Our Inevitable Reinvention.

The Real Economy Of Free Frade, And The Money Which Always Pretends To Measure It.

Hello All:

Please add comments and responses below, that advance and develop concepts on the rebuilding of social and civic infrastructure, and the economy of trade. This question, is what I see as the inevitable outcome of either the truth OR fantasies stemming from the punctuating events of 9/11.

Although I may often obscure by innocent confusion or the intentional absurdity of my comments.... to say it simply; I can not swallow the prevailing interpretation of September 11th 2001 as advanced through the mainstream media and popular dialogue as of this fifth anniversary. Simpler than that; 9/11 was first a crime against Americans, perpetrated by those who seek domination and control of all others who resist subjugation.

"America", no matter how distant she has become, represented one of the greatest obstacles of subjugation and control, and thus a prevailing Motive behind 9/11. She HAS been critically wounded, but she is not "out" of the fight for life.

If I retain a single unwarranted dream, it would be the one where I fancy the ideas espoused in the American Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights as my best and final check against bastardization of constitutional law. The first and second of those rights in that bill, are my beginning and end. Further, I do not need any such paper or parchment, to know that I may eternally voice these ideas myself.

It is the nature of humans; Uniquely original and creative thoughts and words, and an instinctual defense by the very animal who voiced them.

For those who may have followed any of my many tangental rantings here at 911Blogger, you might have noticed that I see the material addressed in Aaron Russo's new film as inseparable from the "911 as false flag" question. If a person has difficulty imbibing the truths of 9.11, the truths of the FED/IRS represent equal, if not overriding, resistance to the first.

It does not matter to me which one of the subjects "breaks the bank first" as I've said, one will cause the other to be "pulled" as well.

For me it does not matter which road is taken, even if someone wants to head east to ultimately arrive in the west, the "rebuilding of economy" will be the place we all finally arrive. So bent is my thinking.

The 'money' (simple currency of exchange) and the banks and accounting of it, all come after the tangible or creative ideas only later measured in money. The concept of "money" does not, can not, precede the item measured by it. The economy of trade between willing and knowledgeable people and parties, will always come before the medium of exchange. The medium of exchange will always be found as subservient to the principals of trade between living people (no matter the corporations, banks, governments and Money clouding the issue otherwise).

Please feel free to prove such words otherwise, but only through the honest application of equal words. If you would like to debate dictionaries, please feel free to toss that one up too. I'll agree to limitations through Black's, Webster, or any stable URL of your choosing. Pick your weapon, but you don't get to keep changing ground.

Take care. I do so hope to hear from constructive and original thought.

Erin S. Myers