Site notes for Wednesday Night

I actually took a break for the first time in a few days tonight. Managed to grab a quick nap to catch up from all the late nights lately and even go out to dinner, w00t!

Did a couple things though:

  • Fixed issue with Opera browser missing 3rd column on homepage
  • Fixed issue with shoutbox displaying first XX entries instead of most recent XX entries
  • Added google Adsense advertising to raise money for future ads

I am in dire need to hear from any users that are still having any formatting issues. If you are having any such issues please let me know so I can get some details and knock out any such issues that still remain.

I am weighing whether or not to disable the WYSIWYG editor.. it tends to cause some issues when it doesnt properly close its span tags.. does anyone use the WYSIWYG editor's features anyway?

Fixed issue

Thanks dz, my Opera columns are working fine now.
Im loving the new format, your doing a GREAT job!!

that issue was caused by me

that issue was caused by me doing something bad in the html for one of my posts, sorry about that!

Blogger V.2: Me likey!

Now that I'm feeling a little more at home with how it works, I'm really liking it, especially the way comments are working.

Old comments format: mild OCD trigger
New comments format: crack cocaine

cool, thanks for the

cool, thanks for the compliment :)


I used the editor to edit a blog post and it mangled all the paragraphs.

I wonder if it is a windows issue as Line feeds, carriage returns and LF/CR's are dominant in macs, windows, and unix.

Perhaps FCKeditor or some other WYSIWYG would be a better choice?

Again I don't know Drupal but I assume it is modular in nature.

from everyone ive talked to

from everyone ive talked to using a WYSIWYG is a pain in general, but i have heard some having better luck with a simplified version that just does bold, italics, and a few other things.. right now the issue with TinyMCE (the WYSIWYG editor) is that it uses way to many span tags to get things done, and those span tags can totally break the CSS panel layout.. ill look into something else, including the fckeditor, which i know can be put into drupal too..

thanks for the suggestion!

How do you add images and

How do you add images and shit to blogs dude, I tried [img][/image] all that stuff and it didn’t work? Also is WYSIWYG what daily kos has got as well?

i dunno about daily kos, but

i dunno about daily kos, but a WYSIWYG editor is what allows you to not need to know html.. its basically a toolbar for page creation.. do you see such a toolbar?

if you use the WYSIWYG editor then one of the buttons is for images, you click on that and a popup comes up where you paste the URL for the image..

if your not seeing the WYSIWYG editor then you would do the image tags, but you dont use square brackets, you use angled brackets ('<', '>).. here is an example, where i am using parenthesis (')') replace with angled brackets ('<', '>'):

(img src="")

its just raw html, so you could also refer to or a google search for help with the img html tag.

hope that helps!

Ok its cool

Ok its cool I just pressed, "enable rich text" and it popped it. Also dude, this might have just been a teething problem or something, but one thing I did notice was that it took me ages to do a blog entry, the process was very slow. Also when you right click on the WYSIWYG editor there’s no cut or copy (although there is a paste). It forces you to use the icons for cut and copy, which is a bit of a bitch if you’re used to right clicking and things etc.

slow eh? havent noticed that

slow eh? havent noticed that myself.. i'd imagine it is pretty java intensive, so perhaps it is a reflection of your computers processing speed? what exactly do you mean by slow?

i cant do anything about a right click in the editor, so that may be out of my control unless we switch to a new one.. you can always use ctrl+x, ctrl+c, ctrl+v to cut, copy, paste.. thats how i've always done it, so i hadnt noticed the right click issue..

Could be my PC, but

Could be my PC, but everything other page loaded up fast as normal, which is why I noticed it. And I should have learnt that ctrl+x etc time ago LOL, thanks for that man!

maybe the images just needed

maybe the images just needed to be cached.. try it again and see if it is slow each time..

also, i just found another option.. if you use firefox there is an extension that will turn any textbox into a Xinha rich text editor.. you can find it here:

basically if you use firefox and have that extension enabled you should be able to turn of this website's rich text editor, then right click on the textbox and choose Xinha which will turn that textbox into an html editor.. looks like a neat idea, let me know if you try it out!

this is a test of the Xinha

this is a test of the Xinha WYSIWYG editor.. looks pretty simple.. bold italics underline strike link

ya, this is definatley a neat little firefox extension, and is probably a good bit faster than the TinyMCE editor we are using.. also, it doesnt use span tags for everything, so i dont think it will break our layout.. sweet!

you can find this firefox extension here:

One other question though

One other question though, how would you make an image clickable in a blog, so that it went to a url etc?

select the image, then click

select the image, then click on the link icon on the toolbar.. the one that looks like a link in a chain.. it will popup an editor to put in the url to link to..

all of this can also be acomplished with some simple html, which is actually alot faster, but it might take a little bit of reading and testing to get the hang of it.. here is one, but there are tons out there:



Google ads

Dz do you need ppl to click on the google ads to get money from them? If so you should maybe think about asking everyone in a thread to click on a few occasionally, if it's like a penny a click or whatever.

its directly against their

its directly against their terms, and apparently they are very strict on tracking down people that propose such things ;)

LOL, well I've clicked on a

LOL, well I've clicked on a few now anyway.

Comments are bwok too!

when a comment is entered for the admins I get the 404 error.