Leader of the Canadian Action Party Speaks

Connie Fogal, leader of the Canadian Action Party speaks out, topics include the North American Union and 9/11 from the perspective of a political party.

Connie Fogal - 30m, 29s - 108mb

Thanks to www.stoplying.ca for sending this in.



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She's an excellent speaker...

Thanks for speaking Connie.

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I'm quite disturbed by

I'm quite disturbed by this:

"This Reynolds/Wood disinformation represents a true turning point in the life of the 9/11Truth movement."

Meahwhile, Nico and his admirers are publishing their absurd "no-plane" bs left and right.

I'm starting to get really discouraged; the disinfo bullshit is going into high gear.

Don't give up

They want you to be discouraged. They want you to lose hope. They want you to give up. They want all of us to give up. That's the only way they can win.

We will never give up. The increase in disinfo is really quite predictable at this point. I find it quite encouraging actually, it shows they are getting somewhat nervous now.

dread is right. the fact

dread is right. the fact that the disinfo artists are turning up the heat is a good sign in my opinion. it means we are getting to them. we are forcing their hands.i honestly think that they thought this bullshit P.M. book, coupled with the constant stream of Bin Laden propaganda lately would deal us a severe blow. i just dont see that happening.


Make sure you have http://eaccelerator.net/ installed. It reduces the the load on your server by an order of magnitude and accelerates PHP by about 400 per cent. It is very easy to install (I can help you) and the result is almost unbelievable. I wouldn't run a PHP site without an accelerator. What it does? It keeps pre-rendered PHP scripts in an intelligent cache.

Is the Chomky interview

Is the Chomky interview archived anywhere? This is all I found;

Last night I gave a talk in Berkeley to a big mob of people about U.S. and the Middle East, and Israel and Palestine, and Turkey, and these things. Who is responsible for that talk? Not me. I flew in from Boston, came over and gave a talk. The people responsible for that are the people working on it, the people working day after day to create the organizational structures, the support systems, to go up and back to work with oppressed people over there. Maybe their names won't enter some record, but they're the ones who are leading everything. I come in and it's a privilege for me to be able to join them for an hour, but that's easy. You know, get up and give a talk, it's no big deal. Working on it day after day, all the time, that's hard, and that's important, and that's what changes the world, not somebody coming in and giving a talk.

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Problem is, that you can't switch the hoster right now, a couple of days before 9/11. It can take hours and days to get the DNS entry distributed worldwide. That means, that the site could be unreachable in this time. On the other hand, the traffic is heavily increasing and you'll see a huge traffic around 9/11.

I'm an IT manager for a larger software company and we're attending two tradeshows every year. The traffic on our website triples at this time. You can expect the same effect on 911blogger.com. You should make sure that this site will be reachable around 9/11.

Please check again if you are able to install an accelerator. I've done it in shared hosting environments before and I hope it is possible for 911blogger.com too. All you have to do is to install a php module and configure the PHP .ini file. It is _very_ easy and _very_ important to keep the site up in the most important time of the year.

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Fantastic video.

Fantastic video.

This is a MUST-WATCH video.

This is a MUST-WATCH video.

Is there any way to download

Is there any way to download this?

click the image above, and

click the image above, and tehre is a 'download' link right under 'view'.. right click that, 'save as'..

thanks dz

thanks dz

Cool new v for Vendetta/911

Cool new v for Vendetta/911 cut.


