D. R. Griffin & Structural Engineer on Jim Fetzer's "Non-Random Thoughts" Today

First Hour: DRG
Second Hour: Charles Pegalo (sp?) a Structural Engineer to talk about Controlled Demolition. Fetzer just announced this.

24 August 2006

Interview: David Ray Griffin will be the guest
on "Non-Random Thoughts" with host Jim Fetzer
11 AM to 1 PM/CT (Noon-2 PM/ET and 9-11 AM/PT)
Non-Random Thoughts


I Need Help

Any help with this blog would be MUCH appreciated.

Can someone get Dr. Bowman to come to this site to comment on this blog?

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There's an excellent, very

There's an excellent, very in depth, though lengthy research done on this topic by a Dutch truther. The best I've come across this far. Not only analysis of the standard procedures vs. facts of what really happend that day, but also the response of Meyers and Shelton during the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on 13/11 are taken into consideration. Unfortunately it is in Dutch only. If you're interested I'm willing to translate it along with some additional footnotes on the NATO Air Defence facts/procedures which I researched myself. But given the length of the article, that would take a couple of days. It will not answer all your questions from the blog but its really well worth the read.

Good interview.... nothing newsworthy but worth a listen

DRG was on for about 50 minutes. A good interview. Most time was spent discussing DRG's new book and taking calls. DRG continues to impress.

"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government" - Edward Abbey

Nice interview with DRG...

looking foward to that structural engineer!

Charles is onto something

Charles is onto something about a third energy source in the buildings....and he completely dismantled the "fireball down the elevator shaft" dipshittery...


You refering to something in

You refering to something in the DRG interview? What's up.

A Bona Fide Structural Engineer.

It's about bloody time.


HAHAHA, where's shill king now?

this is awesome

We need the correct spelling of his name and verification of his background

Working on it.

Ears are to the ground.

What was the structural

What was the structural engineer's opinion on the controlled demolition hypothesis ?

Was the interview archived anywhere??

Listen here -->


I remember, or at least I think I do... Karen Kwiatkowski talking about seeing plane parts outside of the Pentagon.

She said the opposite . . .

David Ray Griffin observed that Karen had reported she was in the building at the time and came out to see what was going on and could not detect any plane parts! So Gold has it exactly backwards. Review the interview for confirmation of what David said on this.

SNAP!!!! haha, just kidding.

SNAP!!!! haha, just kidding. keep up the good work Fetzer. loved your book on Wellstone by the way.

"So Gold has it exactly backwards"

Thanks Jim for pointing that out.

When I saw her speak...

At the 9/11 People's Commission in Washington D.C. on 9/11/2004, she talked about that day, and cried, and mentioned having seen the explosion, etc... It's very possible I misconstrued what she meant, but I don't remember her explicitly saying there were no plane parts at that time. This is news to me in other words.