Then, They Came for the Professors.

UPDATE, email addresses and websites to allow you to support William Woodward here:

Truth needs no laws to defend it. The 9/11 Commission Report is an affront to many non-Kool-Aid-imbibing Americans, yet we already paid for it!

A few months ago, Professor Kevin Barrett was threatened for questioning the officially-approved conspiracy theory. It must be open-season on professors.

We would to well to consider the haunting words of Pastor Martin Niemöller.

If we don't stop this now, all of us will be required to subscribe to all lies spewed by this miserable and vicious Administration.

Note, check out the response to the William Woodward news here:

I was thinking on this very topic

before seeing this post. All of the 911 truth movement will be moot when the New 911 comes along. Then it will be Black Water mercenaries.... excuse me, Sewage Water Mercenaries coming for all who resist the Empire. The camps have been built or refurbished. I was thinking tonight.... in my flash of paranoia (they come more frequently these days...) that I would send my son to his mother's .... Rather than go to the Bush-Stalin's gulag I think I would....

I was under

The misconception that the people of NH were just a wee bit more on the ball and informed than this bunch of nutbags.

I guess being next to Vermont has not rubbed off on them at all.

Answer my questions please....

Why haven't journalists and reporters answered many essential questions that would explain how 9/11 happened?

Why haven't reporters explained who funded the 9/11 attack operation?

Why hasn't FEMA or NIST been able to explain why WTC building 7 collapsed?

Why haven't reporters explained who was involved with insider trading on airline stocks just before 9/11?

Why haven't reporters explained who told Giuliani the WTC tower was about to collapse?

Why haven't reporters explained why several FBI agents were ordered to stop investigating men known to be training for this type of attack?

Why haven't reporters explained how several names listed as the alleged hijackers are still living today?

Why haven't reporters explained why Mohammed Atta previously trained on military bases and with CIA operatives?

Why haven't reporters explained why there were unusual power downs and mandatory evacuations at the WTC complex in the days and weeks leading up to 9/11?

Why haven't reporters explained why jets weren't scrambled in the vicinity of Washington DC?

Why haven't reporters explained how a hijacker (albeit, one who's skill was reportedly substandard) could have piloted such a complex maneuver into the Pentagon?

Why haven't reporters demanded more information from existing evidence such as from black-boxes, flight manifests, video footage, witness testimony, etc?

Why haven't reporters reconciled the known discrepancies of reports about the distribution of wreckage from flight 93?

Why haven't reporters explained why the 9/11 Commission Report excluded so many important issues and details? (most of the 9/11 families have not been satisfied)

Why haven't reporters explained why each of the four commandeered flights of 9/11 were filled with an unusually low number of passengers?

Why haven't reporters explained why the rubble and debris from the collapsed buildings hasn't been chemically analyzed?

Why haven't reporters explained how the 15 Saudi Arabian men got into the US and managed to live under the radar? Where were they? What did they do? Who knew them? Who knew about them?

On the issue of 9/11, mainstream reporters have, by their non-reporting, allowed an informational black hole to develop. It's no wonder that theorizing has taken hold. Fringe research is moving forward to fill the fact-void to the best of its ability. Obviously, mainstream investigative journalism could do so much better. But they haven't. The internet has been an important collaborative medium fueling interest and ideas. All things considered, these unofficial, unsanctioned researchers and reporters have done a pretty good job at explaining how and exposing why the government's official story isn't satisfactory.

Orwell Rolls in his Grave

I think this video answers those questions well enough.


it's the reporters who should be answering my questions. Not some little known docudrama.

That "little Known docudrama"

as you call it was made by reporters that got sick & tired of the BS and came out and told the truth.

My point is

That mainstream reporter has failed in its duty to inform the mainstream of America.

I have great respect for all the smaller voices of truth. But the small ones have not the strength and power of the bigger ones.

The reporters have failed us.


