Update on 5th Anniversary Events in NYC

Got the following email, check it out if you are heading to NYC for the 5th year anniversary of 9/11. Be sure to also check out this link for recent info from the Loose Change crew. Also, there have been many requests to try to find out who all is going, so feel free to discuss in the comments.

Be part of history.
Come to NYC for the 5th anniversary of 9/11,
the new Pearl Harbor event which
shocked and awed the world.

The weekend will be one mass demonstration of 9/11 truth actions
from Fri. evening Sept. 8th through Mon. Sept. 11
comprised of keynote speaker events, films, forums, and outreach actions!

Partial speaker list*:
Alex Jones, Bob Bowman, Barrie Zwicker, Ralph Shoenman, Ian Woods,
Barbara Honegger, William Pepper, Wayne Madsen, Jesse Richard,
Jim Fetzer, Dr. Faiz Kahn, Kevin Barrett, Jim Marrs

On the Sunday, Sept. 10th we’ll preview
Loose Change Final Cut and be entertained by Immortal Technique.

On Mon. the 11th, we need to have thousands of truth patriots
in black T-shirts at Ground Zero, New York City
at 8 am for a dignified, respectful display of
solidarity with the victims and their families.

Let's end the cover-up, investigate the evidence,
and create a wave of justice to prosecute the real crimes!
Join us as we make September "9/11 Breakthrough Month"
on the street, on the web, and in the eyes of the world.

Make plans NOW!
See http://www.ny911truth.org/events/5th_anniversary.htm
for overview, schedule and NYC info.
Check back every week for updates.

Thanks for the link!

Plan on being there on the 10th w 3 friends and a camera and camcorder (just in case "they" pull some b.s.).

Plan on ignoring the fools that will try to provoke us.

Looking forward to seeing Alex Jones also.

Cape Cod, MA


It's possibl that a

It's possibl that a small-scale provacatuer action will be launched on 911 in NY. Perhaps by fake anarchists (not to be confused with real anarchists;) or fake Muslims (not to be confused with real Muslims). However, I dont' think this should dissuade people from going and making their voices heard. We can't let fear get the better of us.

Indeed, they may wish to downplay the event as much as possible, in which case they'll leave a wide berth and let us do our thing, making sure to keep their cameras locked on ineffectual and disengenuous "remembrance" ceromonies while ignoring truthers.

Does Senator Byrd have questions about 9/11?


An e-mail from Senator Byrd:

"In my long career serving this nation, I have witnessed war and peace. I have seen turmoil at home and danger abroad. I have known statesman and scoundrels alike.

Yet never have I been as concerned for the fate of American liberty as I am today.

Since ascending to power in 2001, the Bush administration has waged an unrelenting assault on the Constitution of the United States while being aided and abetted every step of the way by a supine Republican congress. Today, I need you to stand with me to help take the Senate back.

Under the Orwellian auspices of "Executive Privilege," the Bush administration has tried to squash domestic dissent while ignoring congressional inquiries into 9/11 and the manipulation of prewar Iraq intelligence. George W. Bush has made over 750 Presidential signing statements, essentially claiming that he can interpret rules passed by Congress however he pleases.

-- snipped away the requests for donations --

"We cannot continue to claim that we are a nation of laws and not of men, if our laws may be summarily breached because the President says, "trust me." There was a time when it was different - when dissent was understood to be a patriot's duty - when leaders in Washington followed the dictum of the great Teddy Roosevelt, who said: "To announce that there must be no criticism of the president...is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonous to the American public."

Now, those with the temerity to question the powers that be are called "obstructionist" and accused of "emboldening the enemy." Within charges such as these lie the seeds of dictatorship and the end of the American republic as we know it....."

-- --

or is he suggesting that the Prez hasn't moved fast enough to implement the Commission's recommendations?

Thanks guys and gals

I would like to thank all those people in the movement who have not backed off from the crimes of 9/11. I wish I could go to NYC for this event. I am shackled and chained, a wandering voice in the wilderness. For I am in the military and am prohibited from going. I have endured endless intimidation, verbal abuse, and even have suffered physical attacks for voicing my opinions on 9/11 along with any reference to the criminal activities of the current administration. However I took an oath which I will abide by in its entirety, however I will NOT be told how to think. For those going, please remember me while you are there.

David Von, Phil, Alex, Locotus, Killtown, Stann, Daniel, Dylan, and many others....... thanks

Coffeelover,,,,, Bless you all

Thanks for your post here.

no, thank you. it always

no, thank you. it always makes me feel good to see people inside the beast that "get it". thats why i loved that story about the seargent who got caught questioning 9/11 in an e-mail exchange he had.


Does it make you feel good that there is people in the "Beast" taking on the system?

Or did you mean that you like it when people do harm to others?

If its number one, then you just mis-quoted, which I can forgive.

I'll even forgive the second, since that is the Left Christian way. Bombing and screwing your neighbor is the Christian Right way.


haha, no, i meant im happy

haha, no, i meant im happy when people within the military/government are willing to look critically at things and do the right thing.


I haven't been to a St Marks Church meeting in a long time, but will most probably attend most (if not all) of the activities this coming 9/11 weekend.


Note: 911blogger says "On the Sunday, Sept. 10th we’ll preview Loose Change Final Cut." But, according to http://www.ny911truth.org/events/5th_anniversary.htm, it's actually "World Premiere of "Loose Change 2 - Re-cut."

Yes, correction.

You are correct. The Loose Change crew will be debuting the recut version. I wonder if its the same version that just got put up at Google Video? Either way, the room will be packed. See you there.