god whoever this is over at the history channel forum is killing us with garbage like this


I want to slap this F*cking idiot

" no planes struck the WTC
Posted: Aug 24, 2006 7:11 AM (1 of 11)

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Around mid-2002 the case for controlled demolition of the WTC was essentially proven in the minds of many in the 911 truth movement. It was about this time that a small group of researchers discovered an even more remarkable facet of 9/11. Specifically, the shocking realization that the TV networks aired fake video of animated, CGI planes striking the WTC.

I was the first person to declare that the TV networks aired fake video. Since those early days many people have joined in support of this conclusion. At the moment, the question of whether real Boeing 767s struck the WTC is the hottest topic in the 911 Truth Movement. This is the area of research that is most promising for reaching the general public.

Here are some websites arguing the point that real commercial planes did not strike the WTC. People who are interested in following the latest developments and conversations on the 911 Hoax can also join in a pair of Yahoo groups that are lively and informative.




Yahoo groups:

Planehuggers at yahoogroups.com
911InsideJobbers at yahoogroups.com

(note: "Planehuggers" is a term commonly used in the 911 Truth movement to denote someone who maintains that real Boeing 767s struck the World Trade Center no matter how preposterous the video and other documentation seems.)"

Pretty damn obvious

That this is nothing but paid shills starting such trash and a few looney toons believe it and spread it.

This gives the MSM ammunition so when they give 1-3 min little snipets of airtime to a real 9/11 truth advocate all the complicit reporter will ever bring up is such utter bullshit as this, then viola they are magically out of time for THE most important news story in modern history the split second the 9/11 truth advocate steers around the bullshit wall and starts eating them alive on the FACTS.