Buzzflash goes LIHOP?

Did anybody catch this Buzzflash editorial?

It looks like they are close to the tipping point. Not many comments posted, but it looks like the momentum is in our favor.

I remember clicking on

I remember clicking on Buzzflash during the Israeli atrocities in Lebanon.

Not. A. Word.

It was really surreal;

It was really surreal; people were dying by the thousands at the hands of the Zionist aggressor state and there wasn't a single word about it on Buzzflash.

However, they did post Eric

However, they did post Eric Blumrich's piece on CD several years ago.


I didn't even know Eric Blumrich of Bushflash was on to 9/11 truth until a few months ago. Otherwise, he does have a great website.

Israel blew-up Lebanon--No one seemed to care

What Israel did to Lebanon re: "2 kidnapped/captured soldiers" was totally outrageous! Bush & the msm totally shamelessly support these atrocities!!! It's sickening. Zionists can do no wrong, even murdering innocent women & children!

they have said a good bit

they have said a good bit about 9/11 in the past, including running a pretty racey 9/11 editorial cartoon.. mostly quiet, but it looks like they are waking up - as is a large bit of America finally.

looks like buzzflash is using drupal too ;)

With all due respect DZ even

With all due respect DZ

even though Buzz published Eric Blumrich's piece...

Buzzflash appears to be a complete fraud...

They COMPLEETELY IGNORED the atrocities in Lebanon.

Almost as if they were controlled by Zionist stooges.

let's not give a free pass to ANYONE


to be honest i havent

to be honest i havent visited their site in probably a year or so, so i'm not vouching for thier work.. just saying that in the past i have seen them at least reference 9/11 - which unfortunately is more than i can say for dailykos, americablog, and crooksandliars..

interesting they say not there YET

Definitely LIHOP has been used by a few obvious agents around me to try to stem the tide of MIHOP awareness, so I wouldn't be surprised. Basically looks like they had this contingency plan they never thought they'd need so no one really realized or thought to worry that LIHOP inevitably leads to MIHOP in the minds of 99% of people. It's a great gateway belief, so to speak, and if it didn't exist we the Truthers could well have thought to invent it. How deliciously ironic eh?

"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers