Bay Area 9/11 Events

(Carol Brouillet will NOT be on Tarpley's show due to a scheduling problem. Maybe sometime down the road. Apparently this Saturday's "World Crisis Radio" will be a repeat.)

Carol sent us a TON of events that are going on in and around the Bay Area;

Bay Area 9-11 Truth Events

Premiere of “9/11 Press For Truth”
Thursday, September 7, 2006
Grand Lake Theater, 3200 Grand Lake Avenue
Oakland, California, 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm screenings

Intro, Q & A with Bay Area’s Emmy-winning Ken Ellis, Co-Executive Producer. 9/11 Press For Truth.

Following the attacks of September 11th, grieving families waged a tenacious battle against those who sought to bury the truth about the attack, including the Bush administration. In “9/11 Press For Truth,” those most effected by the tragedy, including three of the “Jersey Girls,” tell the story of how they took on the powers in Washington and won. They forced an investigation, only to subsequently watch the 9/11 Commission fail to even ask their most urgent questions.

Adapting Paul Thompson’s Complete 9/11 Timeline, the film stitches together news clips, buried stories and government press conferences, revealing a pattern of official lies, deception and spin. Thompson’s narrative presents a different picture of 9/11, one that raises new, more pressing questions.

What actions were taken by top government officials who received dozens of specific warnings before the attack? Was Bin Laden and his top al Qaeda leadership allowed to escape in Afghanistan? What has been the reason for obscuring the evidence regarding the Pakistani connection? Why, five years later, are so many of the families’ questions still unanswered?

Tickets are $10. and proceeds benefit Cooperative Research and the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance. For preview, go to

5th Annual Rally and March for 9-11 Truth
Saturday, September 9th, 2006
This Year's theme- "Impeach the Terrorists!"
Rally 10:00 am in San Francisco at the Panhandle
(between Oak and Fell at Ashbury)
10:30 am March/Parade up Ashbury to Haight Street through Golden Gate Park to Speedway Meadow (about 2 miles) to the 8th Annual 9-11 Power to the Peaceful concert and Social Justice festival featuring Michael Franti & Spearhead ( )

Free concert & Social Justice festival begins at 11:00 am & lasts until 5:00 pm.

9-11 Truth rally and march sponsored by the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance ( )
To endorse, or volunteer contact- Carol@ 650-857-0927. Info/events 1-866-268-2320

Premiere of new film of David Ray Griffin-
“9/11 the Myth and the Reality”

September 11, 2006, 6:30 pm
Grand Lake Theater, 3200 Grand Lake Avenue, Oakland, California

Doors open at 6:00 pm, trailers, previews and shorts start at 6:30, film premieres at 7:00. Q & A / discussion with filmmaker Ken Jenkins to follow.

This will be the world film premiere of David Ray Griffin’s talk given at the Grand Lake Theater March 30, 2006 to a sold-out audience. Griffin condensed the highlights of his first two books on 9/11 into a dynamic presentation. Tickets $10. For both the 11th & 12th- $15.

Film- 9/11 Guilt: The Proof Is in Your Hands
September 12, 2006, 6:30 pm
Grand Lake Theater, 3200 Grand Lake Avenue, Oakland, California

Doors open at 6:00 , trailers, previews and shorts start at 6:30, film premieres at 7:00 p.m. In August 2005 Jim Hoffman and Don Paul recorded presentations for the second convening of the Los Angeles Citizens' Grand Jury on the Crimes of September 11, 2001. Later they added photographs, footage, and other graphics to document their assertions. The result is 58 minutes of compelling evidence and analyses. Q & A / discussion with Jim and Don to follow. Tickets- $10, for both the 11th & 12th- $15.

Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance Meeting
Thursday, September 21, 2006, at The Grand Lake Neighborhood Center
530 Lake Park Avenue, (between Lakeshore Avenue and Grand Avenue) in Oakland, 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 1-866-268-2320

9/11 & The American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out
Sunday, September 24, 2006, 7:00 pm
Martin Luther King Middle School, 1781 Rose Street, Berkeley

DAVID RAY GRIFFIN - Professor of Philosophy and Theology, Emeritus, Claremont Graduate University. He is the author or editor of some 30 books, including The New Pearl Harbor, Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11 (2004) The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions (2005) Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action (2006).

PETER DALE SCOTT - former Canadian diplomat, Professor of English, Emeritus, at U.C. Berkeley. Books include Drugs, Oil and War; The U.S. in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina; The Iran-Contra Connection; and Coming To Jakarta. Forthcoming from U.C. Press: The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America.

RAY McGOVERN, host - Army officer, CIA analyst for 27 years (from John F. Kennedy to George H. W. Bush administrations). Founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, McGovern has appeared in "Uncovered: The War on Iraq" and "Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror" (produced by John Pilger). He writes and speaks for the arm of Tell the Word called "Speaking Truth to Power."

PETER PHILLIPS - Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University, Director of Project Censored

KEVIN RYAN- Certified Quality Engineer, B.S. in Chemistry, many years Laboratory Operations Manager and then Site Manager at Environmental Health Laboratories. On March 15, 2006, Ryan gave a lecture titled “A 9/11 Whistleblower Examines the Official Conspiracy Theory” in Bloomington, Indiana.


Wheelchair accessible, substantial free parking. Tickets: $15 advance, $20 door online at Bookstores- EAST BAY: Black Oak, Cody's 4th Street, DIESEL a Bookstore, Moe's Books, Pegasus (both stores), Pendragon, Walden Pond. SAN FRANCISCO: Cody's, Modern Times.

Event sponsors: KPFA 94.1FM + Pacifica Radio, Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance, Interlink Publishing +many Bay Area independent bookstores.

TERRORISM EXPLAINED: How Governments Use Thugs, Drug Dealers, and Religious Fanatics to Control Us and “Justify” Endless War, By Ed Rippy
Thursday September 28th, 2006, 7-9 pm, 522 Valencia St., 3rd floor. Free, but donations appreciated.
Sponsored by Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance, Info/events: 1-866-268-2320,

Lifting The Fog Off 9/11: Applying the Scientific Method to the World Trade Center Destruction
A one-day conference. Saturday, November 11, 2006; 10 am to 10 pm.

Presenters include: BYU Physics Professor Steven Jones; 9-11 Research creator Jim Hoffman; World Trade Center Environmental Organization founder Jenna Orkin; Former UL Site Manager Kevin Ryan; Mickey Huff, M.A, Survivor- Janette McKinlay, Peter Phillips, Ph.D (Project Censored) Forthcoming details will be at

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On Rawstory

Raw acquires EPA letter: US lied about 9/11 toxins, leading to 'deaths of first responders, citizens near Ground Zero...' Soon...

E.P.A. Whistle-Blower Says

E.P.A. Whistle-Blower Says U.S. Hid 9/11 Dust Danger

ANTHONY DePALMA / NY Times | August 25 2006

A senior scientist at the Environmental Protection Agency has accused the agency of relying on misleading data about the health hazards of World Trade Center dust.

The scientist, who has been sharply critical of the agency in the past, claimed in a letter to members of the New York Congressional delegation this week that test reports in 2002 and 2003 distorted the alkalinity, or pH level, of the dust released when the twin towers collapsed, downplaying its danger.

Some doctors suspect that the highly alkaline nature of the dust contributed to the variety of ailments that recovery workers and residents have complained of since the attack.

simuvac claimed video is of WTC-7--WRONG!

Simulac posted a story basically saying that we should all concede that WTC-7 had raging fires burning in it. To make matters worse he/she then linked to a clip of raging fires in WTC-5 or WTC-6!

