Loose Change 2 to Air on Amsterdam Television this Wednesday

"Loose Change" vanavond op Amsterdamse tv!

De internationale 9/11 Truth Movement beleeft vandaag een lokale wereldprimeur: "Loose Change 2nd. ed." zal vanavond in Amsterdam en omstreken op televisie worden uitgezonden.
Kanaal: SALTO-A1
Tijd: 20.00-24.00u (herhaling vanaf 22.00u)

Roughly meaning:

This Wednesday night, Loose Change 2nd. ed. will be broadcast in full on Dutch local tv in Amsterdam.

You can find out more on the television channel's site here.

Thanks VAB for the heads up!

Please spread all over Europe!

I pray the good Dutch people will spread 9/11 truth all over Holland & throughout Europe! Thank you & thank LC2E!


Supposedly from a newspaper in Amsterdam, interviewed me online the other day. I wonder if it had anything to do with this. They said they were from BYOB Magazine, but I don't know if that's real...

AWESOME! This will certainly


This will certainly open more eyes!!!

In Belgian too...

I thnik I read here recently that it has been or will be broadcast on Belgian televion too. European may be more sensible to false flag psyop bs. Let's hope the mass will wake up.

Barrie Zwicker, with his new

Barrie Zwicker, with his new book "Towers of Deception", will be on
> the Mike Newcomb Show Wed (8/23) at 8 am!!
> Call-in #...... 602-258-8800 ........ toll free
> 800-989-1480 ............. live stream ........ www.1480kphx.com
> This show is live in Phoenix, AZ and we are currently on Pacific
> Coast Time.

Me and Rox Dogg just got banned from LC forum!

Oh, that's not what this blogpost is about.

Why were you banned from LC forum?

I repeat, why were you banned from the LC forum?


is a good question!

Great News

This Belgian blogger says that "Loose Change" aired on the Belgian TV channel, "Canvas," last night and that another 9/11 Truth documentary is airing on the same channel this evening. Read his blog entry for details. It is in English.

He says he watched "Loose Change" last night and is still not convinced one way or the other. Sounds like he needs some enlightened individuals to comment on his blog to help him out.

Belgian doubter

Yes, he is rather confused. I tried to help him a bit & left a comment. I see he's online now, but it's too late in the a.m. my time to get into it with him now.

The belgium Airing of Loose

The belgium Airing of Loose Change was NOT in full.
It was edited and shortened.
ie the part where the towers collapse at the end of the witness evidence of explosions and all the squibs are pointed out with music where not aired.
ie. the part where the firemen discuss boom-boom-boom-boom was not aired
ie Rodriguez was not aired

So blogger can be confused because not all the evidence was aired.

Belgium airing of Loose Change was NOT in full

The media must not censore Loose Change or any other work! Let the people see the entire video so they may truly decide for themselves!

(When reading an important book, do you want chapters 4, 7, & 10 to be censored from you???)

Another One

The London Daily Mail has published the following really long online article: Flight 93 'was shot down' claims book; by ROWLAND MORGAN 12:27pm 19th August 2006.

There is also a comments section.

The website, Partnership for

The website, Partnership for a Secure America (one of whose founders was a "counsel" for the 9/11 Commission), published this ridiculously weak commentary today trashing the 9/11 Truth movement: Conspiracy Theories, by Benjamin Rhodes | August 22nd, 2006.

Wow, let me tell you! The commenters had a field day beating up on the author with some incredibly intelligent thoughts. As far as I was able to tell, all 25 commenters are 9/11 Truthers.

My favorite commenter says exactly what I've been saying for quite some time:


Bob wrote,

I’ll debunk your lies in two sentences:

IF, and it’s a strong if, jet fuel is capable to fatigue steel to the point of failure, then everytime a jet engine would run more than 30 mins it would collaspe on itself. Mind you, the combustion chamber in any Jet engine is made of similar grade steel and would undergo far greater temperatures and stress than the WTC ever experience.

Now how do I know this? I’M AN ENGINEER with minors in BOTH PHYSICS AND MATH! -- Comment on August 22, 2006 @ 9:04 pm.

Dutch & Belgian screenings

Indeed, a shortened (20 mins.) LC2 was broadcast in Belgian (Dutch language) news programme "Terzake" on Belgian national tv channel "Canvas" the day before yesterday. (On average, about 250.000 people watch this well-established daily tv news programme.) The screening was from 8.25-8.50pm CET, with continuous replay throughout the night (00.40-6.00am CET) and another replay at 9am yesterday morning.
Yesterday evening, another 9/11 (French) documentary was broadcast in the same news programme, wich was meant to be a counterpart, "debunking the 9/11 truth myths". However, almost everyone who saw both shows agrees that the first one (LC2) was 10 times stronger and more thorough than the second one, which was much "thinner", weaker and really much more about personally attacking people instead of going into the scientific facts and issues etc.
So right now, I say: the score of truthers vs. debunkers in Belgium is at least 1-0, or actually 10-0 as many people have now suddenly gotten aware of things and national discussion in Belgium will break out.

