to replay 9/11 attacks coverage

 CNN will mark the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks by replaying on the Internet the cable network's coverage of that day's events.

Viewers can watch how events unfolded starting at 8:30 a.m., minutes before the first reports of an airplane hitting the World Trade Center. The feed will run in real time, as the network showed it five years ago, until midnight.

For the day, CNN will make its online video service, CNN Pipeline, available for free. Normally, viewers pay $2.95 a month or $24.95 a year for four separate video feeds.

Online viewers will be able to watch live reports of memorial services through one of the feeds. So that viewers won't accidentally stumble upon graphic footage from 2001, the replay feed will be covered with a notice instructing users to click only if they want to watch.

"Our users may choose to view the stream of coverage from Sept. 11, 2001, or live coverage of memorial services at Ground Zero, or they may click through the numerous interactive elements on the site," said David Payne, senior vice president and general manager of "They have the power to determine the best way for them to remember the anniversary."


Hmmm. "Funny" how they're

Hmmm. "Funny" how they're going to broadcast this online in a WAY-lower-than-tv-broadcast-quality format. Grrr.

"WAY-lower-than-tv-broadcast-quality format"

Great point. I think we'd be surprised how much more evidence (bombs going off/flashing, thermate sparking, etc.) can be revealed in high-quality video & audio!

That's exactly what I was

That's exactly what I was alluding to. ;)

Gotta love NWO propaganda.

Gotta love NWO propaganda. In all honesty it wouldn't surprised me if they tried to pull all of references to bombs going off out of their online "rebroadcast". I mean look at how bad they botched 9/

I wonder if all the reports

I wonder if all the reports of secondary explosions will be scrubbed for the broadcast.

Rest assured....

Rest assured.... somebody.... somewhere... tapped CNN on that day with an old batamax... and has it sitting on a shelf for just this sort of 'honesty' comparison.

I have little doubt, it will all come out in the wash.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

I have the CNN coverage but

I have the CNN coverage but only from 12:30 in the afternoon on, I've always wanted to see the earlier stuff...

You know, this will be

You know, this will be interesting.  This is surely an instance of "damned if you do, damned if you don't" for CNN.

 On one hand, if they leave the reports of explosions in the broadcast, many people will see the reports and have their memory jogged from that day before they went to sleep, when they and everyone else heard those reports.

 On the other hand, if they take the reports of explosions out, a researcher with untouched footage from that morning will undoubtedly make the connection and the question will have to be asked as to why they would take those reports out.

Like breathing air.

Once people "get it"... putting this whole mass back into honest context, is like reading and writing poetry. No fantasy "story" can ever compete with it.

Liars never remember that part of history class.

I could imagine them working

I could imagine them working around the explosion stuff by editing in-studio video of anchors blabbing about the events overtop any explosion video stuff. Such as: in-studio video that was being filmed at the same time as the original explosion stuff was broadcast, but on different cameras with different anchors in a separate part of the studios. Or non-studio "live" reporter video that was filmed at that same time the explosion stuff was originally broadcast, but that wasn't broadcast live because the original broadcast at that moment was the explosion stuff. Or maybe they'll edit different in-studio video, or other different non-studio reporters, or even replay quick video scenes that they already broadcast of the towers before or after collapse, during the earlier live broadcast etc. Since it wouldn't be hard for them to pass off a stationery camera angle of the towers or WTC that they already showed the exact video of, again.

The fact that CNN is going to broadcast on the internet only, already says edited video. Since it has to be formatted prior to being streamed.

CNN crew: "Oh, another report of secondary explosions at the World Trade Center. Let's just edit over that with Paula Zahn talking about how tragic the 9/11 events seem."

CNN Boss: "Give that crew a raise!"

You can get the CNN & Fox footage from September 11, 2001 here

This will enable you to do your own comparison.

There's raw footage WITH audio of 9 pre-collapse Explosions.

There's raw, clear footage WITH audio of 9 pre-collapse Explosions. The Director, Richard Siegel, shows in the 2-hr documentary "911 Eyewitness":

1)Each of the 3 collapses
2)freeze-frames to show the demolition line running down the side of the building while the front corner remains intact
3)seismic graphs of pre-collapse explosions from Columbia's lab.
4)id's fingerprints of explosions
5)violations of 3 laws of physics
6)video evidence of thermite / thermate and molten metal falling out of towers
7) horizantal squibbs
8) bright flashes going off all over within the buildings
9) 30 foot steel beams being ejected up and out 600 feet.
Plenty more.

I have to say the most eerie part was hearing (for the 1st time) those pre-collapse explosions just sent chills up my spine.

I got the DVD from for $25. I got it so if "they" confiscate all video / audio footage, I'll have it.

C' Ya.

i've got CNN's feed from

i've got CNN's feed from before the first plane is announced. it starts with an ad for Ditech, actually. I've got from 8:48 to approximately 11:00...

I'm sure things will be cut. Like Aaron Brown identifiying the "third" and "fourth explosions at the trade center"

Jamie McIntyre as well...

Playing one's last hand at poker.

I wouldn't be too sure, Mr Avery. CNN may only be playing its last CYA card left. That still won't let them off the hook, try as they might.

call me dylan. :D

call me dylan. :D

Civil discourse through mutual respect.

Just being polite, dylan. We here, are recreating a culture of Gentle men and Gentle ladies.

As our life may depend upon it.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.


i merely jest, Mr. Myers. :D

hey Dylan, what exactly is

hey Dylan, what exactly is Immortal Techniques role gonna be at Ground Zero? goddamnit, i gotta figure out how to get up there on 9/11.

he's gonna be performing the

he's gonna be performing the night before, on 9/10...

you got a permit for that or

you got a permit for that or is it gonna be a guerrilla style performance?

I'll hold the door.

Someday, we must have tea, Mr. Avery.

that is exactly how i see

that is exactly how i see it. when the shit hits the fan, CNN can say they at least tried to show people the whole story. what a crock.

Lost in the degrade.

o'cours, only "in that endless echo-chamber of conspiracy and virtual reality"... the internet.

Sure don't seem too inclined to re-broadcast through their primary Hi-def one-way media.. TeeVee.

"Yay" for Dylan

Well, another "yay" for Dylan...

Another point of interest will be the variuous reports about things that never happened... like bombs and fires in DC.

oh i wasn't looking for

oh i wasn't looking for adulation, i'm just saying i have a point of reference if something is reported omitted.

per the state department and capitol building bombs, those were all rumors later put to rest, so I doubt they'll have any reason to censor that.

i want them to air their coverage from the following know, like Robert Mueller admitting they're uncertain about the hijackers' true identity...

"News is a weapon of war.

"News is a weapon of war. Its purpose is to wage war and not to give out information."
- Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda, 1942

What? Inclding all the fake

What? Inclding all the fake airplanes? This should be good.

Jamie Mac Intyre: "Im here at the Pentagon, there is no sign of an aircraft.."

TV anchor: "That looked just like one of them controlled explosions that we see so often on the TV".

I think they have re-cut the scenes over and over. We will get some computerised garbage.

How to record CNN Pipeline feed

WM Recorder works well for ripping CNN feeds:

I'm curious to compare the feed to the original and locate omissions.

Do you know the exact link

Do you know the exact link for the stream so it can be ripped using that program?

Got it, that program does it

Got it, that program does it for u.. Thanks!!

I guessnext to Loosechange

I guessnext to Loosechange korey rowe stating they purposely left disinformation on it, it should be a close race for the lies and bullshit.

See you assholes next monday.