Antidote to No-Plane Spammers

Like a gang of kamikaze straw men the no-planers are attacking this forum and having their desired effect, which is that other issues are not being discussed. I appeal therefore to all other truthers to brainstorm--use this opportunity to collect your thoughts and re-focus the forum onto the issues that are important to us. Here are a few ideas just meant to stimulate new discussions:

1) What is the state of the impeachment campaign?

2) Any progress on creating a comprehensive list of truth candidates or of creating a fund for them?

3) Has the Popular Mechanics kid done any more interviews? Has Charles Goyette gotten answers to the questions of what DNA was used to compare to the crash scene DNA in the case of the hijackers?

4) Does anyone doubt that the '08 elections will feature Clinton/Obama versus McCain/Giuliani? We know either way America loses, but which pair would win?

5) So far these are pretty boring topics...

6) Anyone seen the ghost of Ken Lay anywhere?

OK maybe it *is* more fun to bash no-planers and their sci-fi than it is to change the subject. Why have we reached this impasse? Have we pretty much exhausted the subject? How about brainstorming about different ways to get 9/11 truth more exposure? Slogans? A 9/11 Limerick contest? What are we missing?

Learn to be a scientist, with Prof. Steve Jones

Prof. Steve Jones just supplied us with this link, which he says proves that a plane hit the south Tower.
Here is his exact quote:
"Look at the data for yourself:? mark the tail as it goes in (can you see the deceleration?):
Now I have looked at these data myself, some time back.? I focused on the motion of the tail section of the aircraft as it entered theTower.? And I found that the tail slowed down dramatically as the plane entered the building – there is REAL DECELERATION!?? Now I would ask the reader to check me on this – mark the position of the tail in each frame and notice that the marks get closer together as the plane enters the Tower.? Now we
have some data!? And we can discuss these data like scientists, and determine the amount of deceleration, etc."
- Prof. Steve Jones
Now I just know that all you scientists out there will check out the animated link that Prof. Jones has provided. (It's just like doing homework -remember ?)
Then you can watch the animation over and over again, to see for yourself how the "tail" of this flying object (looks more like a 737 than a 767) actually does "decelerate" .... as the "plane" disappears magically into the South Tower ..
It appears that the cartoon plane is swallowed whole by the concrete and steel of the Tower.
It just melts into the Tower like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

I really want to thank Prof. Jones for citing this particular piece of video evidence to "prove" that a real Boeing commercial jet hit the south Tower.
Since it essentially proves exactly what we knew already.

Just another fake piece of video broadast by the networks.
Ergo: We went to war over cartoons.

And Jones just proved it.

and your comment proves MY point... in spades!

Thanks for trying. You all would be a lot more convincing if you actually used registered accounts--obviously you would prefer to multiply your apparent numbers.

No one actually believes no-planes. No one believes that anyone actually believes no planes.

If this is the best you've got, well, sucks to be you!


"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers