How to uncover & destroy disinfo/COINTELPRO agents.

The 911/truth movement is threatened by the sickos at work for the alphabet agencies, spreading their disinfo & misdirections.
Read this & learn.

Misleading info

Yes, we are starting to see people, trying to interrupt, mislead, and label people in the truth movement with psycological descriptions of personalities you wouldn't want to be associated with, therefore trying to scare people from questioning and looking at event with logical reasoning and realizing the omissions and distortions of the official story.

The no plane theory might be one of the greatest attacks at turning us away from what is already known facts of what's been omitted from public view or the 911 comission report, and all other visible and logical observations.

Most attacks are psycological attacks at trying to ridicule us and certainly discouraging certain poeple from looking further.

Another disinformations are website that suddenly have sprout, since the 911 movement has picked up full steam, that try to debunk what is the truth, like quickly removing evidence as shipping all steel oversee and the goverment doing nothing to stop the steel from being quickly dispossed. Those points are never mentioned, or why its been 5 years and they dont show the videos of all the other video cameras around pentagon, other than 5 frames of video. Why they dont show the DNA from where they matched the terrorist, in thier latest claim to prove the official story truth, why they come publicly and state, that they had no idea they would use hijacked planes to attack us, when it can quickly be proven, by documents, videos and interview, that they had a clear idea something like that would happen. The inside trading in the stock market. All this points that are clear and they ignore or try to make people feel bad for asking those question and try to dismiss all those that realize the truth as children by saying: a lot of children ask questions.

Clearly that if you use the scientific approach to analyze the fall of the twink towers, what we know of the grade of steel and concrete(it could take fires of 2000F for 6 hours before it looses significant strenght and the redundancy of the tower design) and the so call scientifical analysis of the official story totally ignore those facts about the structure by replacing statements that make the tower look weak.

Read this, 911 is in another level, you cannot simply try to use disinformation to confuse those that are exposing the truth. All disinformation is quickly spotted.

better start

better start here:
Boycott 9/11 Truth...
Steven Jones, David Kubiak- The Los Alamos Connections


I found nothing wrong with, jaja, there is a lot of misleading going on, and those links provided up there has to much junk, why would i spend so much time of what they suggest to investigate when we have to focus on the anomalies that we already know, folks, dont loose time, we already know what is wrong, dont spend time reading about disinfo.


There is going around poeple that claim to be part of the truth movement, and distracting by making us distrust Jones and the site

Look this is all that join claims of the fall of the twin towers:

I've seen many David Ray grifin documentaries

Judge griffin for yourself in that video, ive seen wild claims that grifin, Steven jones is misleading the truth movement, when they have focused on the points that have been ommited on the official truth, they have been wild claims that those authors have spoken things that are out of norm.

Pleas do not waste your time in the disinfo that is being thrown out at this moment.

If would want to suppress the truth then why would they let this kinds of post on thier website:

A lot of websites have been made to pretend and have documents of all this sources to confuse us.
Beware and look at the content of those that they want us to distrust.

Misinformation will be spotted.

This site is awesome

Great site BCS,very in-depth and tremendous information. Thanks much for the heads up,I bookmarked it.

Laura Knight Jadczyk's Cassiopaea Cult

Laura Knight Jadczyk is more bonkers that Judy Wood, see this thread:

Ah, a trip down memory lane...

Guess this bit of "thread-o-mancy" is needed in these troubled times..;-)

Basically she's off her nut if she thinks she can "uncover and destroy" an agent. Unless you get documentation, the most you can do is shut down individuals and groups who have proven to be disruptive and destructive--regardless of their motives. Hold them accountable for their BEHAVIOR--whether they're an agent or not is irrelevent for effective purposes.

This also requires documentation--to prevent witch hunts based on personality conflicts. Basically if you can PROVE--link to, have written evidence of, have witness testimony supported and documented properly(date, time, etc)--someone is disruptive, dangerous, deceptive, use the proof to do something about it--remove them from any position of responsiblity, remove them from the group, call the police, file a suit against them--whatever is apropriate in the sitch. Pissing and moaning about the problem--without clear plan on how you will get accountability--will, ironically, make you look like part of the problem. This is a common mistake well meaning people who "want to get along" make.

Once the problem is sorted, move on.

On the other hand, one flag I find almost ALWAYS indidcates dodgy activity on some level, is when malfesiance is amply documented--and leadership REFUSES to act on it. effectively. Another crazy making flag is to claim that X person has "disrupted many groups" but when asked, no one is able to give even ONE example of this.

In that case you just have to leave, form your own group or go solo.