Lets Crash The Gate Keeper's 911 Party!!!

Just got my tickets for the whole Democracy Now event. Including the wine and jazz hob-nobbing reception.Would any one else like to join me or offer suggestions on how best to utilize this situation for 911 Truth and open the left wing gates? Don't get me wrong....I am a progressive who use to love chompsky,Goodman, Barsamian...ect...until 911 started to filter the wheat from the chafe , so to speak. We need to force them to openly deal with 911. I plan to do this forcefully but respectfully from the inside of the event.

My dream would be to have William Rodriguez openly confront Juan Gonzales and Barrie Zwicker to openly confront Miss Goodman. I think there is a lot of potential here....and I also think some wine, jazz, and appetizers would be nice after a long hard day of 911 Truth outreach.

Dz,Jon,SMG,Justin,Dylan,Reprehensor Corey ??????? Any takers?

Please offer your ideas and suggestions of how to best utilize this event for 911 Truth.

(At the very least we should have as many people as possible show up for the official book signing event (20$) with our 911 Truth shirts awkwardely filling the audience.) Radical Pragmatist

Don't forget to tape any

Don't forget to tape any exchanges. I think a coordinated protest at Democracy Now headquarters during airtime would be more effective. But any little thing helps. If pressed, she will hopefully do the right thing and allow an open exchange on the subject with scholars like DRG, Tarpley, Chossudovsky and so on; she could even invite some debunker types. Tons of information has come out since the original DRG appearance; we now have a strong upper hand.

The Willie Rodriguez idea is

The Willie Rodriguez idea is good one; his cridentials are impeachable. In fact, If Willie was able to just talk with her for a few minutes I think it quite possible that she would be open to having him and other 911 truthers on her program. It's hard to censor heroes.

"his cridentials are

"his cridentials are impeachable." surely you mean impecable..lol

I'll definately tape the whole event.

Perhaps myself and a camera man can go in and just interview and record conversations / exchanges with not only the hosts of this event but the participants. "Confronting The Gatekeepers: Why has the Left Avoided the questions of 911?"

It would be great to have someone well known in the Truth Movement there to do the interviews and provide them with some facts about 911. I'm sure they could do a better job then myself, but I'll do it alone if I must.

We could also support any protesters outside, while recording the reactions within the event.

Go Wired!

a camera would get you noticed right away as a potential problem. Make sure you take a digital recorder and a lapel mic... you may get some better results :D

Go for it!

Go for it!

a sign or a shirt that

a sign or a shirt that says...

"building 7 proves bush did 911"