9/11 'Malarkey' – An Oklahoman update

In Oklahoma's historic 5th district congressional race, the State's largest newspaper utilized an underused adjective to describe '9/11 Truth' candidate Matthew Horton Woodson's statement 'any objective observer realizes that domestic criminal must have been involved with the horrors of 9/11' as 'malarkey'.

History was made when this very conservative newspaper in the 'home of the heartland' printed the words 'controlled demolition' of 'one of the buildings that collapsed near the Twin Towers'. The Daily Oklahoman has only printed the words "World Trade Center 7" twice in it's history. So I call this progress!

It should be noted that the Daily Oklahoman's office building was damaged in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, and now has it's headquarters in a modern high rise.

While Mary Fallin and Mick Cornett have tried to win Republican voters in the 5th District congressional race, an independent seeking the office has gone about advancing 9/11 conspiracy theories. Matthew Woodson sent an e-mail this week that mentioned a "controlled demolition" of one of the buildings that collapsed near the Twin Towers. "Any objective observer realizes that domestic criminals must have been involved with the horrors of 9/11." That kind of malarkey, similar to state House candidate Charles Key's fixation with the Oklahoma City bombing, costs a candidate all credibility.

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Here is Matthew's letter to the paper:

I am a candidate for U.S. Congress because I am a 'conspiracy theorist' who loves his Country. Being a Cherokee helps me understand that at times our government has committed terrorist acts.

Without going into details about my 9/11 'conspiracy theory', let me illustrates some undisputed facts: A 3rd tower collapsed on 9/11, WTC 7, this 47 story building collapsed in less than 7 seconds at 5:20pm. Our Government has not explained this apparent controlled demolition. Never before, and never since 9/11 has fire caused a steel structure high-rise to collapse. President Bush stated he saw the 1st plane hit the 1st tower BEFORE entering the Florida classroom, and has not testified under oath about 9/11. Since 9/11 the Patriot Act passed, we invaded two Middle Eastern countries, and have subsidized the Lebanon invasion. Finally, the Oklahoman has not run the headline 'nearly 5 years later, collapse of third World Trade Tower still unexplained.'

Eisenhower was correct; we need an informed and alert citizenry to guard against the military industrial complex. Any objective observer realizes that domestic criminals must have been involved with the horrors of 9/11. The next Congressman will take an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic; I believe holding the criminals of 9/11 accountable is the first step in living up to that oath.

Be an online volunteer or help fund Woodson's campaign by visiting:

Matthew Woodson
Independent Candidate
US House 5th District of Oklahoma

malarkey, a word whose time has come

Great to see independents running as 911-truthers. Will increase exposure ten-fold.

I just got a chance to hear

I just got a chance to hear the Jack Blood show from today featuring the dude from Popular Mechanics. As much as I appreciate what Alex Jones does, I don't know if I've ever heard the guy come off worse than he did today. I'm happy that this happened on a show with an audience that pretty much already knows it was an inside job, because if this "debate" would have taken place on a neutral, mainstream broadcast, we would have gotten KILLED on this round.

could you elaborate a bit?

could you elaborate a bit? What happened? Is the show archived anywhere? thanks.

I can't remember the guy's

I can't remember the guy's name from Popular Mechanics for the life of me, but Jack Blood had him on his show today to discuss the new PM Debunker book.

The show was actually going pretty good, with the guy from Popular Mechanics coming off a little better than expected, urging people to do the research on their own and not blindly trust anybody. Of course Popular Mechanics is protecting their cash cow, but I was expecting far worse from this guy.

Anyway, the interview is pretty casual, with both Jack Blood and the PM guy going back and forth discussing points.

All of a sudden, Jack Blood pulls a Triple H like heel turn though and announces that Alex Jones is on the line, effectively cornering the guy from Popular Mechanics and forcing him to engage Jones in debate.

Well, Alex Jones, in a way that only Alex Jones can, comes on and just starts going absolutely CRAZY on this guy. Jack Blood asked Alex to keep it professional, and then brought up the failure of NORAD. PM guy says that Payne Stewart's plane was the only one intercepted in the last decade.

Alex AGAIN went crazy, mentioning that an AP article clearly states that 67 intercepts were made in 2001 alone before 9/11.

I don't personally know the exact number of planes actually intercepted by F-15's in 2001, but anyone who's read the full article knows that it is never specifically stated how many actual INTERCEPTS were made, but rather how many scrambles were initiated (67).

When Alex Jones insisted that 67 intercepts had been made though, the guy from Popular Mechanics says, "Hold on, I've actually got the article you're referring too."

This is when things really broke down.

PM dude starts to read the article, and Alex Jones just SPAZZES out. Like a three year old kid who refuses to listen to his parents, every time the guy would try to read a word from the article, Alex would scream over him. Again, I like Jones, but it was downright embarrassing.

To the best of my knowledge, he never even finished reading the article. Alex Jones, as if conceding defeat on the matter, went nuts, screaming about he'd personally seen (with his own eyes~!) F-15's intercepting planes in Texas. He's got friends who are pilots who know how many intercepts happen! The man from PM is a government shill!

It ended with Alex begging the Popular Mechanics guy to come on his radio show for a debate. Based on Alex's horrible behavior during this five minute segment, I don't blame the guy for saying no. It's a no win situation for him anyway.

Just bad, bad stuff that literally ate up 10 minutes of airtime that could have been used to discuss more pressing matters on the Popular Mechanics books.