I detest disifo like this! Kindly retract this WTC-7 had raging fires bullshit a.s.a.p.!!!

please dont diss other

please dont diss other users, especially when you are incorrect.

i just posted some photos and videos of WTC7 from that side, they are real photos, and are of WTC7.. im guessing you just hadnt seen them before..

move the commenting back to:

Listen dz, simuvac, & other

Listen dz, simuvac, & other ladies & gents:

I’m wound up like a top over these diabolical 9/11 atrocities! The truth is getting out slower that a glacier moving up from the South Pole.

Men, women, & children are dying or being mutilated everyday in Afghanistan, Iraq, and quite possibly in Iran very soon! Every time I see boldfaced murdering liars Bush, Cheney, or Rummy on tv I want to jump off my roof!

Plus, these stupid comments like, “let’s cut Larry Silverstein some slack because he’s really a nice old Jewish man who had a hard life, blah, blah, blah.... bust my ass!!! Also that ½-inch square video that simuvac linked to does not look like WTC-7 to me at all. (I’m going by the vid just to be certain!)

Be more careful before posting stuff like this^, & cut me some slack or I’m going to have a f*cking stroke or a heart attack. Thank you.

sorry about that, you were

sorry about that, you were correct.. the link to the other site had a small clip on it, and that indeed was not WTC7.. i just posted the video clips i thought you were referring to.

and i dont think anyone is advocating giving silverstein a pass ;)

Okay, but I think Simuvac made some errors in judgement too.

All right, but in Sicuvac's other blog entry (he/she has two blogs going)people were advocating we lay off Silverstein because he's faced some anit-Semitism & stuff during his life.

(Of course anti-Semitism is wrong, but let's not excuse anyone's role in 9/11 or in covering-up 9/11 because of it.)

Was thermite used in the Ground Zero clean up?

Could this be a still of the video that was spliced in the Jones thermite movie?

This would account for the residue and would probably be the governments answer."We used thermite in the demolition." I'm not putting all my eggs in the thermite basket. A slim breakfast indeed; scrambled, poached, or beaten.

Nuclear blast in Nevada.

The cauliflower top looks familiar.

If the Roadrunner can fly through an Acme steel plate, a Boeing can too, right?

Researcher Michael Berger

Researcher Michael Berger checked with a number of steel-cutters and
workers at Ground Zero. They reported that oxy-acetylene torches were used
to cut the steel members --Not thermite
• Also, reacting thermite ejects globs of molten white-hot iron –would cause
VERY dangerous burns! Therefore, thermitewas not used in clean-up.

-per steven E. jones' paper

yeah, but that carries

yeah, but that carries little weight with some.. they believe berger is cointelpro, namely because he saw the first plane fly overhead while walking his dog.

stop the divide and destroy

Prof Jones will be glad to consider this possibility, in length. Everybody who has listened to him and read his work knows that. But he won't do that with the constant UNDERTONE of "you're all wrong, all your work was in vain, stop the pursuit of 9/11 truth, let Nico and Morgan do all the work, they are the only legit researchers"

Gotta give the neocons credit

This guy Morgan worked in the Bush administration, and now seems in charge of mixing lies with the truth.

Termite used in the cleanup effort? That's the first time i've heard THAT one.

No planes? Yeah - that really helps the movement.

I have always wondered - how do researchers like Morgan and Nico explain people like me? Flight 11 flew directly past my office building on 9/11. It was so loud we all thought it was going to hit our building. We saw it up close and personal.

What are these researchers suggesting? We all 'imagined' that plane going by? Holograms - complete with sound effects?

Or, can we assume that an ex-Bush employee suddenly designs a very sophisticated website, complete with sophisticated graphics and science - all on his own - to prove there were no planes?

Have you ever seen a more obvious plant? At least Nico appears to just be a loose wingnut on the rear wing of a CGI plane to the happy-farms. But Morgan?