As much as everyone likes to

As much as everyone likes to trash Chomsky, this comment:

Last night I gave a talk in Berkeley to a big mob of people about U.S. and the Middle East, and Israel and Palestine, and Turkey, and these things. Who is responsible for that talk? Not me. I flew in from Boston, came over and gave a talk. The people responsible for that are the people working on it, the people working day after day to create the organizational structures, the support systems, to go up and back to work with oppressed people over there. Maybe their names won't enter some record, but they're the ones who are leading everything. I come in and it's a privilege for me to be able to join them for an hour, but that's easy. You know, get up and give a talk, it's no big deal. Working on it day after day, all the time, that's hard, and that's important, and that's what changes the world, not somebody coming in and giving a talk.

is a nice little description of the 911 truth movement ;)

Technically this is not

Technically this is not funny, but I had to lol at the succint description of the attacks:

"Republican Mary Maxwell of Concord told The Telegraph said the government was complicit in the attack so it could make Americans hate Arabs and allow the military to bomb Muslim nations such as Iraq. She also says the attacks were meant to make Americans more willing to accept laws that restrict civil liberties."

Does anyone else think the

Does anyone else think the CIA has some very disturbing video footage of Reynolds doing very disturbing things?

Either he's owned or he's really, really stupid. Ditto for the chick.

We should keep in mind that "honey pot" operations are as old as government itself. Not everyone is as pure as driven snow. Some people have skeletons. Intell takes advantage.

I hope and pray that my fellow truthers will not fall for this fantastically absurd "no-plane" disinfo.

When the MSM latches onto this thing they're gonna have a field day.

Windows Media File

Can we get this as a Windows Media File?

Wow! Jack Blood really


Jack Blood really kicked that pm shill's ass!

Judging from the reviews I thought it would be a horror show. it was no such thing!


He repeatedly changed the subject when asked about the war games.

the war games are the key!

they can argue cd all day long about magically collapsing buildings, but they can't dispute the war games.

I hate to say it, but

I hate to say it, but Ruppert was right. We should have never made CD and Pentagon our prime talking points; cd should be exposed, but magic bullet theorists can argue that stuff all day long.

War Games are key.


The war games and FBI foreknowledge. Ruppert's case by case examples of FBI foreknowledge in "Crossing the Rubicon" are overwhelming. I mean after reading HALF of them, a normal person would probably start feeling a little uncomfortable. After reading ALL of them, it's enough to make you sick.

They can deny War Games just

They can deny War Games just as easy as they can anything else.
This is basically the same as discussing facts with religious zealots, it does not matter at all how much archeological fact/evidence you present proving it nothing but a fairytale as it will always be denied 100% in favor of "faith" in something with zero evidence to support it.

Basically those that support the Official Government conspiracy theory do so solely because of faith in George Dubya Christ & the Neofascist.
Facts have nothing to do with it, actually the more solid irrefutable facts you present all that does to them is shore up their FAITH and make it stronger.
It is a rather insidious disease.

They can argue, but they can't win...

There's a good article by DRG that talks about several pieces of evidence about the collpases.

The official version (i.e. pancake theory) can be believable, as it has been. It can also be argued that yes, indeed steel can weaken under jet fuel induced fires and cause the collapse. I don't agree with this, but it has been extensively argued.

However, when you take ALL the anomolies into account:

(1) Pulverization
(2) Freefall speed
(3) Witness testimony
(4) Explosive squibs
(5) Lobby damage
(6) Basement explosions
(7) Seismic readings
(8) Pyroclastic flows
(9) Core columns
(10) WTC 7
(11) Only 3 modern skyscrapers to collapse from fire
(12) Own footprint
(13) Straight down
(14) etc...

Controlled demolition is the ONLY, repeat ONLY, plausible cause. I encourage anyone who is debating the collapse of the towers, to include ALL these points and not just the "fires were not hot enough" angle. In my opinion, controlled demolition is easy to prove if you bring up most of the above points.

The Preponderance Of Evidence.

Nice list, MediaPuppet.

Good reason, that it should be held as a preponderance while resisting efforts to dissect into isolated pieces.

As a preponderance, all counter attacks must rely on common ground.

As pieces, the ground can be endlessly shifted.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

War Games

Ruppert was right to a degree. You need to prove motives and means BACKED by physical evidence.

Windows Media File vs. QuickTime

I agree. Windows Media Files are far superior to QuickTime. QT totally sucks. I have a new computer with 2 gigs of ram, a athlon 64 bit dual core chip and a 512 mg Radeon Graphics Card and still have trouble with QT. QT should be outlawed.

