.. it is on my list! :)


Great changes to the site, which confirms that this is the best 9/11 research site I've seen on the net. Let's all hope it leads to the exposure of the true culprits of this horrific crime.

Here's my idea for 911bloggers' layout

Here's my idea for 911bloggers' layout

^ dz I sent that sh!t to you yesterday dude did you get it?
It took me about half a day to do that lol, I was going to try and recreate the whole page but that would have taken forever.

The changes to the heading

The changes to the heading are great, its much more distinct now. I would say though dude that you might still want to think about making the colours a bit fresher, the grey is a little bit dull. I think a vibrant blue on white would be cool, e.g. what I tried to show in my idea for the page theme.

Also what's all that stuff you've got to delete before you can comment?

what stuff? i have no idea

what stuff? i have no idea what your referring to?

This stuff

This stuff, its some kind of code;

I had to deleted it when posting because it kept turning everything into "»".

PS tell me what you think about my idea for the page dude, if you think is wack just say lol! I spent a shit load of time doing that, but I honestly don’t mind at all if you don’t like it, I would appreciate feedback though.

very odd.. i take it then

very odd.. i take it then you never see the WYSIWYG editor then? its the thing with all the 'Word' style toolbar across the top of the text editor?

tell me what browser you are on, and its version please.

also, go to your profile ('my account'), then to 'edit', then look for 'TinyMCE rich-text settings', click that.. then turn its default state to false.. then try to comment again and tell me if you still get that html junk..

btw, have you been getting this since launch?

Just check that out and

Just check that out and noticed that shit was in my signature box, which I don't get but I did have a problem with the signature thing. I typed something in and then went to save it, and after I saved it went blank. So it went from blank, me type in somthing and save, and then it just stayed blank.

hrm.. i have to admit that i

hrm.. i have to admit that i havent played around with the signatures yet..

the html you saw looks a lot like the garbage that can be created by the WYSIWYG editor if you play around with it a bunch without it clearing up the html..

do you see the WYSIWYG editor? its a toolbar across the edit window that has a bunch of text options on it..

Yea I checked that on the

Yea I checked that on the first day, but it's gone form my screen now. I'm on aol so I don't know if that's got some stupid browser setting or whatever going on. Also the dots defining the bars and boxes etc look different on aol. For example on firefox their normal small dots, on my aol their like small dashes, kind of like still versions of the moving "select frame" in Photoshop if you know what I mean.

sorry dood, i looked at it

sorry dood, i looked at it and didnt really know what i was looking at.. i dont think as a whole that layout was very clean or any better than what we have right now, but i assume there was something specific you wanted me to look at - i guess the colors?

LOL, well that's cool

LOL "i looked at it and didnt really know what i was looking at", well that's cool with me. Its just what I envisioned it could be like, I'm not a web designer though lol. But if I was designing a blog that's what I'd like to see. But it’s not my blog though so I'm not going to say how it should be and shit. Its all just personal opinion, the layout I'm thinking of might make people laugh. I want to make clear though man the current layout on the blog isn’t bad, I'm just throwing up ideas for you to evaluate. When people give me ideas on things I’ll weigh things up and see what's best, so I understand if you think its shit. When I say the grey is a bit dull I'm just being honest but constructively so please don't take offence to that.

no offense taken dood :) ill

no offense taken dood :)

ill try to spice it up laters.. right now i got bugs to fix!