I understand Morgan is no longer associated with Scholars for Truth. Does anyone know why?

perhaps you should interview

perhaps you should interview people you know who saw it? i think that could help a lot..

also, they obviously assume that you and berger are cointelpro since you both claim to have seen the first plane.. it goes back to the arguement of desired perception..

only 2 people saw it?

Thousands upon thousands of people saw and heard the planes. Everyone who lives in NYC saw, or knows someone who saw, the planes.

Keep in mind that Flight 11 was flying at a mind-blowingly low altitude over a densely populated city. THOUSANDS of people witnessed this. Everyone in my previous offices witnessed it. People on the street witnessed it. People up and down Manhattan witnessed it from their windows.

Its a JOKE that we even discuss this.

The idea that I should try to interview people - to confirm the existence of the planes - is ridiculous.

Plus, it will just be dismissed anyway.

Once you understand that these guys are not serious researchers, but paid disinformation agents, you understand that it is fruitless to attempr debating them. They welcome silly inflamed debates, because it serves to simply denegrate the movement as a whole. Anyone visiting these boards are greeted by a silly no-planes debate - compete with name calling and insane accusations and adolescent histrionics.

Mission accomplished. Newbies just walk away laughing.

I should interview witnesses to prove people saw the planes? That's the silliest thing I ever heard.

thats the last straw for me,

thats the last straw for me, trying to claim thermite was used in the clean-up. obvious attempt at discrediting Jones. Reynolds must have been the "Bush administration insider" they sent to take the movement down at the right time. now is that time, we are making progress and no-plane shills like Nico, and sadly Reynolds are shifting into high gear to try and stop us.

Don't Worry

A mini-documentary on cointelpro is in the works that will make these guys laughingstocks.

A little birdie told me.

"Or, can we assume that an

"Or, can we assume that an ex-Bush employee suddenly designs a very sophisticated website, complete with sophisticated graphics and science - all on his own - to prove there were no planes?"

Right, & Reynolds was an economist. It's not like computer websites or physics was something he was expert in or had to delve into big-time.

Pancaking, trusses giving out....

I'm also very upset because here in NYC of all places most people are still saying that the WTC pancaked, or the "trusses" failed, or the steel didn't melt but it weakened 90%, the gov't could never keep such a big secret, it would've taken thousand of gov't insiders to conspire, they did it because they hate our freedoms & democracy etc. etc....

Where are the 36% who think it was and inside job? I don't see these numbers in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

I wonder

if it's 36% who think it was an inside job and care enough to do something about it. Or, 36% who think it was an inside job and just don't care, about anything!


Anyone down to hand out

Anyone down to hand out leaflets, dvd-rs, etc on September 11th in San Francisco? I wish there would be some sort of 9/11 truth events in san francisco on 9/11, heck in any major city besides new york on that date.

The fact the no plane crap

The fact the no plane crap has to even be addressed is sad. If Morgan Reynolds is promoting no planes, I say he's either beyond naive or pure cointel.

yeah... they want to up the

they want to up the profile of the 'no planers'---everybody started figuring out that they were plants so the fake msm could try to associate them with 911truth---

this is desperate---alot of trusted people have now blown their cover and have been exposed as shills because of this...

you think anyone's gonna trust reynolds again??

once again they blew it

If you are in the South Bay

If you are in the South Bay and do not wish to travel to Oakland, I encourage you to come to our event in Santa Cruz!

Have You Ever Wondered What Really Happened on September 11, 2001? Find Out What Did NOT Happen and Debunk the Myths.

On the 5th Anniversary of 9/11,
The Santa Cruz 9-11 Truth Network

The underground blockbuster documentary,

LOOSE CHANGE 2nd Edition
including TV-footage you may have seen on 9/11
but was never shown again!!!

Rio Theatre
1205 Soquel Avenue,
Santa Cruz, CA

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Doors open at 6:30,
Program at 7 p.m.

Advance tickets $5, Door $6
Tickets may be purchased at:
Streetlight Records 939 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz
(831) 421-9200