WM vs QT

No way I'm trying to start any kind of argument, but if you were a Mac user, you would feel differently about QT.

typically we just post what

typically we just post what we get, then well do the conversions if/when we have time.. ill make sure we get a wmv up this weekend..

Well only about 10% of

Well only about 10% of puters are Mac the other 90% of us despise Slowtime.
It works sometimes on other sites, but for some reason on this site it has never worked once.


For those of us that can not run Slowtime.


Here it is from the source in .WMV

I have it in WMV format, but

I have it in WMV format, but having no luck getting the damn thing uploaded.  FTP timeouts everytime...

Arkin of the Wash Post speak out again


"I don't believe in conspiracies, and I think it is fantasy that the United States -- or Israel -- -- has some timetable for "attacking" Iran. "

New documentary blaming OBL

Here's how you can help the truth movement

I am going to debate a peculiar pro official story form a anonymous:

(Note that Penn & Teller represent comedic magicians who know how to deceive an audience for entertainment and they know how to spot con-artists who dishonestly deceive the public.)

-Yeah and Penn & Teller really made a point by speaking profanities throughout the whole 911 segment, giving no arguments against theories other than emotional comments, charged by the word Fuck.
(Not only did these emails agree with the conspiracy theories but some of them felt angered by my refusal to see their side (I did see their side, I just didn't agree with it). This amazed me because I have yet to see a single 9/11 conspiracy theory that makes any sense (what have I missed?) Moreover, most of the inventors of these theories do not even agree with each other (always a red flag) and most of their claims do not even meet the requirement of common sense. How in the world could anyone not see the holes in their argument, I thought.)

-So we should just feel nothing after our government let 9-11 happen, and we have people trying to defend the official story with explanations that dont make sense at all. What really makes no sense is the official story. That suggest that 3 buildings fell because of fire and structural damage, 2 of them being 110 stories hight, falling at a speed of 10 floors per second in about 10 seconds, close to free fall speed of 8.2 making it only 1-2 second resistance that all 110 floors gave away, making it almost freefall speed, making it appear as if steel had no strength at all, and to top it all off the top of one building broke to the side, reducing downward presure, yet the building fell evenly to its footprints, defying all logic.

(On second thought, I knew that beliefs can have such an overpowering affect on an individual that it can conceal important things like evidence, facts, and even reality. But these emails came from my people. Not necessarily nonbelievers, mind you, but liberals, freethinkers, and skeptics. Even the best of them can fall prey for scams, cons, illusions, frauds, and swindles.)

-This comment totally applies to the original story, where they conceal important evidence, like gettin rid of all the steel of the twin towers, and the government doing nothing to preserve the evidence, why they never reveal the inside trading in the stock market the days before 9-11, why the hid the tapes of the cameras sorrounding the pentagon, why they confiscated the firemen tapes, why they only show 5 frames from the pentagon explosion, when the cameras are 60 frames per second, and they are able to capture at least 20 frames from a object traveling at least 550 miles per hour, enought to capture a boing on video. Talk about the original story not making sense. Look at the big picture and not throught tunnel vision please.

(Of course we should allow anyone to ask any questions and speculate but these conspiracy theorists do not do this honestly. They leave out evidence that contradicts their theories, present out-of-context eyewitness reports, twist their words, and many times make things up. This makes them scam-artists and not worthy of respect. They use inductive reasoning (you cannot prove anything by inductive reasoning alone) and unsubstantiated deductive premises to explain them. Like all con-artists, they throw in their theories amongst actual facts to make them look as if they agree with the facts (they don't).)

