9/10: Loose Change to air on national tv in the Netherlands !

LOOSE CHANGE 2 (full version, dutch subtitles) broadcast in Europe!

BNN, Nederland 3, sunday september 10th from 23.40 till 01.00 hrs (monday september 11th!)
Source: http://www.mediacourant.nl/?p=1516

And at 9/11 itself a free screening of Loose Change will happen at De Balie Cinema in Amsterdam at 19:00 hrs as part of a 9/11 theme day with lectures, debates and more.
Source: http://www.debalie.nl/artikel.jsp?articleid=56500&podiumid=politiek

De Balie http://www.debalie.nl
Is a much repected national wide famous political and cultural debate center in Amsterdam.

BNN http://www.bnn.nl
Is a non-commercial broadcast organisation with airtime on national Dutch public radio & tv channels

Nederland 3 (Ned. 3) http://www.nederland3.nl
Is a much respected third national public tv channel of The Netherlands, comparable with BBC.

100% of the dutch population can receive this channel via air, cable, satellite or IP TV. Ned. 3 is also on cable systems in all the flemisch speaking parts of Belgium, Luxemburg and some cable systems in Germany. Because of overspill of aether transmitters, Ned. 3 is transmitting on air over the border into small regions of Germany and Belgium. (with sporadic good athmospheric conditions much further, even reaching Britain)

Ned. 3 is also Europewide (and beyond) on Astra 1 satellite, but encrypted. (and not cracked) Only citizens of The Netherlands are allowed to buy a smartcard for the satellite service wich provides Ned. 3. Many dutch who are living abroad in Europe, have this smartcard. So have many holiday resorts and hotels wich are popular by dutch tourists, in Spain for example.

In short: probably at least 20 million NATO country civilians have Ned. 3 tuned into their TV sets.

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Loose Change world television premiere

A full version of Loose Change 2 premiered wednesday august 23rd 2006 on Amsterdam 1 TV in airtime of Vrije Keyser TV.

A very much shortened version of Loose Change aired in Belgium and The Netherlands on monday august 21st 2006 on the secon national Flemish channel 'CANVAS'

"Loose Change 2 to Air on Amsterdam Television this Wednesday"

I wonder what the diplomatic chatter is like

between the White House and the Dutch?

Probably dead silence...

The Bilderberg group started

The Bilderberg group started in Holland dude, the "elites" certainly all still communicate etc.

I recon the loose change guys should get the final cut dubbed into as many major languages as possible. Subtitles are great but dubbing and complete re-wording for other countries' languages would be much better.

So I guess its much

So I guess its much like:

"Since there was so much damage to the Bush Administration, we have decided to PULL IT!"


English is a second language for most native dutch speakers. Holland doesn't have a tradition of dubing foreign productions in Dutch language, all Hollywood crap is subtitled on tv, dvd and in cinema's here.
Dubbing a foreign language film or series in dutch is regarded by the dutch as 'akward' and considered as 'mutilation'. :-)

Oh no dude what I mean is,

Oh no dude what I mean is, they could make separate documentaries specifically tailored for other countries etc. Like Dutch-speaking documentaries, you've got those right?

E.g. get Dutch, French,

E.g. get Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Koran etc voice over professionals, and have the entire wording in Dutch or French etc.


I see your point, good idea. But who will do (finance) it?
Not really neccesary for The Netherlands, but probably essential all counties with languages not as close to english (not only grammatically but especially culturally) as dutch is.

...the 9/11 media perps love

...the 9/11 media perps love Loose Change, because it has no 9/11 TV Fakery in it.
That's why LC is also popular in bilderberg countries like Netherlands and Belgium.

After all the neocons had a deal with Netherlands, when Paul Wolfowitz' best buddy Jaap de Hoop Sheffer became head of NATO.

Also, the australian front of the neocons does still work perfect for the neocons.

The success of LC is supported by the 9/11 media perps.
They're not scared about this movie at all...

911 truth documentaries television premeires

I read elsewhere that 'Clear TV' broadcasted Loose Change on television earlier then Canvas. But i don't know yet when that was.

Clear TV is an Amsterdam based, free to air, commercial tv channel on Astra 3 satellite braodcasting all over Europe. But very few people in Europe have this satellite position tuned into their dish. And Clear TV is not availble yet on any major cable networks.

Jimmy Walters "Confronting The Evidence" ( http://www.reopen911.org ) was broadcasted entirely on Amsterdam 1 TV months ago already. August 30th they will broadcast it again. http://www.salto.nl

Also this DVD has been broadcasted (with italian subtitles) by an Italian TV channel, free to air on the very popular Hotbird satellite. (I try to find out wich channel)

Does anybody know of any other TV channels on the planet wich have broadcasted 911 truth documentaries? Or are planning to do so?