Thursday night Site Notes

Switched over the website tonight from being in the /v2 folder to just being in the root as it should be. Unfortunately I am getting a bunch of errors in my logs from people still trying to hit the old site - at least the error message explains the switch and links to the homepage. One of the other issues is that some browsers have the index.html cached, which redirects to the /v2 folder. I deleted that index.html, but if it is cached it still might try to reroute you to the /v2 folder I suppose. So, if your having issues with things still referencing the /v2 folder be sure to click here to learn how to clear out your cache.

With that out of the way, here is the list for today:

  • Switched site from /v2 subfolder to the root of
  • Added social networking images/links (digg,, etc.) to full page post view
  • Implemented throttle module to try to keep the 'CPU Quota' error from occurring
  • Reduced default # of comments to show from 300 back to 30 due to load issue, logged in users can still modify default

I tested the site out on Safari finally as well thanks to a website for webmasters wanting to test for Safari but without a Mac. Apparently the new site loads fine in Safari, but it was with version 2.0.4, so if you are using something older please be sure to update. If there are Safari issues for the latest version let me know, otherwise that means the new site should work fine now in Firefox, IE 6 and 7, Opera, and Safari 2.0+.

I am still concerned with the CPU quota errors that have been popping up. I did manage to figure out where the log files for those errors are kept, so I can at least see what causes it. Unfortunately it is not any given module, but rather occurs when we get a bunch of users online. I setup the throttle module to disable some of the extra panels (random quote, upcoming events, recent blog posts, recent comments, polls) whenever we reach a certain number of users on at the same time. It should only remove these panels as needed in order to prevent going over our CPU quota. I will be checking these log files as we go along to make sure this issue is taken care of. Worse comes to worse we may switch to a dedicated server instead of a shared server, but I hope that won't be necessary right away.

Please let me know if you come across any issues regarding the switch from the /v2 subfolder, I think everything is fine (tested it on 3 computers on 2 different ISPs), but I need to know if there are issues.

Any other concerns about the new site?

Sup man, I take back about

Sup man, I take back about 80% of the constructive criticism I gave on the new look. I was using firefox for a change and actually had a chance to see what you've actually built and it looks wicked, very neat. My AOL makes the site look shit, it f*cks up things the border dots which it turns into dashes. It makes the site look crappy basically, and don't know if you can fix that? But I'm going to start using firefox more often now anyway. I still think the grey colouring should be changed with something a bit fresher, something that goes well with the colouring of the banner. But seeing how the page really looks on firefox though, it doesn’t stick out as much and so is really a minor thing. Nice work designing that badboy man, great job!

ha, thanks! i think that AOL

ha, thanks!

i think that AOL uses an imbedded IE 6 browser.. not sure though..

any chance you can get a screenshot of how it is looking in AOL?

Here dude

Ok this is ironic, this screenshot looks fine on AOL, but on my firefox its all pixelated and shit for some reason lol. If this is crappy at your end dude I’ll mail it;

i sincerely appologize for

i sincerely appologize for the cpu errors that are popping up from time to time.. i am working on it..