Antigovernment protesters seize 12 private radio stations

Protesters including striking school teachers in southern Mexico seized 12 private radio stations today after unidentified assailants shot up a government-owned station already under the demonstrators’ control.

Why aren't we organizing this kind of action in the US? ... And I'm really talking about our public radio stations, but the Mexicans took over both Public and Private stations. Damn!

I tried to organize citizens in my hometown to protest the 'public' National Propaganda Radio station run by agents and/or useful idiots- but the anti-war 'leaders' (who have been in this small town for years longer than me, and they know everyone) who "know about 9/11" - yet all they want to do is organize a useless Saturday afternoon march!

When I brought up the importance of the radio and reaching more people than the 50 at the march... they told me: "never going to happen." And the rest of the crowd was all too happy to follow the leaders... the republicans aren't the only sheep in America.

How about 911bloggers? How about us? Do we have it in us to take the message to the next level, by marching on and possibly taking over tv and radio stations? If nothing else, we'd be informing/shaming the tv news crew, etc.

I'll keep trying here in BFE- but I think there must be other cities with more activists that would have a better chance of achieving the goal.

i like what you're saying!

we're going to have to take some risks to get anywhere. and living under the current regime is a much greater risk than possible arrest.

i too am sick and tired of wishy washy people in the 9/11 truth movement. it's like people don't realize what the movement is actually saying or what we are actually up against! if you think it's going to be an easy, institutional solution, fucking think again. we are going to have to put ourselves on the line. this is going to be all out fascism or all out revolution, take your pick.

the tendency toward comfort and risk-aversion is so deeply engrained in america that even people who see the completely corrupt, suicidal nature of our current system cannot bring themselves to put a personal stake in changing it.

what we do doesn't necessarily have to be "illegal" (what does that even mean anymore under the current circumstances?), but it does have to be strong, strategic, and personal.

let's get to it!

Orwell once said that 'when

Orwell once said that 'when it comes to the pinch, human beings are heroic". It may require a real "pinch", for instance starvation on the scale of Mexico or worse -- before people in wealth-concentrated nations start to evidence real courage. There are a few exceptions, but most of us seem content to wait until the dragon is staring us in the face. In the back of our minds, we cling to the idea that some hero in government will come along and save us. It's not gonna happen, and that's a GOOD thing -- we need to start behaving like adults instead of having 'government' "protect us" from the boogeymen of their own creation.

I agree

I have been calling for a full blown Revolution for 2 years now because it is the ONLY thing that is going to do any good.
These bastards need to be drug out of the Whitehouse suited up in orange jumpsuits and shipped to Guantanamo and tortured for a few decades, no need for any trial.

This is a tough issue, and

This is a tough issue, and one for which there's very little agreement event amongst self-described revolutionaries. The problem is tht if you look at the history of revolutionary movements, you find that violent revolts often make the situation worse, not better.

The anarchists in the 19th century, for instance, embraced a tactic called "propaganda of the deed", where they would capture army bases and radio stations and so on. Sometimes people ended up dead. As the word of this tactic spread, more rabid types started assassinating heads of state and industry, hoping this would spur the starving masses into out-right revolt.

It had the opposite effect, turning people off. They saw images of bloodshed in the papers, were repulsed, and tried to dissasociate themselves from the very people who were trying to help them most, the people who organized the campaigns against child labor and so on. The corporate press is highly skilled at ignoring, downplaying or turning upside down massive institutionalized violence (wage-slavery, war etc.) while trumping up individual murder cases, even when the person murdered is absolute filth. We recoil in horror at the death of JFK, but shrug our shoulders at the millions he was rensponsible for killing in South East Asia.

I have no doubt that were Bush taken out, liberals would be all over the place weeping and begging for "unity".

Anyway, the anarchist movement abandoned the "propaganda of the deed" and focussed their efforts at education, union organizing, international solidarity movements, local farming and so on. A century later, it is clear that these efforts have only been marginally effective. Indeed, for every gain there as been ten or twelves losses.

There are still groups called "insurrectionary" anarchists (like the black bloc), who are hell-bent on pushing the envelope, but even these hardcore types shy away from the kind of actions we just witnessed in Mexico, perhaps because they're all too aware of the "bomb-throwing anarchist" caricature. They're willing to engage in property damage but they don't go all the way -- and perhaps they shouldn't. Yet.

There are also lots of examples of violent revolutionary movements in Latin America that failed where non-violent civil disobedience won. Dozens of them in fact. Despots were strengthened by violent assaults (which are their forte, after all) but made impmotent by mass non-violent civil disobedience.

However, you would be hard-pressed to find a single Latin American country for which the mass of the populace has any control over the matters that most effect their lives; this is one of the problems with governments of any kind, be they marxist or liberal democracy like the US.

Overthrow the current tyrants, and a new batch will be there to take their place. Unless, that is, we change our entire paradigm and get rid of the concept of huge governments all together, devolving power to local communities and federating horizontally.

There's some interesting debates beween anarchists on this subject, between (for instance) people like Ward Churchill and Michael Albert.

It's a very tough issue, and no one really has the answers. Sometimes, small rebellious actions act as force multipliers and change history for othe better. Othertimes, they are ruthlessly suppressed by the state and actually increase repression.

The good news: there will come a time when enough is enough, and no army in the world will be able to prevent progress.

Lets see what

Happens in Mexico then and let that govern response here, IF they are successfull take note of their actions & methods, IF they fail then take note of why and react accordingly.

Getting the word out is key, but....

Getting the word out is key, but other than with blogs like these, not many new people are being reached, I'm afraid.

I'd be encouraged to see some 9/11 graffiti & stickers for starters, along with some msm advertisements of which I've seen few or none.

I hope you're not waiting for anyone else to do it

Get busy.

Well I would have a hard

Well I would have a hard time justifying taking over PRIVATE radio stations... after all it is someone's property.

However taking over public stations, or the means to broadcast emergency bulletins for public interest... that's another issue.