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I have been turned into a 9/11 truther only 6 months ago,but I learned a few things..ok lots..about deceptions of this current government. Needless to say,I am still getting an education on the meaning of psy-ops,because the deceptions that can be put out there is incredible. So as this goes along with the more info I come cross,there is also more info that is useless in getting to the WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. The useless info is meant to mislead,deceive, make us argue so that We may not see if one or the other's point is meant to do just that. There are people out there who have infiltrated these movements,since 9/11 was a well executed plan,then there also has to be the complete coup on the net.The MSM is complicit.That leaves the net to infiltrate and mislead as many as possible.Hell,when you live in an empire and the empire has a large security agency,a large intelligence agency,and been doing deceptions for many years,then there is no reason to be surprised. I believe Nico Haupt is on the right track. The NSA has been relatively passed over,and that is where Hayden came from. I think looking here is worth doing and won't be a waste of time.

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There is a great little 92-page paperback, "War At Home--Covert Action Against U.S. Activists & What We Can Do About It" by Brian Glick, South End Press 1989. The books is a little dated now, but still gives quick incite into our treacherous gov't.

You can also Google: COINTELPRO

Mike Anti-Neo-Con, i support

Mike Anti-Neo-Con,

i support your current focus, which is also pretty much underrepresented in this movement.
I appreciate that we can have our own blogs within this forum to cover unpopular stuff. I just opened an own blog here as well. I occasionally might have some time to join your blog for some visits.

Meanwhile i hope, you already checked this out, too:

Hayden and the NSA- the most ignored "9/11 connection"

Check out this site


for an overview to deception and related issues