In Amsterdam and the local region around it, local tv station (one of two in total) Salto has broadcast "Martial Law 9/11: The Rise of the Police State" in full (8-11pm) last Wednesday. Tonight, Loose Change 2 will be broadcast in full as well from 8-10pm, with an immediate replay from 10-12pm. (!) Next week (Wednesday night again), "Confronting the Evidence: A Call to Reopen the 9/11 Investigation" will be broadcast on the same channel in full from 8-11pm.
Also, there are plans to have a full night open screening of 9/11 truth documentaries in Amsterdam soon, probably on a big public square or something.
And several major meetings, film and discussion evenings will take place in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht the days before and after 11 sept. 2006. National media attention to 9/11 truth is now booming in Dutch newspapers, magazines and on tv. A culture shift is taking place. In Utrecht a big conference will take place, including speakers like Andreas von Bülow. In Amsterdam David Ray Griffin will hold a lecture at a major institute etc. Loose Change 2 will be screened again at another venue in Amsterdam. A new Dutch 9/11 truth documentary will be aired on Dutch national tv soon. And contacts have been established between Dutch 9/11 truthers and mainstream media journalists.

Dutch regards from Amsterdam,

20 minutes of LC2E is censorship!

Loose change is approximately 80 minutes. It must not be censored if people are to be given a true opportunity to see the truth.

Like I said above, if you're reading an important book, do you want 3 or 4 chapters withheld from you???

When is Andreas von Bulow

When is Andreas von Bulow speaking and where? same for DAvid Ray Griffin please..?

dates & venues

Andreas von Bülow will be speaking at a major 9/11 Truth Conference in Utrecht, which will take place at the Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs Utrecht on 16 September 2006, 10am-5.30pm.
See http://www.ditkannietwaarzijn.nl/?p=13

David Ray Griffin will be speaking at the Royal Tropical Institute (though this is actually organized solely by Lemniscaat Publishers) in Amsterdam on 8 September 2006, starting at 7pm. See http://www.onderzoek911.nl/media/presentaties/discussieavond_met_d.shtml

Loose Change world television premiere

Just for the record, from an observer: a shortened version of Loose Change 2 was indeed broadcasted on the Flemisch 2nd national public tv channel 'CANVAS' with dutch subtitles.
Mondaynight august 21st 2006, with many repeats through the night.

CANVAS is broadcasted in 2 NATO counties: Belgium and The Netherlands. (About at least 90% of the dutch population can recieve CANVAS through cable, air or satellite) http://www.canvas.be

The full version of Loose Change 2 was broadcasted twice (plus once, the first hour only) on wednesdaynight august 23rd with dutch subtitles on SALTO Amsterdam 1 (A1, public access tv) in airtime of 'Vrije Keyser TV'

A1 can technically be recieved in the Amsterdam region via UPC cable by roughly 1 milion people. http://www.salto.nl

Wednesday august 30th Jimmy Walters 'Confronting The Evidence' will be broadcasted interely by Vrije Keyser Tv on A1, with dutch subtitles. This video has been aired before on A1 by the way.

Sometimes A1 is streamed live online in RealVideo: http://live.nu/1.ram

Amsterdam SALTO now live on the internet!!


SALTO's broadcast of Loose Change II in Amsterdam can now be viewed LIVE on the internet!!!!
GO TO http://live.nu/1.ram
Spread the word!!!!!


Loose Change in Amsterdam Cinema De Balie on sept. 11th

As part of a 9/11 theme day the famous and very respectable Culture & Politics centre De Balie at Leidseplein in Amsterdam will have a public screening of Loose Change. 19:00 hrs, free entrance.

Full 9/11 programme schedule De Balie:

9/10 Loose Change on NATIONAL tv in the Netherlands !!!

LOOSE CHANGE (full version, dutch subtitles) broadcast in Europe!

BNN, Nederland 3, sunday september 10th from 23.40 till 01.00 hrs (monday september 11th!)

Source: http://www.mediacourant.nl/?p=1516

Nederland 3 (Ned. 3) is the much respected third national public tv channel of The Netherlands, comparable with BBC. 100% of the dutch population can receive this channel via air, cable, satellite or IP TV. Ned. 3 is also on cable systems in all the flemisch speaking parts of Belgium, Luxemburg and some cable systems in Germany. Because of overspill of aether transmitters, Ned. 3 is transmitting on air over the border into small regions of Germany and Belgium. (with sporadic good athmospheric conditions much further, even reaching Britain)

Ned. 3 is also Europewide (and beyond) on Astra 1 satellite, but encrypted. (and not cracked) Only citizens of The Netherlands are allowed to buy a smartcard for the satellite service wich provides Ned. 3. Many dutch who are living abroad in Europe, have this smartcard. So have many holiday resorts and Hotels wich are popular by dutch tourists, in Spain for example.

In short: probably at least 20 million NATO country civilians have Ned. 3 tuned onto their TV sets.