How do you get search engines to find your page?

My site's been up a while and still I can't find it using any of the major search engines.

I know that they trawl through links they find on web pages to find new pages, but I've got in various places now and still it does not exist :]

Anyone know if there's a minimum number of links required for a search engine to index your page?

Add Meta Tags

Or submit your site to each search engine.

Ah yes of course. Thanks.

Ah yes of course. Thanks.


It is very, very simple.

Make website with content of value.

Now, that may sound like a joke of a tip, but it is absolutely true. Search engines value your website by the number of other relevant sites who are linking to it.

The more people like your site, the more people link to it. Search engines will value your site based on these links and also of the value of the sites the links are coming from.

In short, if people find your website interesting, they will link to it and thus make your site visible in search-engines.

It is that simple. Also, know that it takes 4-8 weeks before major search engines, in this case only Google, "update" your site (By in this case only Google, I mean EXACTLY that. That is the sad truth. Yahoo/MSN/many other search engines BLOCK a whole lot of sites, sites with specific keywords etc.. just type in a few 9/11 keywords in a few search engines and verify this for yourself).

So. Just keep on updating your site. Add original content and information to it (don't just copy other peoples content, both people and search engines dislike that). Do a good job and people will like your site will link to it. It's that simple..

Optomise your site

To get high results in Google you need to ensure the following:

1. Do NOT use frames (pages framed within pages). Search engine content robots cannot follow through to see and index the content of framed pages. Use clear HTML if possible.

2. Make sure you have meta tags. Search engines use these tags that you add to the HTML of your site. The amount and sort of tags to use in both meta keywords and the sites meta discription are vital.

3. Have as many sites linking to AND from your site. This increases ranking as the more the site is linked to relative sites the better the ranking.

4. Submit your site. Google can take up to 7 weeks to cycle its rankings. While you wait, submit your site to as many online directories as you can find and then. . . re-submit on a regular basis.

5. Take as much trouble getting your site set up properly as providing the content. If you are inexperienced at building sites and getting rankings, ask professionals or pay to have someone set them up for you (there are many companies who can do this - some are much better than others. My experience is that to achieve even modest quality rankings not a great deal of money needs to be spent.

6. Make sure your site works. . . every time! Test it on different browsers (explorer, safari, firefox) and different operating systems (Windows, Mac). Just because you can see it on your computer does not mean it will display on others.

Hope this helps ;)

If you are using a host

If you are using a host provider that your domain. They probably have a form you can fill out to have your site submitted to the major search engines.

I use They had a form I filled out when getting my site.

If you site creates alot of traffic it will be picked up automatically. Posting videos helps create traffic.


Hey all,

Thanks for all those good comments. I've been busy working on your advice. Hopefully I will have things mostly perfect in a few days. I've already made a noframes link to the menu section, so search engine trawlers can get past the main index page. I should hopefully have fixed a few other things and then I'll try submitting them to some search engines.