And incidentally, I got a chance to read the PM book yesterday, and I was shocked at how unsubstantial it truly is. I was expecting this end-all debunking attempt by PM, and the book is literally like 85 pages when you remove all the forwards, and afterwards, and notes, and sources, etc. It's like a freakin' Babysitter's Club book.

If PM wanted to kill the 9/11 movement with their book, they certainly dropped the ball BIG TIME on this attempt.

Malarkey = trufh?

Maybe the word malarkey has a different meaning in Oklahoma. Again no facts to back up anything just insults.

Alex Jones Moseley Interview

Anybody know where to get it?

Sure Jon, Both the Moseley

Sure Jon,

Both the Moseley interview, and today's Jack Blood interview, can be found on Conspiracy Torrent. I'm not home right now so I don't have the exact URL, but if you Google it, it should come up. Great resource for radio.

- Ken

Jack Blood / AJ and Mosley mp3

Im a big AJ fan, and I was upset with his attitude today.
Jack Blood / AJ and Mosley mp3 can be found here:

Hmm, the new site has some

Hmm, the new site has some issues in Firefox...

Sorry if I'm late to the party on this one - has anyone discussed the photos posted on Prison Planet?


They show WTC buildings 5 and 6 heavily damaged and burned, but still standing while WTC 7, unharmed in comparison, went down as we all know.

the html posted was all

the html posted was all sorts of funked up, possibly from using the WYSIWYG editor, or posting bad html.. fixed it.

" That kind of malarkey,

" That kind of malarkey, similar to state House candidate Charles Key's fixation with the Oklahoma City bombing, costs a candidate all credibility.

what is that status of the debate on the oklahoma city bombing?? What are the arguments, and counterarguments for conspiracy in OKC?

Has there been any expert analysis, as well as official "debunking" of the theories comparable to 9/11??

If somebody could please direct me to some info I would appreciate it

Thanks for the synopsis.

Thanks for the synopsis. Sounds like AJ went of the deep end, as he sometimes does. I was pleasantly surprised by AJ's straight-forward, non-hysterical tone on a radio show I listened to recently, but I guess he's having trouble supressing his outrage. Understandable. Now you get DRG or Tarlpey or Schnoeman up against one of these clowns from PM they'd mop the floor.

Aj is great, don't get me wrong, but he's not the best debater in the world and has a tendency to let his passions get the better of him.

Someone on another thread talked about "cognitive dissonance" and how difficult it is to live with. It's possible that these pm characters have actually convinced themselves that "A-Qaeda" pulled off the attack. Worth keeping in mind.

Here's a good start

OK City local news coverage

seen this before?
There's a lot out there; I would almost bet money that the same people behind 9-11 were also behind 4-19 (OKC).

OKC arguments

where to begin...
Audio tape (water board) & seismic evidence showed multiple detonations.
John Doe #2 was seen with McVeigh by multiple witnesses the morning of the bombing; never caught and dropped from the news after about a month.
Bomb squads showed up on the scene early (before the explosion!).
Un-exploded bombs were removed from the building, see video link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMXMo3Z0qms
Damage was inconsistent with a single source truck bomb.
Many suspicious factors in the arrest and the whole story of McVeigh.
A lot of witnesses / victims / reputable individuals have publicly questioned the "official" version.

Was McVeigh a loyal soldier following orders right up to the end of his life? Maybe....

Maybe OKC was something of a test run for 9-11 - blow up a building, killing people, and see how hard it is to cover it up, despite the evidence right out in the open as it was / still is.

To me, the OKC bombing is why I don't blame Bush for 9-11. He's obviously involved in a 9-11 coverup but assuming (as I suspect) this was done by the same group, it's very hard to imagine Bush was some kind of mastermind of OKC in '95. Maybe he's just covering for 9-11 to save his own skin from the real terrorists (Cheney + ? ) who can have him killed in a heartbeat?

thats how i feel about Bush.

thats how i feel about Bush. though he has always been priviliged and his father is one of the most powerful people on the planet, it seems like hes always just been along for the ride/profit. hes too goddamn stupid to be some kind of criminal mastermind like his boss Cheney, in my opinion. im convinced that he didnt know what was going on on 9/11. he looked genuinely scared to me, and the way he canvassed the country like a chicken with his head cut off that day makes it that much clearer. i guess you could say i agree with Tarpley in that Cheney was running things for the shadow government on 9/11 while Bush was mainly left in the dark until he was told what to say. i find Tarpleys story about "angel is next" while Bush was on Air Force 1 extremely interesting. how did Tarpley get this info, about the "warning" to Bush? anybody know?

Oklahoma City bombing

Wing TV has a section on the OK bombing just under there site name. Should get you uo to speed.

I love this place...

Ask and you shall receive.

Does Anybody...

Have a Billion dollars?

Here ya go

A billion? I just want a

A billion? I just want a buck...
Support my run for U.S. Congress

Email to the

Email to the Oklahoman:

Where did these local reporters get their information? Where exactly do these reports fit in the official account?

It seems there were actual journalists at work that morning.

Is General Partin full of “malarkey”?

Thanks to internet archives, fishing at the Memory Hole is a popular sport, and dismissive smears are easily challenged.

7 World Trade was also “federal”, housing, among other entities of interest, offices of the CIA, Secret Service, DoD and SEC.

If Mr. Woodson’s claims are not harmless “malarkey”, our “watchdog” “free press” has much to answer for. Perhaps your paper should redeem itself by supporting such public courage rather than mocking it.

great job

great job