9/11 Widow Lorie Van Auken Comments on Stone's WTC Movie

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One of the best-known "9/11 widows," Lorie Van Auken, tells me that she went to see a comedy recently. She settled into her seat, waiting to laugh -- and then the trailer for Stone's movie exploded across the screen. "And I see people trapped under the rubble and I start crying and running hysterically out of the theater," Lorie says.

Her husband, Kenneth, worked on top of the North Tower, in the investment firm Cantor Fitzgerald. Lorie and other family survivors played a key role in pressuring Congress and the federal commission to investigate Sept. 11. "I am not going to see the movie," she says. "I've spent five years imagining a million different ways of how my husband was trapped and died, and I've seen a lot of them in my nightmares. I can't handle going to a theater and watching them."

Lorie says she doesn't begrudge Stone for making the film, but says "If I had made it, I would have made it a lot more political and investigative. There are still so many questions about Sept. 11 that the government has never answered."

The article is a couple weeks old, but is newsworthy none the less.

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interesting comment. i can

interesting comment. i can only hope she gets more specific,i would think by now the Jersey Girls would be insanely pissed off. i cant imagine, i dont even know anyone that died that day.

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It's been 19 days, and still Rawstory is the only one to run anything. That I could find.

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