Without any question Mainstream Media is failing the American people, however they are doing it purposely, they are clearly lying (Faux News) and ignoring obvious facts & spreading pure propaganda (most everyone else).

I have been saying for at least 2 years now that the first place we need to hit is all the MSM outlets and hit them HARD.
Let them know we are onto their lies and deceit and since all they care about is the almightly dollar, then boycott them and ALL of their advertisers, get huge protest surrounding the studios and dont allow the reporters through, FORCE them to acknowledge us.

You even have to ask

The reason is obvious, what do we do. I, what do we do.

I suggest that we start by writing letters to the Union Leader:

Any other ideas?

Contact these people via email

Yes, please contact the NH State Senators and others listed below.

US Senator, Judd Greg:

Senator Ted Gatsas & Staff Contacts:

Senator Jack Barnes:

You can also contact Professor William Woodward himself and show your support. His email:


Great! Thanks for the addresses!!!!

However, I say that we leave Professor Woodward's (and all the good guys') email address alone and not clog it up.

Send postcards instead (so everyone in the Department sees the support he has out there!):

Prof. William Woodward, Ph.D
University of New Hampshire
Department of Psychology
Conant HAll, 10 Library Way
Durham, New Hampshire 03824


Nice post MT. I wish the paper had the balls to print it. Fat chance.

'Democracy is under attack': Al Gore

Sun Aug 27, 3:50 PM ET
LONDON (AFP) - Former US Vice-President Al Gore warned an audience at the Edinburgh International Television Festival that "democracy is under attack".

The former presidential candidate said television networks in the world's biggest and most powerful democracies must do more to foster debate, which he said was crucial for democracy to flourish.

"In my country and others around the world democracy is under attack," the 58-year-old said.

Gore, who was also in Edinburgh partly to promote his film and book about climate change, both titled "An Inconvenient Truth", continued: "There's a feeling in the US on the part of many that the way democracy operates today is very different from the system we learned about in school."

He said that democracy, which he described as a "conversation", was now "more controlled and centralised", and that the most important role of the media was to facilitate democracy.

Gore said American politicians were spending their time raising funds at small gatherings and cocktail parties because, "the only thing that matters in American politics now is having enough money to put 30-second commercials on air to persuade the voters to elect or re-elect you."

The Internet, however, "offered the promise of recreating a meritocracy of ideas" and while not yet creating the wave of change that has been anticipated, had been "creeping into the TV domain".

Commenting on the US-led war in Iraq, increasingly opposed both by American politicians and grass-roots activists, Gore said: "It's been a long time since the US Senate or members of the House of Representatives had a feeling that what was said made any difference at all."

Questioned as to whether he thought US President George W. Bush, who defeated him in the 2000 presidential elections, was stupid, Gore replied: "I don't think he's unintelligent at all. He's incurious ... there's a puzzling lack of curiosity."

"9/11 prof provokes firestorm"

funny how they only express

funny how they only express one opinion supporting woodward and the rest bashing him... hmmmm considering how most of the responses were more than likely positive (based on internet polling data about 9/11)

Guys and Gals.... This is what we're up against.....

You might believe the official 9/11 story (and/or are a redneck) if....

"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government" - Edward Abbey

Excellent, an activist truther who is fluent in Gaelic!

Excuse me if I'm guessing wrong, but are you are a member of a Celtic communinst/socialist group & you are fluent in Scottish Gaelic?

Hi everybody! all have a nice day.

Thanks for the well wish..

Do our best... you too.

I am

I always have a wonderful day spreading the truth that refutes the 9/11 Denial Movement.

No trolling please.

No trolling please.

most of the worlds major media outlets...

are controlled by 2 large US/Global corporations. Time Warner and General Electric. Thats why most of the truth around 911 is never reported. Thats why we never hear the other side of the story, the other voices. But places like this do publish the other side. In fact there is a lot of it published but most people overlook it or dont register the information. And a lot of it is to do with the fact that a lot of people dont read enough! Have a nice day... ;o)