ImplosionWorld debunks demolision theory

Anyone read the article in ImplosionWorld of August 8 by Brent Blanchard? It is

He goes through 9 dubiously concocted assertions in favor of demolition, and attempts to refute them. He doesn't address any of the hard issues, such as the complete pulverization of the concrete, or the near freefall collapse times.

LOL. You guys are really


You guys are really working over time eh?

Take a look at the new WTC7 pics and tell me it wasn't CD; any "scientist" worth his salt will acknowledge the obvious.

BTW, there's an interesting history of "scientists" supporting quack theories in order to retain their position in society. See, for instance, Eugenics.



"When the excitement of the blast is over, a large, billowing cloud of dust is one of the most identifiable characteristics of a successful project."


Tongue out


The stupidest assertions in

The stupidest assertions in that Blanchard report:

#3 - the claim that those aren't demolition squibs shooting from the towers 10, 20, 30 floors below the demolition wave, those are pockets of air -- yeah, right, pockets of air that are symmetrical, emerging from the center of the floor, and sometimes 30 floors away from the collapse... come on.

#4 - those weren't explosions witnesses heard; those were just loud noises -- 911 Eyewitness captures the pre-collapse explosions, and the way they get closer together just prior to the collapse -- and some eyewitnesses were tossed around by these explosions -- Blanchard is blowing smoke

#5 - no evidence of thermite being used -- you mean, when Dr. Jones found the chemical signature of thermite, that doesn't count as evidence?

The most suspect criticism -- the one that people should pounce on -- is the claim that nobody who removed steel saw any molten metal, and that if there were molten metal it would jam the machinery. The presence of molten metal is confirmed by satellite thermal imagery of Ground Zero, and by the photographic and video evidence. If Blanchard didn't talk to anyone who was near these pools of molten metal, that's his problem. The satellite imagery confirms it!

Implosion World and Popular Mechanics

Yep, look no further for the authoritative troof!!


"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers

Yet another Straw Man via the $1.6 Billion spent on fake media.

I hope someone rips this piece of filthy and lies to shreds, it's full of inaccuracies.

This kind of operation mocking bird scientific/engineering report makes me sick.

Brent Blanchard and his cronies at Protec have clearly identified themselves as neo-con shills, as well they might. They were no doubt part of the operation to destroy the three buildings with explosives.

What were 'demolition experts' with seismographic equipment doing in the middle of an emergency/terrorist scene within hours?? Surely they needed fire fighters, investigators and rescue workers.

Again we see the pathetic statements about miles and miles of wires and the 45 minutes to prepare the demolition after the first plane struck. They simply reject that a few thousand pounds of C4 and Thermate were probably placed weeks in advance (during the suspicious power downs!!!) and there was no wires involved!!! The explosives were wired to electronic triggers, operating on mobile phone frequencies, held within specialised titanium (aircraft black box like) cases. So that they could easily receive distinct signals, it would be like ringing a whole set of mobile phones in a synchronised fashion. The computerised signal (or call) then control the

I quote "We do not know why exactly how or why WT7 fell when it did, and we decline to
hypothesize here."

Well Mr Blanchard that didn't stop you hypothesizing about the miles of wires and explosives required to rig WT1 and WT2 within 45 minutes after the first plane impact did it?

Finally an attack on Alex Jones and Steve Jones and in the same sentence a reference to Wile E. Coyote and his creator Chuck Jones, a clever use of prose. Written no doubt by the CIA mocking birds.

This Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner theme seems to be running through quite a few of these recent neo-con shill hit pieces, is this a new trend?? Here I refer you to the recent publication by Morgan 'No Planes' Reynolds (a hit piece on Dr Steve Jones), where the road runner was seen silhouetted on one of the Twin Towers.

Maybe this particular DoD/CIA/FBI operation is called operation "Road Runner".

Has anybody examined

Has anybody examined Blanchards background? He doesn't have one. He has never demolished or blown up any structure ever. He is phony as a 2 dollar bill.