NM 911 Truth Santa Fe Political Tour Thursday 10AM

Ladies and Gentlemen -

New Mexico 911 Truth will meet outside Senator Bingaman's office in
Santa Fe, 119 E. Marcy Street, across from the SF Public Library at
10AM, Thursday, August 24th. We will go on from there, through Mayor
Coss's office at City Hall to Senator Domenici's office in the Federal
Building near the Post Office, from there to Governor Richardson's
office in the Roundhouse, and finally to Rep. Udall's office at 811
St. Michael's Drive, Suite 104. Part of our State delegation, Senator
Grubesic and Rep. Peter Wirth are copied on this message and, if I
hear from them in time, we may be able to visit with them as well.

There are now 28 signatories to the attached updated letter and more
are coming in every week. It is now time for each signatory to send me
their mailing address which I will make available to our elected
representatives so they can send us formal responses. Ten or so people
will travel with us from Bingaman's office on. Each office has been
notified and their representatives are copied on this message.

Editorial comment: At Sunday's organizing meeting, I marveled as I
surveyed our team that nearly three quarters of those present were

It reminded me of the Pine Ridge Standoff between members of the
American Indian Movement and the FBI back in 1973. At that time, the
Grandmothers of the Lakota nation (Sioux) got together and as a group
asked the American Indian Movement to help their people, who were
getting shot and harassed regularly by Federal agents on the Pine
Ridge and Rosebud reservations.

It is clear to me that when the Grandmothers ask for help, there is no
refusing. Let's just hope our elected representatives get the same
message. Below, please find the text of the letter to our
Congressional and State Delegations.

- Leland Lehrman

New Mexico 911 Truth
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
c/o Leland Lehrman

Senator Bingaman,

Over the last two months, The Santa Fe Film Center at Cinemacafe, a
project of the internationally acclaimed Santa Fe Film Festival, has
hosted over ten screenings of Loose Change 2 , the brilliant new film
regarding the anomalous events of 911 which you now hold in your
hands. From fifteen to fifty people have attended each showing (to
which you are cordially invited at your convenience and as our guest)
- and over 500 copies of the video have sold after the screening. Add
to this over ten million internet downloads of the video in several
languages, and the also enclosed C-SPAN coverage of the 911 Scholars
Symposium and it is now certain that what was once considered a
minority view among Americans with specialized understanding of covert
operations has now become mainstream understanding. A recent Zogby
poll indicates that half of all New Yorkers believe that elements of
the US government had foreknowledge of 911 but "consciously failed" to

Working from the ancient detective principle of who benefits, the 911
attacks, although they may have involved members of the Arab and
Muslim communities, were most likely engineered and carried out by
elements within the US government and its allies, chief among them
Israel and the UK, for the purpose of legitimating foreign military
adventures as described in the Project for a New American Century
document, Rebuilding America's Defenses. In that document, the
authors expressed concern that without a "New Pearl Harbor," they
would be unable to garner enough support in America to implement their
plan for global domination and hegemony. Apparently, the authors
couldn't wait until America's already imperialist policies - as
described by John Perkins in his book Confessions of an Economic
Hitman and others - created such an event, and decided to manufacture
9/11 to get the ball rolling.

Americans such as ourselves had a hard time believing our government
could do such a thing until we reviewed the declassified Operation
Northwoods documents, which clearly posit the use of "false flag"
terrorist attacks on American soldiers and civilians in order to
create acceptable pretexts for war. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Lyman
Lemnitzer even signed off on the faked hijacking of passenger aircraft
in order to spark war with Cuba back in 1962. Fortunately, President
Kennedy rejected the plan and fired Lemnitzer. We need leadership like
that today.But it appears Operation Northwoods was dusted off and
activated on 9/11. Fortunately we have it in the persons of
Professors Steven Jones and Jim Fetzer, Lt. Colonel Robert Bowman
(Ret.), Webster Tarpley and others who recently had the courage to
present the evidence before C-SPAN for all the world to see. You now
hold that information in your hand. Perhaps chief among the forensic
evidence indicating high crimes and treason is Steven Jones' tests on
the molten steel from the World Trade Center. Although most of the
material was shipped to China and India to be recycled without any
investigation, some steel was recovered and made available to
Professor Jones. His tests revealed the presence of thermate, the
patented, sulfur-enhanced version of thermite, a well-known demolition
explosive used for its ability to cut steel. Professor Jones' evidence
adds to a growing body of proof that traitorous Americans were
involved on 9/11.

We, the undersigned, would like you to watch the DVDs, take a look at
the source links below, and discuss the matter with two of your
colleagues in Congress who are generally aware of the problem:

Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D- Georgia, Rep. Ron Paul, D- Texas

We would also like you to discuss the matter with two Democratic
candidates for the House who are also aware of the problem:

Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, Florida: (321) 752-5456 , Matthew Horton
Woodson, Oklahoma: (405) 370-9543

Finally, this letter is a formal request for a meeting with you to
discuss the evidence, implications and necessary action we must take,
including but not limited to a full formal investigation by Congress.

Ron Paul is a Republican isn't he?

I am pretty sure Ron Paul is a Republican (with very strong liberterian leanings), not a Democrat.

yes, he is indeed a

yes, he is indeed a republican, in fact ,the only republican that is worth anything. Ron Paul is every realistic leftists favorite republican.

NM 911 truth

great work Leland! as Santa Fe residents how can we become signatories and get involved?

9/11 and oil

BTW - I'm a 'no party' candidate aka 'independent'

More importantly, if we were not dependent on foreign oil 9/11 likely would of not occurred. Looking at Rebuilding America’s Defenses it clearly calls for base building in the Middle East. Why? Oil. How do we get the political will? 9/11.

Prior to protesting at Udall’s office, I would suggest listening to his comments on Peak Oil. In my opinion the two issues are connected. Listen here: http://energycommerce.house.gov/108/Hearings/12072005hearing1733/hearing...

Call The Santa Fe New

Call The Santa Fe New Mexican and insist they cover this event. I've talked to a lot of well- informed reporters at the paper who know what's up, and it's the Editors who are oblivious to it all. Still, if they get a dozen phone calls - even from people out of town - I'm sure that will result in a story.

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WTC 7 Investigation

FYI, the company that has been hired to 'investigate' the collapse of WTC 7 is based in Albuquerque. Good local angle for NM 911 Truth to take...