The Mexican People: Heroes of Democracy

The Mexican People: Heroes of Democracy

The Mexican peoples’ democracy movement and their leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador are modern heroes of democracy and to all who demand clean elections. They recall the heroics of the Ukrainians with one important difference. There are no “great powers” supporting them. In fact, the American regime is hostile to a victory by Obrador and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD). The increasingly unpopular and isolated White House cadre may have done its best to obstruct such an eventuality in ways which by now are predictably familiar. The Mexican people are alone, on the street, fighting the brave fight for people everywhere who believe in the inherently inalienable and natural right of men and women to determine their own destiny through free, fair, and transparent elections.

Supporters of democracy in Mexico are making a stand in the nation’s capitol. They just had their third major demonstration with more than a million participants. The American press tried a theme of demonstrators growing weary recently, just before the latest seven figure gathering. The demonstrations tell Mexicans and the world that the election was so questionable, an investigation is mandated through a thorough review of the most direct evidence: the ballots. The PRD’s demand for a “ballot by ballot, precinct by precinct” recount is fully warranted.

The short history of this election offers a wealth of evidence pointing to fraud. The PAN party of Vincente Fox engaged in a number of questionable activities. $270 million was reportedly diverted from education programs in order to sweeten the pot in some northern Mexican states via the governors. Calderon defeated Obrador by margins of 50% in some sections of the north and there were charges of massive election fraud.

During the campaign, the ruling PAN party engaged in distorted negative advertising attacks on Obrador which are clearly outlawed in Mexican campaigns. The electoral authorities cited the party of President Fox as being the primary culprit for this, but the damage was done and the lies were spread.


Very inspiring. Latin

Very inspiring.

Latin Americans have a lot to teach North Americans.

it's different for them:

it's different for them: it's a matter of life and death.

I fear that until we feel the pinch like they do we'll continue with our Britney Spears videos and not give a shit.

taking over radio stations

"it's different for them: it's a matter of life and death."

if you know about 9/11 - then you know reclaiming our country is a matter of life and death on a global scale.

The mexicans are taking over radio stations. I think the 9/11 truth movement should be doing the same thing. The "public" radio station in my hometown has removed many local djs in favor of NPR crap all day long. For the last five years all national news and 'debate' has come from NPR- local DJs not allowed (like me, kicked off the air for playing Condi Rice saying, "The title was: Bin Laden Determined to Attack in the United States").

In other words, Bush goons are not only controlling the major networks, but they've got agents (and/or useful idiots) at the local level as well.

Why should intelligent people allow their local "public" radio stations to continue on in this manner?

Where is Zack?

Perfect post for a little Zack de la Rocha.

From: Calm Like a Bomb (Battle of Los Angeles)

Stroll through tha shanties
And tha cities remains
Same bodies buried hungry
But with different last names
These vultures rob everything
Leave nothin but chains
Pick a point on tha globe
Yes the pictures tha same

From: Maria (Battle of Los Angeles)

Tha sun ablaze as Maria's foot
Touches tha surface of sand
On northern land
As human contraband
Some rico from Jalisco
Passed her name to tha boss
She stuffed ten to a truckbed
She clutches her cross
Here comes tha exhaust
And it rips through her lungs
She's off fast to tha pasture
Like cattle she'll cross
Degree 106
Sweat and vomit are thrown
And she prays and suffocates
Upon tha memories of home
Of Yanqui guns for blood debts on tha loans
Of smoldering fields rape rubble and bones
Of graves hidden trapped up in visions of war
Of nothing no one nobody no more
These are her mountains and skies and
She radiates
Through history's rivers of blood
She regenerates
And like tha sun disappears only to reappear
She's eternally here
Her time is near
Never conquered but here

god i miss Rage Against The

god i miss Rage Against The Machine. Zach Delarocha is most likely a truther, i cant imagine he doesnt see through all the bullshit like he always has. Audioslave SUCKS, long live RATM.


All Truthers should listen to RATM daily. Zack speaks the Truth. I am just waiting for him to show up again.


Forget the socialism and violence that shows up in the lyrics some times. 9/11Truth is non-ideological and NON-VIOLENT.

Just focus on the irreverence, the respect for truth, the indictment of the Establishment, THE OPTIMISM.

"Everything can change, on a new year's day"

lets not forget the great

lets not forget the great people of Spain, who voted out the warmongers after thier little flase flag event in Madrid. what did a bulk of americans do after 9/11? they voted for the same fucks that helped make it possible. the people of Spain are clearly a lot more informed than most americans are.