-Of course we are asking question to the nonsense of the official explanations. Talk about leaving out evidence from the official explanations and the commission report. Talk about how the bush administration twist words by publicly saying: "We had no idea they could used hijack planes to attack us", when they where running simulations the same day about the same thing that happened on 9-11, not counting that inteligence had been telling the bush administration for months before that terrorist would used hijack planes to attack us, and to come in TV and claim they did not had any idea that would happen, is trying to hard to steer guilt away from them. How would you bush supporters responds to this discrepancies and lies known to be public. Talk about twisting facts, by invading iraq by making it seem there where ties of iraq to 9-11, when bush came on TV saying iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, when his letter to congress which you can find at whitehouse.gov justifying permission to go into iraq says that iraq was connected to the axis of evil that made 9-11 happen. Isn't that a boldface lie to us. That makes the official theory a conspiracy and far outlandish explanation to what happened on 9-11.

(For example, how could one not question the demolition theory of the WTC buildings? Think of all the people that would have to install explosives in every story of the buildings, lay miles of electrical detonation wires. It usually takes months for professional detonation crews to set up a large building for destruction and they also spend lots of time weakening structural columns with saws and torches.)

For example they where doing many 12 hour shift on secret, the where taking dog sneefing dogs for weeks before 9-11, plus bush brother was chief of security on those buildings. There is something call wireless technology nowadays people. and also you can easily deceive people by telling them building improvements being done, without telling them what materials they are using, or you could tell them its at complete rewire of certain systems in the building, that is without counting that most people that worked there died there. exept for some people that managed to survived but their stories have never been taken into account by the goverment and the media.

I could keep on debunking this argument but i think its enought to prove my point, if more debunking is needed i would be more than happy to go argument by argument with those protecting the official story.

Penn & Teller, who know how to deceive an audience.

Gustavo: Solid.

Catherine Austin Fitts

Gives a brief review of 9/11: Press For Truth.

Click Here


An interview with Mouloud Sihali, cleared (and recently released) of all charges relating to the ricin 'plot'.




acceptable 9/11 truth commentary by CNet

E.P.A. Whistle-Blower Says

E.P.A. Whistle-Blower Says U.S. Hid 9/11 Dust Danger

ANTHONY DePALMA / NY Times | August 25 2006

A senior scientist at the Environmental Protection Agency has accused the agency of relying on misleading data about the health hazards of World Trade Center dust.

The scientist, who has been sharply critical of the agency in the past, claimed in a letter to members of the New York Congressional delegation this week that test reports in 2002 and 2003 distorted the alkalinity, or pH level, of the dust released when the twin towers collapsed, downplaying its danger.


Some doctors suspect that the highly alkaline nature of the dust contributed to the variety of ailments that recovery workers and residents have complained of since the attack.

Fox News wants a draft

BRIAN KILMEADE: "Hey, Mr. Secretary, finally, do you think in the next ten years we're going to be looking at some type of draft because we seem to need - have so many conflicts to cover?"

WILLIAM COHEN: "I'm not sure there'll be a draft. I think there should be a commitment to universal service. I think that only a few people are really committed to this war against terrorism and called. I think the American people have to be - understand - that we're all in this together. We ought to have a real call to national service to commit ourselves to some form of public service ...."


The Draft

I doubt if it will happen. At least without another 9/11. People would take to the streets. The demonstrations of the 1960's would be small potatoes in comparison. The Elite don't want this kind of trouble.

do you doubt that another

do you doubt that another 9/11(and more war) will happen? cause i sure dont......

So what you are saying

is that we must hope that their IS a draft so people finally WTFU and start taking this to the streets?

Im all for ANYTHING that can accomplish this seemingly impossible feat.

I want to see 100 MILLION angry people in the streets.

no, i wasnt advocating a

no, i wasnt advocating a draft, but now that you mention it, it could be about the only thing that would awaken the average american and cause them to look closer at things like 9/11. specifically 9/11.

Another 9/11

Another 9/11 may happen Chris, but I think it is our job to expose them immediatly if and when it happens. They will not get away with it again. They will loose.

OK, WMV version is

OK, WMV version is uploaded,give it a try...Foot in mouth