Frank Rich: America's 'fearing fear itself' era is over

Great story!
Check it out! Sh*t is gonna hit the fan!

I think Keith Olbermann helped with this one!


The Mythical End to the Politics of Fear

The Mythical End to the Politics of Fear

NORMAN SOLOMON | August 25 2006

Nearly five years into the "war on terror," it's still at the core of American media and politics.

Yeah, I've seen the recent polls showing a drop in public support for President Bush's "war on terror" claims. And I've read a spate of commentaries this month celebrating Bush's current lack of political traction on the terrorism issue, like the New York Times piece by Frank Rich last Sunday triumphantly proclaiming that "the era of Americans' fearing fear itself is over."

That's a comforting thought, hovering somewhere between complacent and delusional.