American 77 Final Maneuver

This is the final maneuver performed by the aircraft which hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. This animation was provided by the NTSB and is accurate in terms of the flight data recorder on board this aircraft. It has not been altered by anyone after it was received from the NTSB. Whether or not this animation is authentic, i defer inquiry to the NTSB. Please pay attention to the end of the video, as the altitude is too high to have hit the light poles that were reported to have been struck by the same aircraft which hit the pentagon. The video comment inserts are provided by an experienced Airline pilot. 

Amazing how fast the map of

Amazing how fast the map of the Pentagon & surroundings zooms in at the last moment. If at least that speed is correct, what are the odds Hani Hanjour steered this "flying bullet" right into the Pentagon fascade? I thought you need laser-guided bombs for that, but it seems Arabs will do just fine, too....

"what are the odds Hani Hanjour steered this "flying bullet"

It is a scientific fact that devout Muslims, after going out the night before, getting shit-faced and banging hookers, are probably the best of the world's best pilots. I am a redneck, ignorant f*** and that is the story that I am sticking to. :-)

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Thanks, somebigguy...

...that was fascinating. Lengthy, yes; but gives one a better sense of the procedure.

There was no explanation as to why the final seconds before impact were not recorded. Has anyone seen an explanation for this?

No airliner to record

Since the animation reveals that the airliner needed to be at 480 feet after the incredible maneuver, it would've been to high to hit the Pentagon.

Anyway, AA77 did not hit the Pentagon. It was a drone, a missile, and/or explosives the blew up there.

Flew all the way back from Kentucky

In addition to the basically impossible acrobatics, Hanjour also flew all the way back from Kentucky to find the Pentagon somehow.


One question - is that trajectory accurate? I'm only asking because the original radar track I saw didn't have the plane turn in front of the Pentagon, it was to the NE of it when it turned.

The naysayers will seize upon that if it's inaccurate.

from the youtube page:

from the youtube page: "Since some people seem to misunderstand. This is the Official NTSB generated recreation animation produced from the fight data recorder reported recovered at the site. (except the commentary, but it's a long 4 minutes)"

so according to the poster, the animation was created and released BY the NTSB. only the titles were added. 180ft is an impossibly-high final altitude, though. hard to believe an official release would make such an obvious mistake, unless it was meant to be so obvious that they can claim it was an error and now-- whoops-- they already destroyed the original data.

Taking orders from the Colonel?

Hani's profile in Who's Who Among Muslim Extremists mentions a penchant for fried chicken--I've always been suspicious of secret recipes--this confirms it! Hanjour was hopped up on the colonel's secret blend of herbs and spices, which honed his already formidable AraboMuslim-enhanced flying abilities to "finger-lickin'good." God help us all!!

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Guys the data ends a few

Guys the data ends a few seconds before the plane hits the pentagon. At the rate is was descending, it would have been at zero altitude when it hit the pentagon. One thing remains, how did it hit the light poles?

This animation is from the NTSB

I uploaded this video. I analyzed the Flight Data Recorder. The official impact time is 09:37:45. This data ends at :44. Dont know why. The NTSB refuses to comment on the conflicts. They have been contacted.

Please visit Pilots For Truth for more info..

Please visit this thread for information regarding altimeter settings on this FDR.

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will be on live today discussing the Flight data Recorder. 4pm ET/3pm CT.