There are several people within the movement who have TREMENDOUS egos. I have even referred to myself as an "Evil Genius". However, I am a VERY sarcastic individual, and OFTEN take part in jokes at my expense.

The reason I'm writing this is to remind everyone with egos of the following:

No ONE person has made a difference. It has been a COLLABORATIVE effort by people all over the world.

People like Dr. David Ray Griffin, Michael Ruppert, Paul Thompson, Dylan Avery, Carol Brouillet, etc... are all heroes. Each and every one of them.

However, how many people would have heard of their books, and videos, etc... if not for the 9/11 Truth Movement? How many mainstream media outlets have you seen post stories about their books? How many local stations have you seen post stories about their books? Think about how often in your daily life you see mention of anything related to 9/11 Truth. I can tell you it's not very much.

So my sincerest thanks to everyone in the movement. If not for us, the truth would have died.

Those of you with egos, please try to remember that.

Great Blog

Way to point out the selflessness of these people Jon. Whenevr I hear someone say," They're doin it for the money," I get so mad. It's kinda a thankless lot in life. The truth I mean. We are ridiculed for the relentless pursuit* of the truth. I don't WANT these things to be true. I'd rather just live my happy little life. Who would want this to be the world as it is?

If there was a line...

That led to this being over, I would be the first one in it.

Some people seem to be able

Some people seem to be able to ignore 9/11 truth, even after they were told of it. They just go on doing what they did before and wait for what (little) fallout of this govt. corruption will reach them where they live.
The trouble is, some people might be not affected by it, but some are. 9/11 is about something fundamental, like how 'decisions' are made in our courts. See the Moussaoui trial. See the OJ Simpson trial - not everybody can afford a 'dream team' to defend himself, but seems to be necessary these days to spend millions for a simple 'innocent unless proven guilty' process. If you're poor, you'll get convicted just because someone 'believed' you did it, because he saw it 'in your face' or similar superstition. And that's our justice system. 9/11 truth has the potential to shake these things up.

When this is over...

I hope to retire to some tropical island somewhere... have a nice house on the beach, etc... Of course, I won't have the money to do that, but it would be nice.

Part of Morgan Reynold's

Part of Morgan Reynold's criticism of Jones can be explained away with egoism. He's criticised the Bush administration on 9/11 and other things, so he doesn't stop with anyone just because his name is Steven Jones and he's part of a 9/11 group.
The no-plane "belief" is also not new news from him. He publicised it all along, there was just no such hit-piece.

As far as Nico and his research goes, i've seen this type of folks before in other places. That a group of outsiders is doing a load of work on some subject, OK, but a subject already thoroughly covered by others. Then they just declare their own results superior to everybody else's, and demand it to be accepted as the "standard" (e.g. Microsoft tactics).

Then Daniel Hopsicker, who couldn't help but research only about LIHOP, only about those evil hijackers. Now that he was told of the controlled demolition, he calls it "disinformation" and clings to his (now meaningless) LIHOP research. That could well be out of arrogance.